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An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
1. (to function)
a. funcionar
His car operates on recycled cooking oil.Su coche funciona con aceite de cocina reciclado.
2. (medicine)
a. operar
Dr. Bundy operates on patients with cataracts.El Dr. Bundy opera a pacientes con cataratas.
b. intervenir
We have to operate to remove the tumor.Tenemos que intervenir para extraer el tumor.
3. (to act)
a. actuar
The drug operates on a different receptor.El fármaco actúa sobre un receptor distinto.
b. intervenir
It is difficult to determine which factor is the trigger because neither operates independently.Es difícil determinar qué factor es el detonante porque ninguno interviene de forma independiente.
c. obrar
The rebels operate from a base across the eastern border.Los rebeldes obran desde una base al otro lado de la frontera oriental.
4. (to be applicable)
a. regir
Regional governments must ensure that these rules operate throughout their territories.Los gobiernos regionales deben asegurarse de que estas reglas rijan en todos sus territorios.
5. (to carry on business)
a. operar
The media questions whether the company has been operating ethically.Los medios cuestionan si la compañía ha estado operando de forma ética.
b. trabajar
Ashley has been operating in the home security market for 20 years.Ashley ha estado trabajando en el mercado de seguridad para el hogar desde hace 20 años.
c. actuar
The director has an obligation to ensure that the company operates within the law.El director tiene la obligación de asegurarse de que la empresa actúe de acuerdo a la ley.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
6. (to handle)
a. manejar
Kathy operates the carousel at the park.Kathy maneja el carrusel en el parque.
b. operar
The ship was delayed because no one on board knew how to operate the new navigation system.El barco se retrasó porque nadie a bordo sabía operar el nuevo sistema de navegación.
c. accionar
The person on the back of the sled operates the brakes.La persona en la parte posterior del trineo acciona los frenos.
7. (to manage)
a. tener
Beth operates a bakery downtown.Beth tiene una panadería en el centro.
b. aplicar
Protestors called for an embargo of the countries that operate systems of censorship.Los manifestantes pidieron el embargo de los países que aplican sistemas de censura.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (machine)
a. manejar, hacer funcionar
2. (brakes)
a. accionar
3. (service)
a. proporcionar
to be operated by electricityfuncionar con electricidad
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
4. (machine)
a. funcionar
5. (company)
a. actuar, operar
we operate in most of the North of Scotlanddesarrollamos nuestra actividad en la mayor parte del norte de Escocia
6. (medicine)
a. operar
to operate on somebody (for)operar a alguien (de)
to be operated onser operado(a)
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operate [ˈɒpəreɪt]
transitive verb
1 (work) [+machine, vehicle, switchboard] manejar
set in motion
[+switch, lever] accionar
can you operate this machine? ¿sabes manejar esta máquina?; this switch operates a fan este interruptor activa un ventilador
a machine operated by electricity a massive rock fall trapped the men as they operated a tunnelling machine I've got an electronic typewriter but I'm not very skilled at operating it the cost of operating his private plane was a deductible expense they used the ENIAC device,then the only true electronic computer, programming by moving plugboards and operating by hand an enormous bank of keys the lock gates are opened by operating this lever do you have any experience in operating a switchboard?
2 (run, manage) [+company] dirigir; [+service] ofrecer; [+system] aplicar; [+mine, oil well, quarry] explotar
they operate a system of flexible working hours aplican un horario flexible de trabajo
they own and operate two television channels he devoted some of his time to operating his own trucking business Premier Cruise Lines has been operating these cruises since 1984 the Wheeler Opera House also operates its own year-round program of drama, dance, music the law prohibits the casino from operating a hotel or restaurant he has been operating a clever swindle it is a network operated by volunteers around the world I would require that the system operated by the GP should be looked at carefully until his death in 1986 Greenwood owned and operated an enormous pear orchard
intransitive verb
1 (function) [+machine, system, principle, mind] funcionar; [+person] actuar; obrar; [+law] regir
she knows how to operate in a crisis sabe cómo actuar or obrar en los momentos difíciles; we operate on the principle that ... partimos del principio de que ...; special laws operate in Northern Ireland en Irlanda del Norte rigen leyes especiales
ceiling and wall lights can operate independently the number of fax machines operating around the world has now reached 10 million the computer generates a small amount of heat as it operates men who are used to operating in a very macho world will not be comfortable here boy, you're operating on all cylinders today! the system operates on two levels his words operated on all our minds how do accounting records operate? the world of work doesn't operate that way this principle of expansion is still operating and that the galaxies are expanding all the time because of the way the law operates, he may get off scot free this sums up the peculiar way in which Stewart's mind operates /this is the way the human mind operates/ too - it's a defensive instinct to assume the worst from the unknown
2 (act, influence) [+drug, propaganda] actuar;on sobre; [+factors] intervenir
advertising operates on the subconscious la publicidad actúa sobre el subconsciente
the distinction lies in the level at which the different types of medicine operate the process by which advertisements operate to project a latent meaning behind an overt message several factors operated to produce this situation he came to recognize the same factors operating in the relationship between his father and himself there are dozens of other variables operating here there were two forces operating within her life that were causing her pain
3 (carry on one's business) [+person] trabajar; [+company, factory, criminal, service] operar; [+airport] funcionar
we shall be operating under difficult conditions trabajaremos en unas condiciones difíciles; we were operating at a loss estábamos operando con déficit; an airline operating out of Heathrow una compañía aérea con base en Heathrow or que opera desde Heathrow; a drug ring operating in New York una red de narcotráfico que opera en Nueva York; this service does not operate on Sundays este servicio no opera or no funciona los domingos; all flights are operating normally todos los vuelos están operando con normalidad
they can't operate efficiently on so little money we are operating according to very specific guidelines allowing commercial banks to operate in the country it was agreed that British Sky was operating unlawfully by transmitting via the satellite there are five homoeopathic hospitals, operating mainly on an outpatient basis power, water and sanitation facilities are operating at maximum capacity the excursion boat that operates from the marina a real-life Nazi spy ring that had been operating in the U.S.A only the airports were still operating properly industry is not operating at peak efficiency the plant is no longer operating - it was closed down last year an irregular force of Confederate cavalry often operating behind Federal lines
4 (Med) operar
you examine a patient and then you decide whether to operate
to operate on sb (for sth) operar a algn (de algo); she was operated on for appendicitis la operaron de apendicitis; to operate on sb's back/eyes operar a algn de la espalda/de la vista
he has still not been operated on
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