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An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
1. (in comparisons; used with "would")
a. preferir
I would rather die than vote for him.Prefiero morir que votar por él.
2. (quite)
a. bastante
Under the guidance of Pope Francis, the church is becoming rather socially oriented.Bajo la dirección del Papa Francisco, la iglesia se está orientando bastante hacia lo social.
3. (somewhat)
a. algo
I feel rather tired despite having slept for eight hours last night.Me siento algo cansado a pesar de haber dormido ocho horas anoche.
b. poco
She was rather bored during the date.Ella estaba un poco aburrida durante la cita.
4. (more accurately)
a. mejor dicho
He has been in business, or rather at his fruit stand, for 15 years now.Ha tenido un negocio, o mejor dicho un puesto de frutas, ahora por 15 años.
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An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
1. (preferably)
I'd rather staypreferiría quedarme
I'd rather not gopreferiría no ir
rather you than me!¡no quisiera estar en tu lugar!
2. (more exactly)
a. más bien
he seemed tired or, rather, boredparecía cansado o, más bien, aburrido
3. (quite)
a. bastante
4. (very)
a. muy
I rather liked itme gustó mucho
5. (instead of)
rather than himen vez or lugar de él
rather than stayingen vez or lugar de quedarse
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rather [ˈrɑːðəʳ]
1 (preference)
A rather than B
we decided to camp, rather than stay at a hotel decidimos acampar, en lugar de quedarnos en un hotel; I'll stay rather than go alone prefiero quedarme a ir solo; I'd rather have this one than that prefiero este a aquel; "would you like a sweet?" — "I'd rather have an apple" —¿quieres un caramelo? —preferiría una manzana
I'd rather have sherry
would you rather stay here? ¿prefieres quedarte?; I'd rather stay in tonight preferiría no salir esta noche; I'd rather he didn't come to the party preferiría que no viniera a la fiesta
anything rather than that! ¡cualquier cosa menos eso!
play anything rather than that toca cualquier cosa que no sea eso
I'd rather not prefiero no hacerlo
I'd rather not say prefiero no decirlo
"I'm going to have it out with the boss" — "rather you than me!" —voy a planteárselo al jefe —¡allá tú!
rather than disappoint her, I decided to go I'd like it done sooner rather than later I'd rather [die]! I'd [much] rather go alone
2 (somewhat) algo; un poco
he looks rather like his mother se parece un poco a su madre
I feel rather more happy today hoy me siento algo más contento
I rather suspected as much me lo sospechaba
I rather think he won't come me inclino a creer que no vendrá
that is rather too dear es algo caro (para mí etc)
the fruit is rather like a sweet chestnut it is rather more difficult than you think
3 (quite) bastante
it's a rather difficult task it's rather a difficult task es una tarea bastante difícil
we were rather tired estábamos bastante cansados; I was rather disappointed quedé bastante decepcionado; he did rather well in the exam le fue bastante bien en el examen; "isn't she pretty?" — "yes, she is rather" —¿es guapa, eh? —sí, bastante; "are you keen to go?" — "yes, I am rather" —¿tienes ganas de ir? —sí que quiero
there's rather a lot hay bastante
£20! that's rather a lot! ¡20 libras! ¡es bastante caro!; I've got rather a lot of homework to do tengo muchos deberes que hacer
it's rather a pity es una pena or lástima
I'm in rather a [hurry] I rather [like] the decorative effect
4 (more accurately)
rather it is a matter of money antes es cuestión de dinero; es al contrario or más bien cuestión de dinero; or rather o mejor dicho; es decir; a car, or rather an old banger un coche, o mejor dicho, un trasto viejo
he explained what the Crux is, or rather, what it was suddenly there stood before him, or rather above him, a gigantic woman
¡ya lo creo!; ¡cómo no!; (LAm)
"would you like some?" — "rather!" ¿quieres algo de esto? — ¡ya lo creo! or ¡por supuesto!
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