1. (profession) 
I need to hire a photographer for my wedding.Tengo que contratar a un fotógrafo para mi boda.
1. (general) 
a. el fotógrafo(a) (M)la fotógrafo(a) (F) 
photographer [fəˈtɒɡrəfəʳ]
fotógrafoafotógrafa (m) (f);a fotógrafa
an amateur photographer un fotógrafo amateur; he's a keen photographer es muy aficionado a la fotografía
Sue had never been a good photographer she was a professional photographer a handful of the world's top fashion photographers one of the country's most famous wildlife photographers the police photographer must have got the doctors to make her look as normal as possible she was whisked past waiting photographers and reporters street photographers offered instant portraits many a young amateur photographer may turn professional
a photographer's (shop) una tienda de fotografía
I got them done at the photographer's on the corner
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the pictures are taken by a photographer
un fotógrafo toma las fotos
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