1. (boat) 
a. el barco (M) 
The ship leaves at 6 am loaded with cargo.El barco zarpa a las 6 am repleto de carga.
b. el buque (M) 
Many merchant ships were sunk during the war.Muchos buques mercantes fueron hundidos durante la guerra.
We could see several sailing ships in the distance.Se podían ver varias embarcaciones de vela en la distancia.
2. (spacecraft) 
a. la nave (F) 
The film starts with an alien ship landing in the heart of New York.La película empieza con una nave extraterrestre que aterriza en el centro de Nueva York.
transitive verb
3. (to send) 
a. enviar 
Your order will be shipped in 24 hours.Tu pedido se enviará en 24 horas.
4. (to take on board) 
a. cargar 
We have just shipped all the provisions.Acabamos de cargar todas las provisiones.
1. (general) 
a. el barco m, buque (M) 
to go by shipir en barco
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
when my ship comes incuando me haga rico(a)
transitive verb
3. (transport by sea, rail) 
a. fletar, transportar 
4. (take on board) 
a. cargar 
ship [ʃɪp]
1 (sea-going vessel) (gen) barco (m); (for carrying cargo) also (Mil) buque (m); navío (m)
The ship was due to sail the following morning within twenty minutes the ship was ready for departure
Her or His Majesty's Ship Victory el buque or navío Victory de la Marina Real Británica
to abandon ship abandonar el barco
on board ship a bordo
by ship en barco; por barco
we went by ship over to America the goods were sent by ship
the good ship Beagle el buque Beagle; el Beagle
to jump ship abandonar el barco; desertar
to take ship for embarcarse para
when my ship comes in cuando lleguen las vacas gordas
ships that pass in the night personas que pasan por la vida y desaparecen
All bedsitters and flats. They come and go. Ships that pass in the night We have this fantasy of getting away together to relax. We are both so busy that we are like ships that pass in the night
the ship of the desert (the camel) el camello
2 (aircraft, spacecraft) nave (f)
transitive verb
1 (transport) enviar; consignar
Food is being shipped to drought-stricken Southern Africa They had their luggage shipped to Nigeria
to ship sth/sb in traer algo/a algn
Many of the workers have been shipped in from poorer parts of southern Brazil
to ship sth/sb off enviar algo/a algn
The troops were shipped off to Germany
he shipped all his sons off to boarding school mandó a todos sus hijos a un internado
to ship sth/sb out enviar algo/a algn
The cattle were shipped out by rail
a new engine had to be shipped out to them hubo que enviarles un nuevo motor
One possibility would be to ship the refugees out by boat
2 (Náut)
we are shipping water estamos haciendo agua; nos está entrando agua
3 [+oars] desarmar
ship broker (n) agente (m) marítimoamarítima;a marítima
ship canal (n) canal (m) de navegación
ship chandler ship's chandler (n) proveedor (m) de efectos navales; abastecedor (m) de buques
ship's company (n) tripulación (f)
ship's doctor (n) médico (m) de a bordo
ship's manifest (n) manifiesto (m) del buque
ship-to-shore radio (n) radio (f) de barco a costa
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