1. (colloquial) (matters) 
a. las cosas (F) 
I have so much stuff to do at work today.Tengo un montón de cosas que hacer hoy en el trabajo.
2. (colloquial) (substance) 
a. la cosa (F) 
What's that sticky stuff?¿Qué es esa cosa pegajosa?
b. las cosas (F) 
Shall I put chocolate sprinkles on your ice cream? - No, thank you. I don't really like the stuff.¿Te pongo chispas de chocolate en el helado? - No, gracias, no me gustan mucho esas cosas.
c. no direct translation 
Shall I get you some tomato ketchup? - No thanks. I never eat the stuff.¿Te traigo ketchup? - No, gracias, nunca tomo.
This stuff tastes horrible!¡Esto tiene un sabor horrible!
3. (colloquial) (belongings) 
a. las cosas (F) 
Please don't touch my stuff without asking me first.Por favor no toques mis cosas sin pedirme primero.
When she asked to borrow my stuff, I didn't mean she could sell it.Cuando me pidió que le dejara mis chismes, no le di permiso para que pudiera venderlos.
4. (colloquial) (ideas) 
a. el cuento (M) 
If you really believe that stuff then you are just too gullible.Si realmente te crees ese cuento, eres una persona muy ingenua.
5. (slang) (drugs) 
Do you have some of that good stuff you sold me last week?¿Tienes de la mercancía buena que me vendiste la semana pasada?
transitive verb
6. (to fill) 
a. rellenar 
I stuffed the turkey with bread, onion, and some herbs.Rellené el pavo con pan, cebolla y algunas hierbas aromáticas.
b. tapar 
You can stuff the holes in the wall with putty.Puedes tapar los agujeros de la pared con masilla.
c. disecar 
The old lady who lives in my neighborhood stuffs all her dogs after they die.La viejita que vive en mi vecindario diseca todos sus perros después de morir.
7. (to put) 
a. meter 
Can you stuff the sleeping bag into that backpack?¿Puedes meter el saco de dormir dentro de esa mochila?
1. (substance) 
a. la cosa (F) 
2. (objects, possessions) 
a. la cosas (F) 
what's this stuff?¿qué es esto?
he reads all that intellectual stuffse dedica a leer todas esas cosas de intelectuales
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
this wine is good stuffes bueno este vino
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
she writes good stuffescribe bien
5. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
he knows his stuffconoce bien el tema
6. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
that's the stuff!¡sí señor!, ¡eso es!
7. (cloth) 
a. el tejido (M) 
transitive verb
8. (fill) 
a. rellenar 
9. (cushion) 
a. forrar, rellenar 
10. (pockets) 
a. llenar 
11. (dead animal) 
a. disecar 
to stuff something into somethingmeter algo dentro de algo
12. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to stuff oneself or one's faceatiborrarse ponerse las botas,
13. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
get stuffed!¡que te den!
stuff [stʌf]
1 (substance, material)
what's that stuff in the bucket? ¿qué es eso que hay en el cubo?; "do you want some beetroot?" — "no, I hate the stuff" —¿quieres remolacha? —no, la detesto; "would you like some wine?" — " no, thanks, I never touch the stuff" —¿quieres un poco de vino? —no gracias, nunca lo pruebo; have you got any more of that varnish stuff? ¿tienes más barniz de ese?; do you call this stuff beer? ¿a esto lo llamas cerveza?; radioactive waste is dangerous stuff los residuos radiactivos son cosa peligrosa
look at that stuff
there is some good stuff in that book ese libro tiene cosas buenas; I can't read his stuff no puedo con sus libros; he was made of less heroic stuff no tenía tanta madera de héroe; to be made of sterner stuff no ser tan blandengue (informal); show him what kind of stuff you are made of demuéstrale que tienes madera; that's the stuff! ¡muy bien!; ¡así se hace!
2 (belongings) cosas (f); bártulos (informal) (m); chismes (m) (informal); (Esp)
where have you put my stuff? ¿dónde has puesto mis cosas?; ¿dónde has puesto mis bártulos or chismes? (informal); (Esp)
he pointed to his duffle bag - "\that's my stuff\" he leaves his stuff scattered about
quite a lot of stuff had been stolen habían robado bastantes cosas
They moved all their stuff down to Watermouth he leaves his stuff scattered about
can I put my stuff in your room? ¿puedo poner mis cosas en tu cuarto?; he brought back a lot of stuff from China trajo muchas cosas de China
put your stuff away have you brought the stuff?
3 (nonsense) historias (f)
all that stuff about how he wants to help us todas esas historias or todo el cuento ese de que quiere ayudarnos; don't give me that stuff! I know what you're been up to! ¡no me vengas con esas historias or ese cuento! ¡sé lo que pretendes!
all that stuff about Cervantes
stuff and nonsense! ¡tonterías!; ¡puro cuento!
`I want to show Angelica where the witch lives," I said. `Stuff and nonsense!" said Lally. "he's wonderful - kind, nice, considerate, helpful" - "stuff and nonsense! he just wants you to think that!
to do one's stuff
go on, Jim, do your stuff! let's see a goal! ¡venga Jim! ¡muéstranos lo que vales, mete ese gol!; we'll have to wait for the lawyers to do their stuff tendremos que esperar a que los abogados hagan su parte
once I get on the pitch I know I can do my stuff the pop star knelt down and the Queen did her stuff with the ceremonial sword By then Debra, having done her stuff once for the photographers, had turned shy, and threw her coat over her head do your stuff! you do your stuff next he doesn't do his stuff in the house
to know one's stuff ser un experto
he certainly knows his stuff
and stuff y tal (informal); he was busy writing letters and stuff estaba ocupado escribiendo cartas y tal (informal)
He was putting the compost and stuff round his roses Estaba poniendo el estiércol y todo ese rollo alrededor de los rosales > and all that stuff and stuff like that y todo ese rollo >
I haven't got time for boyfriends, the cinema and stuff like that or and all that stuff no tengo tiempo para novios, el cine y rollos por el estilo (informal)
I love being at home, reading, having a garden and all that stuff They visited churches and stuff like that We had an awfully jolly time at Christmas tree, carols and all that stuff
6 (essence)
the (very) stuff of sth
the (very) stuff of sth: the pleasures and pains that are the stuff of human relationships las alegrías y las penas que constituyen la esencia de las relaciones humanas; he's hardly the stuff of romantic dreams no es precisamente el ideal de los sueños románticos; his feats on the tennis court are the stuff of legend sus proezas en la cancha de tenis son legendarias
Shoddy, shabby compromises are the very stuff of politics the stuff of television commercials
I couldn't give a stuff what he thinks me importa un comino lo que piense (informal)
8 (Britain) (girl, woman)
she's a nice bit of stuff está bien buena (very_informal)
9 (Drugs) mercancía (very_informal) (f)
"hey mate - have you got any stuff?"
10 (fabric) género (m); tela (f)
transitive verb
1 (fill, pack) [+chicken, peppers, cushion, toy] rellenar;with con; [+sack, box, pockets] llenar;with de; [+hole, leak] tapar; (in taxidermy) [+animal] disecar; embalsamar
they stuffed the cupboards with food to stuff sth [with] sth stuff each pepper with a slice of cheese stuff the toy with old tights they stuff their suitcases with cans of beer
he had to stuff his ears with cotton wool tuvo que llenarse las orejas de algodón; they stuffed him with morphine (informal) lo atiborraron de morfina (informal); to stuff one's head with useless facts llenarse la cabeza de información que no vale para nada
he's stuffing your head with silly ideas the museum is stuffed with interesting things
her head is stuffed with formulae tiene la cabeza llena de fórmulas; to stuff a ballot box (US) (Pol) llenar una urna de votos fraudulentos; to stuff one's face stuff o.s. (with food) atracarse or atiborrarse de comida (informal); darse un atracón (informal)
I have to stuff myself with tranquillizers
2 (put)
to stuff sth in or into sth meter algo en algo; he stuffed his hands in his pockets se metió las manos en los bolsillos; he stuffed it into his pocket se lo metió de prisa en el bolsillo
he stuffed the notes in the back pocket of his jeans Persson stuffed his hat back inside his pocket There were 300 men stuffed into each room he stuffed a handful of sweets into his mouth a grown man in a mini-skirt with two balloons stuffed up his shirt
can we stuff any more in? ¿caben más?; stuff your books on the table pon tus libros en la mesa
to stuff sth down sb's throat meter a algn algo por la fuerza (informal)
I'm sick of having ideology stuffed down my throat estoy harto de que me metan la ideología a la fuerza (informal)
3 (Britain) (in exclamations)
stuff you! ¡vete a tomar por culo! (vulgar); (Esp) ¡vete al carajo! (vulgar); (LAm) oh, stuff it! I've had enough for today ¡a la mierda! ¡por hoy ya vale! (very_informal); if you don't like it, you can stuff it si no te gusta te jodes (vulgar)
They were carrying banners saying "Stuff the poll tax"
(you know where) you can stuff that! ¡ya sabes por dónde te lo puedes meter! (very_informal); stuff the government! ¡que se joda el gobierno! (vulgar)
you can stuff that idea
get stuffed! ¡vete a tomar por culo! (vulgar); (Esp) ¡vete al carajo! (vulgar); (LAm)
4 (defeat) dar un palizón a (informal); machacar (informal)
Oxford stuffed us 21-12 What has been printed since the Leeds lads well and truly stuffed them? have sex with he stuffed her, all right
intransitive verb
(guzzle) atracarse de comida (informal); atiborrarse de comida (informal); darse un atracón (informal)
he's still in the dining-room stuffing
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