1. (animal anatomy) 
a. la concha (F) 
She collected shells by the seashore.Ella recolectó conchas por la orilla del mar.
An adult turtle can have a three-foot-long shell.Una tortuga adulta puede tener un caparazón de tres pies de largo.
The snail hid inside its shell.El caracol se escondió en su carapacho.
2. (botany) 
Molly cracked the shells and ate the hazelnuts.Molly quebró las cáscaras y se comió las avellanas.
3. (architecture) 
The column will be reinforced with a steel shell.Se reforzará la columna con un armazón de acero.
Tiny holes in the outer shell of the Capitol Dome have allowed water to leak in.Agujeros minúsculos en el esqueleto exterior de la cúpula del Capitolio han permitido que se filtre el agua.
c. el casco (M) 
The shell of a 17th century church was saved from demolition.El casco de una iglesia del siglo 17 se salvó de la demolición.
4. (artillery) 
a. el obús (M) 
A shell exploded over us and knocked us to the ground.Un obús explotó sobre nosotros y nos tiró al suelo.
The shell landed a few yards away from the soldier.El proyectil aterrizó a unas yardas del soldado.
c. el cartucho (M) (from a shotgun) 
The shells dropped at his feet as he fired at the bear.Los cartuchos cayeron a sus pies mientras le disparaba al oso.
transitive verb
5. (to remove the shell of) 
a. pelar 
We shelled some pecans and ate them fresh from the shell.Pelamos unas nueces y las comimos frescas de la cáscara.
b. desvainar 
She harvested peas from the garden and shelled them for dinner.Cosechó guisantes del jardín y los desvainó para la cena.
6. (to shoot at) 
The coalition shelled an enemy position last night.La coalición bombardeó una posición enemiga anoche.
1. (of snail, oyster, on beach) 
a. la concha (F) 
2. (of lobster, tortoise) 
a. el caparazón (M) 
3. (of egg, nut) 
a. la cáscara (F) 
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
she soon came out of her shellrápidamente salió de su concha or caparazón
5. (of building) 
a. el esqueleto m, armazón or f (M)la esqueleto m, armazón or f (F) 
6. (bomb) 
a. el proyectil (M) 
shell shockneurosis de guerra
transitive verb
7. (nuts, eggs) 
a. pelar 
8. (peas) 
a. desgranar 
9. (bombard) 
a. atacar con fuego de artillería 
shell [ʃel]
1 [of egg, nut] cáscara (f)
They cracked the nuts and removed their shells Three of these eggs have got cracked shells
[of tortoise, turtle] caparazón (m); carapacho (m); [of snail, shellfish] concha (f); caracol (m); (LAm)
I used to spend hours collecting shells on the beach
[of pea] vaina (f); [of coconut] cáscara (f) leñosa
little boats made of leaves or coconut shells sounds like coconut shells being knocked together he uses powdered coconut shell as a starter compost
to come out of one's shell salir del caparazón or carapacho; (LAm)
to crawl or go into one's shell encerrarse or meterse en su concha; encerrarse or meterse en su caparazón
He's useless at parties. He retires into his shell and won't speak to anybody.
2 [of building, vehicle, ship] armazón (m) (f); casco (m)
the burned-out shell of thatch and mud that had once been the farmhouse The solid feel of \the car's shell\ is impressive
3 (artillery round) obús (m); proyectil (m)
Arnold had his leg smashed when a shell hit the truck he was driving
(US) [of shotgun] cartucho (m)
4 (Cookery) [of pie, flan] masa (f)
transitive verb
1 [+peas] pelar; desvainar
He was \shelling peas\ in the kitchen The women sit in the sun shelling beans
[+nuts] pelar; descascarar; [+mussels, cockles] quitar la concha a; [+prawns] pelar
Shell the mussels and keep them hot in a bowl shelled crab meat Stir in the shelled prawns
[+eggs] quitar la cáscara a
Leave the eggs in the saucepan until they are cool enough to be shelled
shelled prawns gambas (f) peladas
it's like or as easy as shelling peas es pan comido; es coser y cantar
Scoring goals for Manchester United is like shelling peas
2 (Mil) bombardear
shell game (n) (US) (trick) juego consistente en adivinar en cuál de tres cubiletes se esconde un objeto; triles (very_informal) (f); (fraud) artimaña (f)
The Iraqi air force is said to be playing a shell game with those planes, moving them around to avoid destruction by American air attacks
shell hole (n) hoyo que forma un obús al explotar
shell shock (n) neurosis (f) de guerra
shell suit (n) tipo de chandal
Phrases with "shell"
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taco shell
la tortilla
turtle shell
el caparazón de tortuga
hard-shell taco
taco con tortilla dorado
hard shell
caparazón duro
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