he/she has given
-ha dado
Present perfecthe/sheconjugation ofgive.


A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to hand)
a. dar
Give me the sugar, please.Dame el azúcar, por favor.
2. (to gift)
a. dar
What are you going to give your father on his birthday?¿Qué le vas a dar a tu padre en su cumpleaños?
b. regalar
Santa Claus gave me a bike.Papá Noel me regaló una bici.
c. obsequiar
They gave us slippers at the hotel.Nos obsequiaron pantuflas en el hotel.
d. otorgar (formal)
Nelson Mandela was given the Nobel Prize.A Nelson Mandela le otorgaron el Premio Nobel.
3. (to provide)
a. dar
You've given me a really good idea.Me has dado una buenísima idea.
4. (to cause)
a. dar
Just talking about it gives me goosebumps.Solo con hablar de ello me dan escalofríos.
5. (to pay)
a. dar
The insurance gave me enough to cover the cost of a new tire.El seguro me dio suficiente para cubrir el costo de una llanta nueva.
6. (to introduce)
a. presentar
So without further ado, I give you the new Miss America.Sin más dilación, les presento a la nueva Miss América.
7. (to state)
a. dar
Can you give me the exact term?¿Puedes darme el término exacto?
8. (to provide as entertainment)
a. dar
I normally give a party at my house to celebrate spring.Normalmente doy una fiesta en mi casa para celebrar la primavera.
9. (to donate)
a. donar
Do you think it would be good to give these old plates to the shelter?¿Crees que sería bueno donar estos platos viejos al refugio?
10. (to pass along)
a. dar
I’m going to give you the same advice my dad gave me when I got married.Te voy a dar el mismo consejo que me dio mi papá cuando me casé.
11. (to dedicate)
a. dar
The activist gave her life to the protection of endangered species.La activista dio la vida por la protección de las especias en peligro de extinción.
12. (to sacrifice)
a. dar
The soldier gave his life to protect the country he loved.El soldado dio la vida para proteger el país que amaba.
13. (to offer)
a. dar
Will you give me your hand to steady myself?¿Me das la mano para sujetarme?
14. (to grant)
a. dar
Dad gave me permission to drive his car.Papá me dio permiso para conducir su coche.
15. (to produce)
a. dar
Our new cow gives a lot of milk.Nuestra vaca nueva da mucha leche.
This wool blanket gives a lot of heat.Esta cobija de lana da mucho calor.
16. (to care)
a. importar
I don't give a darn about baseball.Me importa un bledo el béisbol.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
17. (to collapse)
a. hundirse
The ceiling gave under the bombardment.El tejado se hundió a causa del bombardeo.
b. ceder
The floor gave because the wood was rotten.Cedió el piso porque la madera estaba podrida.
18. (to donate)
a. donar
We invite you to give so that these children have warm coats.Le invitamos a donar para que estos niños tengan abrigos calientes.
19. (to yield to a force)
a. ceder
She’s never going to give; you’d better stop asking.Nunca va a ceder; mejor deja de preguntarle.
b. dar de sí
The shoes gave after a few weeks, but they were still tight.Los zapatos dieron de sí después de unas semanas, pero todavía me apretaban.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
20. (flexibility)
a. la elasticidad
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
These pants don't have much give.Este pantalón no tiene mucha elasticidad.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (in general)
a. dar
2. (as present)
a. regalar
to give something to somebody, to give somebody somethingdar algo a alguien
to give somebody something to eatdar algo de comer a alguien
to give a child a nameponerle nombre a un niño
to give somebody an illnesscontagiarle or pegarle una enfermedad a alguien
he was given ten yearsle cayeron diez años
he was given a finele pusieron una multa
give her my lovedale recuerdos or
to give somebody a choicedar a alguien una alternativa
given the chance againsi se presentara de nuevo la ocasión
he gave his age as twentydeclaró que tenía veinte años
she gave me to understand that…me dio a entender que…
give or take a few minutes/eurosminuto/euro arriba o abajo
3. (with noun, to form verbal expressions)
to give a laughsoltar una carcajada
to give somebody a smilesonreírle a alguien
to give somebody a frightdar un susto a alguien
she gave me a strange lookme lanzó una mirada extraña
he gave his face a washse lavó la cara
she gave the soup a stirremovió or revolvió la sopa
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
4. (donate)
a. hacer donativos or
b. donaciones
Regionalism used in Latin America: all the countries in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Does not include Spain.
(Latin America)
please give generouslypor favor, sea generoso en sus donativos or
he gave of his free time to the causededicó gran parte de su tiempo libre a la causa
5. (bend, stretch)
a. dar de sí
she refused to give on the question of moneyse negó a ceder en la cuestión del dinero
6. (colloquial)
Regionalism used in the United States
(United States)
what gives?¿qué pasa?
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
7. (general)
a. la elasticidad
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
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give [ɡɪv] gave (past)given (participle:past)
transitive verb
When give is part of a set combination, eg give evidence, give a lecture, give a party, give a yawn, look up the other word.
1 [+possession, object] dar; (for special occasion) regalar; obsequiar (formal); [+title, honour, award, prize] dar; otorgar (formal); [+organ, blood] dar; donar; (Educ) [+mark] poner
I want to give him something he'll like she was given an enormous bouquet he has given her an engagement ring we must give him something to remember us by
he was given a gold watch when he retired le regalaron or (formal) obsequiaron un reloj de oro cuando se jubiló
he gave her a dictionary for her birthday le regaló un diccionario por su cumpleaños
he was given an award for bravery le dieron or otorgaron un galardón por su valentía
to give sb a penalty (Dep) conceder un penalti or penalty a algn
he has been given an OBE what name are you going to give him?
to give o.s to sb entregarse a algn
she gave herself to him we'll be giving prizes for creativity we'll be giving a prize for the best essay on this subject
2 (pass on) [+message] dar; [+goods, document] dar; entregar (formal); [+illness] contagiar; pegar (informal)
James asked me to give you these documents could you give her a message?
give them my regards or best wishes dales saludos de mi parte; can you give Mary the keys when you see her? ¿puedes darle las llaves a Mary cuando la veas?
could you give this to the man in the red waistcoat? do give the family my best wishes
to give sb a cold contagiar el resfriado a algn; pegar el resfriado a algn (informal)
he gave her herpes
to give sth into sb's hands entregar or confiar algo a algn
3 (offer) [+party, dinner] dar
they're giving a little dinner on Friday
to give a party for sb dar or ofrecer una fiesta en honor de algn; why don't you give them melon to start with? ¿por qué no les das melón para empezar?; she gave us a wonderful meal nos hizo una comida buenísima
to give sb sth to eat/drink
we can give them cava to drink podemos darles cava para or de beber
what can we give the Corks to eat?
what can I give him to eat/for dinner? ¿qué puedo hacerle para comer/cenar?
we were given champagne to drink to give sb sth [for] dinner
4 (provide) [+money, information, idea] dar; [+task] dar; confiar
the interest will give you £5000 a year I'll give you an allowance of £100 a month to give sb news of sth she was unable to give the police a description of her attacker that gives me an idea you've given me an idea
can you give him something to do? ¿puedes darle algo para hacer?
I'll never be able to give you a child nunca podré darte un hijo
I can't give him the child he wants to give sb a [bed] for the night
they gave us a lot of help nos ayudaron mucho
it gave us a good laugh nos hizo reír mucho
give or take ...
12 o'clock, give or take a few minutes más o menos las doce; in A.D. 500 give or take a few years aproximadamente en el año 500 después de J.C.
5 (cause) [+shock, surprise] dar; causar; [+pain] causar; provocar
what a shock you gave me! her garden gives her a lot of pleasure
it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all es un gran placer para mí darles la bienvenida a todos
to give sb a kick/push dar una patada/un empujón a algn
to give sb to believe that ... hacer creer a algn que ...
I was given to believe that ... me hicieron creer que ...
to give sb to understand that ... dar a entender a algn que ...
I was given to understand that to give sb a smile
6 (grant, allow) [+permission] dar; conceder
the council wouldn't give us permission to build an extension
[+chance, time] dar
let's give him one last chance vamos a darle una última oportunidad; can't you give me another week? ¿no me puedes dar otra semana?; I can give you 10 minutes le puedo conceder 10 minutos; give yourself an hour to get there necesitas una hora para llegar
give yourself time to think about it before you decide
I gave myself 10 minutes to do it me permití 10 minutos para hacerlo; to give sb a choice dar a elegir a algn
the suggestion will be given serious consideration
he's honest, I give you that es honrado, lo reconozco
(predicting future)
how long would you give that marriage? ¿cuánto tiempo crees que durará ese matrimonio?; the doctors gave him two years to live los médicos le dieron dos años de vida
7 (dedicate) [+life, time] dedicar
he gave his life to helping the needy dedicó su vida a ayudar a los necesitados; I've given you the best years of my life te he dado los mejores años de mi vida; he gave it everything he'd got dio lo mejor de sí
8 (sacrifice) [+life] dar
she gave her life to the cause
he gave his life for his country dio la vida por su país
for your tomorrows they gave their today
9 (pay) dar
how much did you give him for the car?
what will you give me for it? ¿qué me das por ello?; how much did you give for it? ¿cuánto diste or pagaste por él?
I'd give a lot or the world or anything to know ... daría cualquier cosa por saber ...
I don't or I wouldn't give much for his chances no le doy muchas posibilidades
10 (put through to) poner con
could you give me Mr Smith/extension 3443? ¿me podría poner con el Sr. Smith/con la extensión 3443?
11 (punish with)
the teacher gave him 100 lines el profesor le castigó a copiar 100 líneas; the judge gave him five years el juez le dio cinco años; to give it to sb (beat) dar una paliza a algn; (verbally) poner a algn como un trapo (informal)
12 (present) presentar a
ladies and gentlemen, I give you our guest speaker this evening, ... damas y caballeros, les presento a nuestro conferenciante de esta noche, ...
13 (in toast)
I give you the Queen brindemos por la Reina
I give you our host, Harry Campbell!
14 (produce, supply) [+milk, fruit] dar; producir; [+light, heat] dar; [+result] arrojar; [+help, advice] dar; proporcionar
it gives a total of 80 arroja un total de 80; it gives 6% a year rinde un 6% al año
it gives an average of 4
it gave no sign of life no daba señales de vida
15 (state) [+name, age, address] dar; (on form) poner
you have to give your name and age
to give the right/wrong answer dar la respuesta correcta/equivocada
they haven't given their answer yet
if I may give an example si se me permite dar or poner un ejemplo; he gave the cause of death as asphyxia señaló la asfixia como causa de la muerte
16 (care)
I don't give a damn me importa un comino or un bledo (informal)
17 (make) [+speech] dar; pronunciar (formal); [+lecture, concert] dar
to give way
18 (collapse) [+bridge, beam, floor, ceiling] ceder; hundirse; [+cable, rope] romperse; [+legs] flaquear
the ground gave way beneath him la tierra se hundió bajo sus pies; the chair gave way under his weight la silla no soportó su peso; la silla cedió bajo su peso; after months of stress his health gave way después de meses de tensión su salud se vió afectada; his strength gave way le flaquearon las fuerzas
18 (break) [+rope] romperse
to give way (to sth) (be replaced) ser reemplazado (por algo); (to demands) ceder (a algo); (to traffic) ceder el paso (a algo)
traffic must give way to the right the radio gave way to television
you gave way too easily cediste con demasiada facilidad
he gave way to their demands
to give way to an impulse dejarse llevar por un impulso; she gave way to tears se deshizo en lágrimas; he never gives way to despair nunca se abandona a la desesperación
give way (Britain) (Aut) ceda el paso
to give way to the left ceder el paso a la izquierda
19 (in idiomatic expressions)
don't give me that! ¡no me vengas con esas! (informal)
Just a bit of an accident?! Don't give me that, lad. I know an accident when I see one "Knocked my head on a post," he said sullenly. "Don't give me that," said Nanny Crabtree. "You've been having a fight, that's what."
I'll give you something to cry about! ¡ya te daré yo razones para llorar!
holidays? I'll give you holidays! ¿vacaciones? ya te voy a dar yo a ti vacaciones (informal); ¿vacaciones? ¡ni vacaciones ni narices! (informal); he wants £100? I'll give him £100! ¿que quiere 100 libras? ¡ni cien libras ni nada!; I'll give him what for! ¡se va a enterar! (informal)
give me the old songs! ¡para mí las canciones viejas!
give me a gas cooker every time! ¡prefiero mil veces una cocina de gas!; children? give me dogs any time! ¿niños? ¡prefiero mucho antes un perro!; I wouldn't want it if you gave it to me eso no lo quiero ni regalado
to give sb 5/10 [years] be younger than
he can give you 5 years él tiene la ventaja de ser 5 años más joven que tú
intransitive verb
1 dar
giving is better than receiving dar es mejor que recibir; please give generously por favor, sean generosos; to give to charity hacer donativos a organizaciones benéficas; dar dinero a organizaciones benéficas
how often do you give to [charity]? I believe in giving to charity
to give and take hacer concesiones mutuas
to give as good as one gets pagar con la misma moneda; devolver golpe por golpe
2 (give way) (collapse) [+bridge, beam, floor, ceiling] ceder; hundirse; [+knees] flaquear
the chair gave under his weight la silla cedió bajo su peso; la silla no soportó su peso
(break) [+rope] romperse; (yield) [+door] ceder
the floor gave slightly under his feet el suelo cedió ligeramente bajo sus pies
something's got to give! ¡por algún lado tiene que salir!
you cannot have a successful career and a good home at the same time. It just doesn't work. Something's got to give If costs go up, whether it's health-care costs or life assurance, something has to give "I'm a workaholic," she confesses. `I thrive on it, and the more varied it is, the better." But, inevitably, something has to give. I am sacrificing my friends - I still see them, but there are no spontaneous nights out anymore
3 (US)
what gives? ¿qué pasa?; ¿qué se cuece por ahí? (informal)
I give in
(flexibility) [of material] elasticidad (f)
there's a lot of give in this chair/bed esta silla/cama es muy mullida; there's a lot of give in this rope esta cuerda da mucho de sí; there isn't a lot of give in these proposals estas propuestas no son muy negociables; how much give has there been on their side? ¿cuánto han cedido ellos?
give and take
you won't achieve an agreement without a bit of give and take no vais a conseguir un acuerdo sin hacer concesiones mutuas; a bit of give and take un poco de toma y daca (informal)
it's part of the give and take
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