Usage note
The plural of "woman" is "women."
1. (adult female) 
a. la mujer (F) 
Women should have the same rights as men.Las mujeres deberían tener los mismos derechos que los hombres.
Boss, there's a woman at recepction that wants to talk to you.Jefe, hay una señora en recepción que quiere hablar con usted.
1. (general) 
a. la mujer (F) 
don't be such an old woman!¡no seas tan quejica!
the women's movementel movimiento feminista
women's pagepáginas femeninas
women's magazinerevista femenina
the women's movementel movimiento feminista
2. (euph) 
a. no direct translation 
women's problemsproblemas mpl femeninos
women's refugecentro de acogida para mujeres (maltratadas)
woman driverconductora f
woman [ˈwʊmən]
women (plural) [ˈwɪmɪn] mujer (f)
woman is very different from man la mujer es muy distinta del hombre; I have a woman who comes in to do the cleaning tengo una mujer que me hace la limpieza; the woman in his life su compañera; his woman (lover) su querida; woman to woman de mujer a mujer
women's doubles dobles (m) femeninos
women's football fútbol (m) femenino
women's group grupo (m) femenino
women's lib la liberación de la mujer
women's libber feminista (m)
women's liberation liberación (f) de la mujer
women's movement movimiento (m) feminista
my old woman la parienta > mi media naranja he's rather an old woman enseguida empieza a hacer aspavientos ie he's fussy about little things, his health, and not very brave. tran ok?
she's her own woman es una mujer muy fiel a sí misma
women's page sección (f) femenina
women's refuge hogar (m) para mujeres maltratadas
women's rights derechos (m) de la mujer
women's room (US) servicio (m) de señoras
women's studies (Univ) estudios (m) de la mujer M.A. course in women's studies
women's team equipo (m) femenino
woman of the town prostituta (f)
it's women's work es un trabajo de mujeres
...a number of complaints from men who were refused jobs as packers because it was regarded as women's work
a woman of the world una mujer de mundo
young woman joven (f)
to make an [honest] woman of sb o.f. or hum casarse con algn > a causa de haberla dejado encinta
woman doctor (n) doctora (f)
woman driver (n) conductora (f)
woman engineer (n) ingeniera (f)
woman pilot (n) piloto (f)
woman priest (n) mujer (f) sacerdote
woman writer (n) escritora (f)
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