switch off
switch off
transitive verb phrase
1. (to disconnect from the electricity) 
a. apagar 
Switch off the lights when you leave, please.Apaga las luces cuando te vayas, por favor.
intransitive verb phrase
2. (to disconnect from the electricity) 
a. apagarse 
I've programmed the TV to switch off in 30 minutes.He programado la tele para que se apague en 30 minutos.
3. (to stop paying attention) 
Whenever she starts talking about her stamp collection, I switch off.Cuando comienza a hablar de su colección de sellos, me desconecto.
When the sports section comes on the news, I switch off.Cuando llega la información deportiva en las noticias, desconecto.
switch off
transitive verb phrase
1. (appliance, heating) 
a. apagar 
intransitive verb
2. (appliance, heating) 
a. apagarse 
3. (colloquial) 
a. desconectar (person) 
switch off
transitive verb
[+light, television, gas] apagar; (Aut) [+ignition, engine] parar
he switched the radio off apagó la radio; the oven switches itself off el horno se apaga solo
remember to switch off before you go to bed he switched the programme off remember to swich off the gas before going away
to switch off the electricity apagar la corriente or la luz
he switched off the engine
1 (Electricity and Electronics) [+washing-machine, light, heating] apagarse
the dryer switches on and off automatically la secadora se enciende y apaga automáticamente
2 (stop listening) desconectar(se)
the lecture was so boring I switched off half way through when the conversation is boring, he just switches off
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