miss out
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to lose the opportunity of; used with "on") 
a. perderse 
Many people don't realize they're missing out on welfare benefits they're entitled to.Mucha gente no se da cuenta que se está perdiendo prestaciones sociales a las que tiene derecho.
2. (to lose an opportunity) 
a. no direct translation 
Don't miss out! This offer is for a limited time only.¡No te la pierdas! Esta oferta es solo por tiempo limitado.
I was disappointed at missing out, but they said they were putting another trip on later in the year.Me llevé una desilusión al no poder ir, pero dijeron que iban a organizar otro viaje más tarde ese año.
transitive verb phrase
3. (to fail to include) (United Kingdom) 
a. saltarse 
Since you have some previous knowledge of the subject, you could probably miss out the first couple of classes.Dado que ya tienes algún conocimiento del tema, probablemente podrías saltarte las primeras clases.
miss out
transitive verb phrase
1. (omit) 
a. pasar por alto, omitir 
intransitive verb
2. (not benefit) 
a. no direct translation 
to m out on somethingperderse algo
miss out
transitive verb
especially (Britain) [+word, line, page] saltarse
tell me if I miss anybody out decidme si me salto a algn; he was missed out in the promotions en los ascensos le pasaron por encima
he missed out a word I sometimes miss out lunch altogether there should be an apostrophe here, and you've missed out the word 'men' altogether what about Sally - you've missed her out nobody's asking you to tamper with the truth - just miss some of it out, that's all I think we've put too many speeches in the programme - can't we miss some out? I missed out the gory bits when I read it to him
I'm glad you can come, I wouldn't want you to miss out me alegro de que puedas venir, no quisiera que te lo perdieras; don't miss out, order your copy today no se lo pierda, pida su ejemplar hoy
the children counted each sweet to make sure they weren't missing out
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