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A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun (e.g. she).
1. (direct object)
a. los (masculine)
It's been a long time since I talked to my brothers. I want to see them!Llevo mucho tiempo sin hablar con mis hermanos. ¡Ya los quiero ver!
b. las (feminine)
My aunts just arrived at the bus station. We need to go pick them up.Mis tías acaban de llegar al terminal de autobuses. Hay que ir a recogerlas.
2. (indirect object)
a. les
I already gave them the money.Ya les di el dinero.
b. se (used with direct object pronoun)
Why are they asking for the payment? I already gave it to them!¿Por qué están pidiendo el pago? ¡Ya se lo di!
3. (prepositional object)
a. ellos (masculine)
I really need to talk to them.Realmente necesito hablar con ellos.
b. ellas (feminine)
Every day is Friday for them.Todos los días son viernes para ellas.
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A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun (e.g. she).
1. (direct object)
a. los/las
I hate themlos odio
I can forgive their son but not THEMpuedo perdonar a su hijo, pero no a ellos
2. (indirect object)
a. les
I gave them the bookles di el libro
I gave it to themse lo di
3. (after preposition)
a. ellos/ellas
I'm thinking of themestoy pensando en ellos
4. (as complement of verb to be)
a. ellos/ellas
it's them!¡son ellos!
it was them who did itfueron ellos los que lo hicieron
5. (indefinite use)
if anyone comes, tell them …si viene alguien, dile que…
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them [ðem] [ðəm]
1 (direct object) loslas;las
I didn't know them no los conocía; look at them! ¡míralos!; I had to give them to her tuve que dárselos
2 (indirect object) les; (combined with direct object pron) se
I gave them some brochures les di unos folletos; you must tell them the truth tienes que decirles la verdad; yes, of course I gave them the book sí, claro que les di el libro; yes, of course I gave it to them sí, claro que se lo di; I gave the money to them, not their parents les di el dinero a ellos, no a sus padres; I'm giving it to them not you se lo doy a ellos, no a ti; give it to them when you go to Liverpool dáselo cuando vayas a Liverpool; give it to them, not me dáselo a ellos, no a mí
3 (after prepositions, in comparisons, with verb "to be") ellosellas;ellas
it's for them es para ellos; my sisters didn't go, my mother stayed with them mis hermanas no fueron, mi madre se quedó con ellas; we are older than them somos mayores que ellos; it must be them deben de ser ellos; that's them, they're coming now son ellos, ya vienen; they were carrying them on them los llevaban consigo
4 (referring back to "someone", "anyone" etc: direct object) lola or le;la (Esp) (indirect object) le
if anyone tries to talk to you, ignore them si alguien trata de hablar contigo, no le hagas caso
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