send for
send for
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
a. llamar 
Someone sent for the police as soon as the fight broke out.Alguien llamó a la policía en cuanto se produjo la pelea.
b. pedir 
This printer is defective; we're going to have to send for a replacement.Esta impresora es defectuosa; vamos a tener que pedir un repuesto.
send for
transitive verb phrase
1. (help, supplies) 
a. mandar traer 
2. (doctor) 
a. mandar llamar 
send for
intransitive verb
1 [+person] mandar a buscar; mandar llamar
the manager sent for me el jefe mandó a buscarme or me mandó llamar
the Queen sent for her lady-in-waiting Ed Cole, GM's president, sent for delorean and asked him to resign he sent for me to warn me against going One by one the evacuee children were sent for by their parents I've sent for the doctor I think we'd better send for the police
2 [+catalogue, information] escribir pidiendo; pedir por correo
I'm going to send for their new catalogue Do you remember where to send off for the replacements? 'Chorus Line' is coming back. /I sent for our tickets today/ When we sent for information, we received samples of the aluminum blinds in two dozen colors He sent for a number of books he admired with the idea of re-reading them
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