put aside
transitive verb phrase
1. (to separate) 
Put aside your toys and come help me clean the kitchen.Deja los juguetes a un lado y ven a ayudarme a limpiar la cocina.
Stanley put aside his book and went to the door.Stanley puso su libro a un lado y se dirigió a la puerta.
2. (to reserve) 
a. apartar 
Can you put this blouse aside? I'll be back after I get paid on Friday.¿Puedes apartar esta blusa? Volveré después de cobrar mi paga el viernes.
b. reservar 
I left a deposit and the store put aside the toys for my children.Dejé un depósito y la tienda reservó los juguetes para mis hijos.
3. (to save) 
a. guardar 
Victoria puts aside ten percent of her income every month for her investment fund.Victoria guarda el diez por ciento de sus ingresos cada mes para su fondo de inversión.
b. ahorrar 
Robert put aside part of his Christmas bonus for retirement.Robert ahorró una parte de su bono de Navidad para la jubilación.
4. (to designate) 
a. reservar 
Melissa puts aside time every weekend to visit her grandparents.Melissa reserva tiempo cada fin de semana para visitar a sus abuelos.
5. (to disregard) 
Tina put aside her shyness and sang a solo at the talent show.Tina dejó de lado su timidez y cantó un solo en el show de talentos.
put aside
transitive verb phrase
1. (reserve) 
a. apartar 
we'll p it aside for youse lo dejamos apartado
2. (save; money) 
a. ahorrar 
3. (problem, fact) 
a. dejar a un lado 
put aside
transitive verb
1 (lay down) dejar a un lado; poner a un lado
she put her book aside when I came in
he put the letter aside to read later dejó or puso a un lado la carta para leerla más tarde
2 (save) [+money] ahorrar; guardar; [+time] reservar
Encourage children to put aside some of their pocket-money to buy Christmas presents
[+food] apartar
I put half the cake aside for the others when they came in later
to have money put aside tener ahorros
I try to put aside half an hour a day for exercise
3 (in shop) [+goods] guardar; reservar; apartar
could you put one aside for me? ¿me podría guardar or reservar or apartar uno?
4 (ignore) [+differences, feelings] dejar de lado; [+fears] apartar; desechar
she had put aside her pride and begged John to reconsider We should put aside our differences and discuss the things we have in common We admitted that the attraction was there, but decided that we would put our feelings for each other aside he tried to put aside the fear that she would leave him
5 (sacrifice) [+career, personal interest] sacrificar
a professional singer, she had put aside her own career for the sake of her children in wartime people put aside narrow interests for the national interest he had put aside his own preferences to please her
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