1. (anatomy) 
a. la nariz (F) 
I have a pimple on my nose.Tengo un grano en la nariz.
b. el hocico (M) (animal) 
The horse's nose was really soft.El hocico del caballo era bien suave.
2. (sense) 
a. el olfato (M) 
That hunting dog has a good nose.Ese perro de caza tiene buen olfato.
3. (aroma) 
a. el buqué (M) 
This wine has an exceptional nose.Este vino tiene un buqué excepcional.
b. el aroma (M) 
This wine has a disappointing nose, but a decent taste.Este vino tiene un aroma decepcionante pero un sabor bastante bueno.
4. (forward end) 
a. el morro (M) 
The airplane nose was destroyed in the crash.El morro del avión se destrozó en el accidente.
The nose of the truck extended further than what he was used to.La parte delantera del camión se extendía más de lo que estaba acostumbrado.
c. la proa (F) (of boat) 
You're supposed to moor your boat with the nose out at this dock.Debes amarrar el barco con la proa hacia afuera en este muelle.
5. (figurative) (symbol of meddling) 
a. las narices (F) (figurative) 
Stop sticking your nose in my business!¡Deja de meter tus narices en mis asuntos!
6. (in racing) 
a. la nariz (F) 
Our favorite won by a nose.Nuestro favorito ganó por una nariz.
b. los pelos (M) 
The dog won the race by a nose.El perro ganó la carrera por los pelos.
7. (knack) 
a. el olfato (M) 
He has a nose for finding interesting restaurants.Tiene un olfato para encontrar restaurantes interesantes.
She has a nose for bargains.Tiene una intuición para las gangas.
transitive verb
8. (to push with the nose) 
a. no direct translation 
My cat can nose the cat door open.Mi gato puede abrir la gatera con el hocico.
The dog nosed his owner to wake him up.El perro empujó a su dueño con la nariz para despertarlo.
9. (to nudge forward) 
Carla nosed her motorcyle into the garage.Carla metió su motocicleta al garage con cuidado.
I nosed the van into the narrow space.Metí la camioneta al hueco estrecho maniobrando con cuidado.
intransitive verb
10. (to pry; used with "around, "in," or "into") 
My mother-in-law keeps nosing into our relationship.Mi suegra no deja de entrometerse en nuestra relación.
Carlos is still nosing around where he shouldn't.Carlos sigue metiendo las narices en donde no debe.
c. husmear 
The detective nosed around the shipyard looking for a clue.El detective husmeó por el astillero buscando una pista.
d. fisgonear 
Who was that stranger nosing around the neighborhood?¿Quién era ese extraño que andaba fisgoneando por el barrio?
11. (to move ahead slowly) 
a. no direct translation 
He nosed out into the traffic.Se incorporó lentamente al tráfico.
The truck nosed up to the truck in front of it.El camión se abrió paso hacia el camión de delante.
1. (of person) 
a. la nariz (F) 
2. (of animal) 
a. el hocico (M) 
her nose is bleedingestá sangrando por la nariz
to blow one's nosesonarse la nariz
to hold one's nosetaparse la nariz
to have a nose joboperarse la nariz
3. (of vehicle, plane, missile) 
a. el morro (M) 
the traffic was nose to tailhabía caravana (de coches)
4. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
it's right under your noselo tienes delante de las narices
to turn one's nose up at somethinghacerle ascos a algo
she walked by with her nose in the airpasó con gesto engreído
to look down one's nose at somebodymirar a alguien por encima del hombro
she paid through the nose for itle costó un ojo de la cara
to get up somebody's noseponer negro(a) a alguien
they are leading them by the noseles están manejando a su antojo
to keep one's nose cleanno meterse en líos
to have a nose for somethingtener olfato para algo
to poke one's nose into other people's businessmeter las narices en los asuntos de otros
to put somebody's nose out of jointhacerle un feo a alguien
nose [nəʊz]
1 (Anat) [of person] nariz (f); [of animal] hocico (m)
his nose was bleeding le sangraba la nariz; le salía sangre de la nariz
he was bleeding from the nose
to have one's nose in a book estar enfrascado en un libro
get your nose out of that book and come and help me deja el libro un momento y ven a ayudarme
I always had my nose in a book He found his daughter stretched out beside the pool with her nose in a book I was just blissfully happy with my nose in a book she's always got her nose in a book
to hold one's nose taparse la nariz
he was accused of insulting his hosts by holding his nose because he could not stand the smell I could sit on you, hold your nose, shove the damned things down your throat They're being urged by state and national leaders to hold their nose and vote for Edwin Edwards, fearing that Duke would scare industry away from Louisiana They're being urged by state and national leaders to hold their nose and vote for Smith
to talk or speak through one's nose ganguear; hablar con voz gangosa
she had a curious (though not unattractive) habit of speaking through her nose with his nose in the air He would never have walked past her with his nose in the air
you wouldn't recognize an opportunity if it bit you on the nose no reconocerías una buena oportunidad ni aunque te topases con ella de frente
he wouldn't know a heart condition if it bit him on the nose
to keep one's nose clean no meterse en problemas or líos (informal)
if you keep your nose clean in this company you could go far if you keep your nose clean from now on, I won't take any action the rules are keep your nose clean, don't make any waves, turn a blind eye, collect your pay and ultimately you will get promoted
to cut off one's nose to spite one's face tirar piedras a su tejado
you've heard the expression, "it's like cutting off your nose to spite your face" - well, hysterectomy for menstrual problems is more like "cutting out your uterus to spite your body" the Russians are actually wanting to see problems happen in the sense of cutting off their nose to spite their face, because then they can say, "Ha, yes, they screwed up as well"
to get/have one's nose in front coger/tener la delantera
Neil Kinnock has his nose in front but it is still a tight race It's important to get your nose in front and stay in front
he gets up my nose me revienta (informal)
his pompous manner really gets up my nose this sort of thing gets up my nose what really gets up my nose is his meanness What really gets up my nose is that all I want is a standard white car Snobs get up my nose
to keep one's nose out (of sth) no entrometerse (en algo)
you keep your nose out (of this) - it has nothing to do with you the President kept his nose out of military business I told you to keep your nose out of trouble Iraq has told the United Nations to keep its nose out and has dismissed the threat of attack
to lead sb by the nose tener a algn agarrado por las narices
you shouldn't let them lead you by the nose no deberías permitirles que te manejen a su antojo
If the national leader were to be seen as being led by the nose by a woman, particularly a designing, unfaithful and contemptible one, then his own stature would be significantly diminished the erroneous impression that the British can be led by the nose into an increasingly federal Europe somebody, somebody powerful and clever, who wanted us to write this story, led us by the nose every inch of the way you should be ashamed to let the campaign managers, who trot out this drivel over and over, lead you around by the nose
to look down one's nose at sth/sb despreciar algo/a algn; mirar a algn por encima del hombro
they rather looked down their noses at the poor old French I know what it's like when people look down their nose because you don't have nice things I don't look down my nose at comedy
(right) on the nose en el clavo
that's it! you've hit it on the nose! ¡eso es! ¡has dado en el clavo!
to pay through the nose (for sth) pagar un ojo de la cara (por algo) (informal); pagar un dineral (por algo)
she paid through the nose (for it) le costó un ojo de la cara (informal); pagó un dineral (por ello) (informal); to make sb pay through the nose hacer pagar a algn un dineral (informal)
young drivers can pay through the nose for car insurance we don't like paying through the nose for our wine when eating out What banks want to do by re-introducing charges is to make us pay through the nose for looking after our money the company has been making rich idiots pay through the nose for a product that can be bought for a third of the price
to poke or stick one's nose into sth meter las narices en algo (informal); meterse en algo
who asked you to poke your nose in? ¿quién te manda meter las narices (informal) or meterte en esto?; he's always poking his nose (in) where it's not wanted siempre está metiendo las narices or metiéndose en lo que no le incumbe (informal)
we don't like strangers who poke their noses into our affairs
to put sb's nose out of joint molestar a algn
you've really put his nose out of joint by not asking him what he thought Messerschmitt really put Ernst Heinkel's nose out of joint in having his upstart fighter selected over the He 112 she was uncharacteristically sharp with me and I thought, somebody's put her nose out of joint
to see no further than the end of one's nose no ver más allá de sus narices
dumb, greedy, stupid peasant who can't see further than the end of his nose
to turn up one's nose at sth hacerle ascos a algo
You should never turn your nose up at inexpensive plants Even in the US top graduates turned up their noses at business jobs and tried instead to get into government service or university teaching He acted in about 30 commercials while his former classmates at the Yale drama school turned up their noses and waited on tables instead
under sb's nose: it's right under your nose lo tienes delante de las narices (informal); she did it under his very nose or right under his nose lo hizo delante de sus narices
we've been married 25 years, and this carrying on under my nose was the last straw
to [blow] one's nose
2 (distance)
to win by a nose [+horse] ganar por una nariz; ganar por los pelos
the horse won by a nose the Gordons beat the other contestants by a nose, to win a fantastic holiday in Australia Cambridge were a nose ahead in the boat race we dropped into second place, a nose ahead of Watson Bros
3 (front part) [of aeroplane, car] morro (m); parte (f) delantera; [of boat] proa (f)
he eased the nose round to get the plane into its parking bay the Wellington bomber had gun turrets at nose and tial on each side of her nose was a painting of a mermaid the car's nose slid out between the buses and tradesmen's vans
the traffic was nose to tail los coches iban pegados unos a otros
about twenty fast-moving trucks were driving nose to tail
4 (sense of smell) olfato (m)
I have a sensitive nose tengo un olfato muy fino
5 (instinct)
to have a (good) nose for tener (buen) olfato para; she has a keen nose for facts tiene buena intuición para saber lo que ha ocurrido realmente; she's got a (good) nose for a story tiene (buen) olfato para lo que es noticia
he's got a (good) nose for buying and selling he had a nose for trouble he's got a (good) nose for a bargain
6 [of wine] aroma (m); buqué (m)
intransitive verb
the car nosed forward el coche se abrió paso lentamente; the coach nosed out into the traffic el autocar se incorporó lentamente al tráfico
a white Mercedes was nosing slowly out at the gates of the big house a motorboat nosed out of the mist and nudged into the branches of a tree we were soon nosing our way out of the harbour and into the Solent the boat nosed [into] the little cove a glossy black BMW sedan nosed into the second lane a boat nosing through the whispering reeds
transitive verb
1 (move)
he nosed his car into the garage metió el coche en el garaje maniobrando con cuidado; a van nosed its way past una furgoneta pasó despacio
to nose one's [way] forward the ship nosed her way through the fog the launch nosed its way through the yachts moored in the river
2 (nuzzle, nudge)
the horse nosed my palm el caballo me olfateó la palma de la mano; the dog managed to nose the door open el perro consiguió abrir la puerta con el hocico; they just nosed us into second place por muy poco nos dejaron en segundo lugar
Nevada has the second highest violent crime rate (it's just nosed out by New York) a pack of dogs was nosing the sacks of rubbish the dog nosed her hand
nose cone (n) [of missile] ojiva (f); [of racing car] cabeza (f) separable
a nose cone of dull silver contained the nuclear warhead he had to change his tyres and nose cone following a clash with mclaren driver Gerhard Berger
nose drops (n) gotas (f) para la nariz
used mostly for children with allergic rhinitis, in the form of nose drops
nose job (n)
to have a nose job operarse la nariz
nose ring (n) [of animal] argolla (f) (en el hocico); [of person] pendiente (m) en la nariz
she tied the bull up by his nose ring he had his left nostril pierced and wore a gold nose ring
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