1. (stick) 
a. la estaca (F) 
The vampire hunter drove the stake into the vampire's heart.El cazador de vampiros clavó la estaca en el corazón del vampiro.
b. el poste (M) 
The cowboy dismounted and tied his horse to a stake.El vaquero desmontó y amarró su caballo a un poste.
c. el rodrigón (M) (in gardening or agriculture) 
The tomato vine began to grow up around the stake.La tomatera empezó a crecer alrededor del rodrigón.
d. la hoguera (F) (in an execution) 
After leading the armies of France, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.Tras estar al mando de los ejércitos de Francia, Juana de Arco murió en la hoguera.
2. (gambling) 
I have a $50 stake on that horse.He hecho una apuesta de $50 a ese caballo.
3. (finance) 
One of my associates has a 25% stake in that company.Uno de mis socios tiene una participación del 25% en esa compañía.
4. (motive) 
Everyone here has a stake in the success of tomorrow's meeting.Todos tenemos algún interés en que la reunión de mañana salga bien.
b. el juego (M) 
There is a lot at stake for all the competitors in this race.En esta carrera hay mucho en juego para todos los participantes.
I have no stake in the election because, after all, I don't live here anymore.No tengo nada que perder ni que ganar en las elecciones porque, al fin de cuentas, ya no vivo aquí.
d. no direct translation 
The stakes are high for all the parties involved.Es mucho lo que está en juego para todas las partes implicadas.
These circumstances raised the stakes significantly. It was now a question of life or death.Estas circunstancias aumentaron el riesgo considerablemente. Era ya una cuestión de vida o muerte.
transitive verb
5. (to risk) 
a. jugarse (one's career or reputation) 
I'm staking my career on this project, but I'm convinced it's going to pay off.Me juego la carrera con este proyecto, pero estoy convencida de que merecerá la pena.
b. apostar (money) 
The man next to me staked all his chips on a single spin of the roulette wheel.El hombre que estaba a mi lado apostó todas sus fichas a una sola vuelta de ruleta.
6. (to demarcate) 
The farmer staked the edge of his property to keep trespassers out.El granjero marcó el límite de sus tierras con estacas para que no entrara nadie ajeno.
7. (to support with stakes) 
a. arrodrigar (a plant) 
We need to stake the tomato plants first.Primero, hay que arrodrigar las tomateras.
b. apuntalar (a fence) 
We staked the fence using wooden stakes.Apuntalamos la valla utilizando estacas de madera.
c. montar (a tent) 
They have already staked the marquee for the wedding reception.Ya montaron la marquesina para el banquete de la boda.
plural noun
8. (horse race in which the owners of the horses contribute to the prize money) 
a. stakes 
That horse participated two years ago in the Belmont Stakes.Ese caballo participó hace dos años en la Belmont Stakes.
9. (classification) 
This program comes first in the popularity stakes.Este programa ocupa el primer lugar en los índices de popularidad.
1. (piece of wood, metal) 
a. la estaca (F) 
2. (for plant) 
a. el guía f, rodrigón (M) 
to be burned at the stakemorir quemado(a) en la hoguera
3. (bet) 
a. la apuesta (F) 
to be at stakeestar en juego
4. (share) 
a. no direct translation 
to have a stake in somethingtener intereses en algo
transitive verb
5. (bet; money) 
a. apostar 
6. (fig) 
a. jugarse (one's reputation, job) 
I'd stake my life on itpondría la mano en el fuego por ello
to stake a claim (to something)reivindicar el derecho (a algo)
stake [steɪk]
1 (bet) apuesta (f)
they risked a stake of £1000
the average stake is just 80p la apuesta media es de solo 80 peniques
to be at stake estar en juego
the company's reputation is at stake la reputación de la empresa está en juego; there's a lot at stake in this es mucho lo que está en juego; hay mucho en juego
players' careers are at stake here our future is at stake
he has got a lot at stake there is a lot at stake for him es mucho lo que se está jugando
the issue at stake el asunto en cuestión; el asunto de que se trata
They were embarking on a tense struggle for enormous stakes
the stakes are high se apuesta fuerte; las apuestas son muy elevadas; es mucho lo que está en juego; hay mucho en juego
the world of big time gamblers where the stakes are always high if you are infiltrating a drugs ring the stakes are extremely high. Criminals involved don't think twice about a bullet through the back of the head I've told the players this could be a season they'll remember for the rest of their lives, or they could miss out altogether. The stakes are very high the political stakes could hardly have been higher
to play for high stakes apostar fuerte; tener mucho en juego
I'm playing for high stakes He was playing for high stakes - his life it will be a gamble, but what the hell, Eve has always played for high stakes
to raise the stakes (Gambling) subir la apuesta
developments that raised the stakes in the elections acontecimientos que hicieron más aventuradas las elecciones
he raised the stakes by threatening to call an election Russia has raised the stakes in these talks by warning that it might want to revise its borders with any republic which left the union
2 (interest) (Economics) participación (f)
he bought a 12 per cent stake in the company compró un 12 por ciento de participación en la compañía
she has a sizeable stake in the company he argued that privatization would give us all a stake in our power suppliers the shares will give investors a stake in some of the world's best-selling drugs
every employee has a stake in the success of the firm a todos los empleados les interesa que la empresa sea un éxito
we all have a stake in the outcome of healthcare reform when people are home owners or run their own businesses, they have a stake in the community all citizens should have a stake in the nation's wealth
through your children you have a stake in the future tus hijos son tu participación en el futuro
3 stakes (race) carrera de caballos en la que el dinero del premio lo han puesto los propietarios de los caballos
The Newmarket Stakes is run in June
(prize money) bote (m);
he is still in front in the popularity stakes sigue siendo el más popular de todos
cats have overtaken dogs in the pet popularity stakes
the President is riding high in the popularity stakes el presidente goza de mucha popularidad
X is top in the popularity stakes This gives you a competitive advantage in the promotion stakes she tried to rival the Princess in the fashion stakes Fergie remained determined to compete with Diana in the fashion stakes the election stakes
4 (post) poste (m); (for plant) rodrigón (m); (for execution) hoguera (f)
to be burned at the stakedie at the stake morir en la hoguera
transitive verb
1 (bet) [+money, jewels] jugarse; apostar
he has staked £100 at 100 to one that Prince Charles will renounce his right to the throne before August
[+one's reputation, life] jugarse
he has staked his political future on an election victory The king staked his life to defend the constitution Only 1% of the population has ever staked more than £50 on a bet to stake everything on sth The President has staked everything on next month's referendum
to stake one's reputation on sth jugarse la reputación en algo
they have staked their reputation on the President winning a second term to stake one's [life] on sth
I'd stake my life on it me jugaría la vida a que es así
I would have staked my life on my belief that he was a thoroughly nice man
2 (with posts) (delimit) [+area, path, line] marcar con estacas; señalar con estacas
to stake a or one's claim to [+piece of land] reivindicar; reclamar
with this win he has staked his claim for a place in the final con esta victoria se ha asegurado un puesto en la final
(also stake up) (support with stakes) [+fence] apuntalar; [+plants] arrodrigar
a colossal shopping mall surrounded by staked metal fences I prefer my plants to be tough, and so I don't usually stake them to stake a business enterprise
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