1. (business) 
My partner and I started this business 20 years ago.Mi socio y yo montamos este negocio hace 20 años.
2. (intimate relationship) 
a. la pareja (F) 
My partner and I are considering buying a house together.Mi pareja y yo estamos pensando en comprar una casa juntos.
3. (work) 
I already gave all of this information to your partner, officer Davis.Ya le di toda esta información a su compañero, el oficial Davis.
4. (sports or dancing) 
a. la pareja (F) 
I enjoy dancing with a variety of partners.Me gusta tener distintas parejas de baile.
transitive verb
5. (to join with) 
You have to partner with the person next to you.Tienes que formar pareja con la persona que está a tu lado.
1. (in company) 
a. el socio(a) (M)la socio(a) (F) 
2. (in tennis) 
a. el compañero(a) (M)la compañero(a) (F) 
3. (in dancing) 
a. la pareja (F) 
4. (lover) 
a. la compañero(a) m,f, pareja (F) 
partner in crimecómplice mf
transitive verb
5. (in games, in dancing) 
a. hacer pareja con 
partner [ˈpɑːtnəʳ]
1 (in activity) compañeroacompañera (m) (f);a compañera
work with a partner for this exercise realizar este ejercicio con un compañero or en pareja
I want you all to choose a partner and stand at the end of the room
partner(s) in crime cómplice(s) (m)
; (p)
his partner in crime, Eric Shilling, 27, of Stratford, East London, was sentenced to five years we were partners in crime; we went off on great shopping sprees together without telling our husbands Betsy Schultz, my friend and general partner in crime, has contributed a great deal of time and energy to this project
2 (in dance, tennis, golf, cards) pareja (f); (co-driver) copiloto (m)
take your partners for a waltz fickle Rose flits from one dance partner to another if she is a bad dancer, she will not have many dance partners do you play bridge? perhaps you'll be my partner this afternoon Rennae Stubbs made a quick exit from the singles yesterday when she lost to doubles partner Lori McNeil 6-1, 6-3 [golf] [golfing] partner he and John have been golfing partners for years I used to be your father's golf partner
3 (Comm) (Pol) socioasocia (m) (f);a socia
he's a (full) partner in a Chicago law firm he had an argument with a former business partner Mrs Thatcher, has said Britain intends to be a full partner in the economic and monetary development of the European Community Britain's [EC] partners our [European] partners
junior partner socioasocia (m) (f) menor;a socia
the accounting firm in which Eugene's just been made a junior partner Israel is still the junior partner in the U.S.-Israeli relationship O'Malley, leader of the Progressive Democrats and the junior partner in the coalition
senior partner socioasocia (m) (f) principal;a socia socioasocia (m) (f) mayoritarioamayoritaria;a socia a mayoritaria (Esp)
he became senior partner in 1961 and chairman in 1972
4 (in relationship) pareja (f); compañeroacompañera (m) (f);a compañera (in sex) pareja (f)
I don't have a regular partner at the moment bring your partner along wanting other friends doesn't mean you don't love your partner the best way not to get AIDS is to have sex with as few partners as possible a marriage is likely to last if you and your partner are similar in personality
marriage partner cónyuge (m) (formal)
this might affect your choice of marriage partner one in four British men have had ten or more sexual partners
transitive verb
1 (be partner of)
to partner sb in a waltz bailar un vals con algn; he partnered her at bridge jugó al bridge en pareja con ella; fue su pareja al bridge
he had partnered the famous Russian ballerina he partnered Agassi to victory he will partner his father's horse at Ascot TV chat host Clive Anderson is to partner Carol Vorderman in a new BBC comedy panel series
2 (pair)
to partner sb with sb juntar a algn con algn (como pareja)
we have nothing to lose by partnering him with Jones in defence he was partnered with Meg for the croquet game detective Nick Fender is partnered with Eddie Nickels for a surveillance job tomato sauces tend to be partnered [with] spaghetti when I saw it, the film was partnered with a foolish piece of Swedish erotica in an unremarkable double bill the wine has depth of body to partner the cool sweetness he will be partnered [by] the defending champion
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