knock back
knock back
transitive verb phrase
1. (colloquial) (to drink quickly) 
a. beberse 
The guys at the party were knocking back one beer after another.Los muchachos en la fiesta se bebían una cerveza tras otra.
2. (to reject) (United Kingdom) 
a. rechazar 
I can't believe the uni I wanted to attend knocked me back.No puedo creer que la uni que quería asistir me haya rechazado.
The committee knocked the proposal back almost immediately.El comité echó la propuesta por tierra casi de inmediato.
3. (colloquial) (to cost) (United Kingdom) 
a. costar 
These trainers knocked me back 130 quid.Estos tenis me costaron 130 libras.
knock back
transitive verb phrase
1. (idea, proposal) (United Kingdom) 
a. rechazar 
knock back
transitive verb
1 [+drink] beberse (de un trago)
he can certainly knock them back sabe darle al trago (informal)
2 (cost)
it knocked me back £10 me costó 10 libras
3 (shock) asombrar; pasmar (informal)
the smell knocks you back el olor echa para atrás (informal)
4 (reject) [+offer] rechazar
Okay, most clubs aren't in the position to knock back the offer of a few hundred pounds It was the Government that knocked back the recommendation of the Clyde report that social worker courses be extended from two years to three I can envisage a lot more cases being knocked back because of rules being applied too rigidly Democracy reared its ugly head and the Standing Order committee knocked back the suggestion
[+person] rechazar; dar con la puerta en las narices a
As a midwife, Marie Howells knew how the system worked. She persisted in her attempts to seek out Mirena and was knocked back several more times Bradford Bulls have asked Leeds to name their price for Kevin Iro. "They have not knocked us back and we have asked them to get back to us," said a Bradford spokesman
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