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A preposition is a word that indicates the relationship between a noun and another word (e.g. He ran through the door.).
1. (accompanying)
a. con
Will you go out with him on Saturday?¿Saldrás con él el sábado?
2. (in descriptions)
a. con
I dream of a house with a white fence.Sueño con una casa con una valla blanca.
3. (used to indicate manner)
a. con
In Japan they eat with chopsticks.En Japón comen con palillos.
4. (according to)
a. con
The tide varies with the Moon's position in its orbit.La marea varía con la posición y la órbita de la luna.
5. (used to indicate cause)
a. de
She shivered with cold when she went outside.Tembló de frío al salir afuera.
6. (despite)
a. con
I think she's held up great with all she's been through!¡Creo que lo llevó genial con todo lo que le pasó!
7. (in the same direction)
a. con
The leaves are flying up with the wind.Las hojas vuelan con el viento.
8. (for or alongside)
a. en
My uncle has been working with NASA for nearly 40 years.Mi tío lleva casi 40 años trabajando en la NASA.
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A preposition is a word that indicates the relationship between a noun and another word (e.g. He ran through the door.).
1. (general)
a. con
with meconmigo
with youcontigo
with himself/herselfconsigo
to travel/work with somebodyviajar/trabajar con alguien
he is staying with friendsse queda con or en casa de unos amigos
a girl with blue eyesuna chica de ojos azules
I was left with nobody to talk tome quedé sin nadie con quien hablar
this problem will always be with ussiempre tendremos este problema
she came in with a suitcaseentró con una maleta en la mano
I'm with youestoy contigo
I'm not with youno te sigo
2. (colloquial)
to be with itser enrollado(a) or
with a smilecon una sonrisa, sonriendo
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with [wɪð] [wɪθ]
When with is part of a set combination, eg good with, pleased with, to agree with, look up the other word.
The commonest translation of with is con. Note that whenever it combines with , ti or the forms conmigo, contigo, consigo are used.
1 con
he had an argument with his brother tuvo una discusión con su hermano; she mixed the sugar with the eggs mezcló el azúcar con los huevos; I'll be with you in a moment un momento y estoy con vosotros; en un momento or enseguida estoy con vosotros; come with me! ven conmigo; he took it away with him se lo llevó consigo; with the Alcántara it is the biggest ship in or of its class junto con el Alcántara es el mayor buque de esa clase
along or together with junto con
he was arrested along or together with four other terrorists fue detenido junto con otros cuatro terroristas
the fashion [ended] with the century
to be with sb (in the company of) estar con algn
in agreement with
I was with him yo estaba con él; I'm with you there en eso estoy de acuerdo contigo
As far as that's concerned, I'm with you all the way
are you with us or against us? ¿estás a favor nuestro o en contra?; I'm not with you (able to understand) no te entiendo or sigo; are you with me? ¿me entiendes?; it's a problem that will always be with us es un problema que siempre nos va a afectar; es un problema que no se va a resolver
to be with it (up-to-date) estar al tanto or al día; (fashionable) [+person] estar al tanto de lo que se lleva
he's always very with it
[+thing] estar de moda
the daisy necklace she wears is more with it
(mentally alert) estar lúcido or despabilado
sorry, I'm just not with it today lo siento, hoy estoy atontado
to get with it ponerse al día
get with it! ¡ponte al día!
No one has claimed sex equals reproduction for at least thirty years. Get with it, Gloria! You must be one of those quaint old-fashioned types who think autumn is the appropriate season for celebrating the apple. Get with it! Nowadays every day is a potential Bramley apple day down with ...! down with the junta! (be) [off] with you! come on, [out] with it!
2 (in descriptions) con
we're looking for a house with a garden buscamos una casa con jardín
a house with big windows I want a coat with a fur collar
I don't like men with beards no me gustan los hombres con barba; a man with checked trousers un hombre con pantalones de cuadros; a car with the latest features un coche con las últimas novedades or prestaciones; passengers with tickets los pasajeros que tienen or con billetes; you can't speak to the queen with your hat on no se puede hablar con la reina con el sombrero puesto
Note: when the [with] description pinpoints the particular person or thing you are talking about, [with] is usually translated by [de]:
the man with the checked trousers el hombre de los pantalones de cuadros
the fellow with the beard
the girl with the blue eyes la chica de los ojos azules
the boy with brown eyes Take my gloves off, I can't drive with them on only people with good incomes can afford such holidays patients with cancer
3 (indicating manner, means) con
he did it with great care she turned away with tears in her eyes
to walk with a walking stick andar con bastón; to cut wood with a knife cortar madera con un cuchillo; with one blow de un golpe; she took off her shoes with a sigh se quitó los zapatos dando un suspiro; ... and with these words of advice, he left us ... y tras darnos este consejo nos dejó; to fill a glass with wine llenar una copa de vino
with all his [might]
with no trouble at all sin dificultad alguna; sin ninguna dificultad
I found the street I was looking for with no trouble at all
with that, he closed the door luego or a continuación, cerró la puerta; luego, cerró la puerta
"Call me if you need me." With that, he closed the door to welcome sb with [open] arms
4 (indicating cause) de
to shiver with cold tiritar or temblar de frío; to shake with fear temblar de miedo; the hills are white with snow las colinas están cubiertas de nieve; to be ill with measles tener sarampión; I spent a week in bed with flu estuve una semana en (la) cama con la gripe
it's pouring with rain to jump with joy
5 (as regards) con
it's the same with most team sports lo mismo ocurre con la mayoría de los deportes de equipo
We're not like them. It's different with us
it's a habit with him es una costumbre que tiene; es algo típico de él; how are things with you? ¿qué tal?; ¿cómo te va?; especially (LAm) ¿qué hubo?; (Méx) (Chile)
she's [good] with children sabe manejar a los niños es muy buena con los niños be [honest] with me sé franco conmigo you must be [patient] with him hay que tener paciencia con él the [trouble] with Henry el problema con lo malo de Enrique
6 (owing to) con
with so many courses available, there is no excuse for not getting some kind of training
I couldn't see him with so many people there no lo vi con tanta gente como había
with the price of petrol these days, driving is becoming a luxury with the elections coming up, politics has begun to dominate every conversation
with so much happening it was difficult to arrange a date con todo lo que estaba pasando era difícil acordar una cita; with the approach of winter, trade began to fall off al acercarse el invierno, el comercio empezó a declinar
7 (according to) [+increase, change, improve] con
the risk of developing heart disease increases with the number of cigarettes smoked el riesgo de sufrir enfermedades coronarias aumenta con el número de cigarrillos que se fume
blood pressure decreases with exercise
it varies with the time of year varía según la estación
8 (in the house of) con
he lives with his aunt vive con su tía; she stayed with friends se quedó con or en casa de unos amigos
9 (working for)
he's with IBM trabaja para or en IBM; a scientist with ICI un científico de ICI; I've been with this company for eight years llevo ocho años en esta empresa
10 (in the care of)
to leave sth with sb dejar algo en manos de algn or con algn; to leave a child with sb dejar a un niño al cuidado de algn or con algn
11 (on, about)
he had no money with him no llevaba dinero (encima); luckily, she had an umbrella with her afortunadamente, llevaba (encima) un paraguas
12 (in the same direction as) con
I was swimming with the current nadaba con or a favor de la corriente
13 (in spite of) con
with all his faults con todos sus defectos
with all his faults, I still like him with all his intelligence, he still doesn't understand
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