get along
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to leave) 
a. marcharse 
We ought to get along or we will not arrive to the party in time.Debemos marcharnos o no llegaremos a la fiesta a tiempo.
b. irse 
He wants to get along now, so that he can get ahead of traffic.Quiere irse ahora para poder adelantarse al tráfico.
2. (to cope) 
We were all worried about Martin after his divorce, but he seems to be getting along without his ex-wife.Todos nos preocupamos por Martin después de su divorcio, pero parece que se las arregla sin su exesposa.
3. (to progress) 
a. no direct translation 
How is he getting along in his recovery?¿Cómo le va con su recuperación?
It is okay that they didn't join us on the trip. We are getting along fine without them.Está bien que no nos acompañaran en el viaje. Vamos bien sin ellos.
4. (to have a good relationship) 
Although you should be strict, you should also get along with your employees, so that they respect you.Aunque debes ser estricto, debes llevarte bien con tus empleados para que te respeten.
5. (used to dismiss somebody) 
a. ¡vete! (colloquial) (singular) 
There are too many people in this kitchen. Get along with you now!Hay demasiadas personas en esta cocina. ¡Vete ya!
get along
intransitive verb
1. (leave) 
a. marcharse, irse 
2. (progress) 
a. no direct translation 
how are you getting along in your new job?¿cómo te va en el nuevo trabajo?
we can g along without thempodemos seguir sin ellos
3. (have good relationship) 
a. llevarse bien 
get along
1 (leave) marcharse; irse
it's time we were getting along ya es hora de que nos marchemos or nos vayamos
get along with you! (go) ¡vete ya!; ¡lárgate!; (expressing disbelief) ¡venga ya!; ¡anda ya!; (joking) ¡no digas bobadas!
2 (manage) arreglárselas (informal); apañárselas (informal)
to get along without sth/sb arreglárselas sin algo (informal); apañárselas sin algo (informal)
you'll just have to get along without me how will he be able to get along without a television? I can get along quite well without him
we get along (somehow) vamos tirando
3 (progress)
how is he getting along? ¿qué tal está?; ¿cómo le va?; (LAm) try it and see how you get along prueba a ver cómo te va; we were getting along fine until he arrived la cosa iba perfectamente hasta que llegó él
the students who get along best are the ones with outside activities
4 (be on good terms) llevarse bien
he's easy to get along with we get along fine with our neighbours he gets along really well with the children she's the sort of person who gets along with anybody he's not getting along with his fellow students
to get along well with sb llevarse bien con algn
transitive verb
we'll try to get him along trataremos de hacerle venir
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