1. (occurring naturally) 
a. natural 
A natural disaster, like a hurricane or an earthquake, can't be controlled.Un desastre natural, como un huracán o un terremoto, no se puede controlar.
2. (understandable) 
a. natural 
He's always lying; it's natural that no one believes him.Siempre miente, es natural que nadie le crea.
b. normal 
When you quit smoking, it's natural to put on some weight.Cuando dejas de fumar, es normal engordar.
c. lógico 
Passing an exam is the natural result of having studied.Aprobar un examen es la consecuencia lógica de haber estudiado.
3. (inherent) 
a. innato 
My husband has been promoted to manager because he has a natural talent for leadership.Han ascendido a mi marido a director porque tiene un talento innato para el liderazgo.
4. (unforced) 
a. natural 
We have always maintained a natural love for one another.Siempre hemos mantenido un amor natural el uno para el otro.
5. (related by blood) 
She loves her adoptive parents, but she has always wanted to meet her natural mother.Ella quiere a sus padres adoptivos, pero siempre ha deseado conocer a su madre biológica.
6. (music) 
a. natural 
When you raise a natural note, it becomes sharp.Cuando se sube una nota natural, se convierte en una aguda.
7. (person with inherent talent) 
a. no direct translation 
My sister is a natural for languages, and she can learn foreign languages with ease.Mi hermana tiene un talento natural para los idiomas y los aprende con facilidad.
They always told me I was a natural at cello.Siempre me han dicho que soy dotado para el violonchelo.
8. (music) 
a. la nota natural (F) (note) 
In the first measure there are two naturals.En el primer compás hay dos notas naturales.
b. el becuadro (M) (sign) 
A natural is a sign used to cancel a flat from a preceding note.Un becuadro es un símbolo que se usa para anular un bemol de la nota anterior.
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
he's a natural as an actores un actor nato
2. (color, taste) 
a. natural 
death from natural causesmuerte natural
natural childbirthparto natural
natural disastercatástrofe natural
natural gasgas natural
natural historyhistoria natural
natural mothermadre biológica
natural resourcesrecursos naturales
natural sciencesciencias naturales
natural selectionselección natural
3. (normal, to be expected) 
a. natural, lógico(a) 
it's only natural that you should want to be herees natural que quieras estar aquí
one's or the natural reaction is to…la reacción más normal es…
4. (ind) 
a. no direct translation 
natural wastageamortización de puestos de trabajo por jubilación
5. (unaffected) 
a. natural, espontáneo(a) 
natural [ˈnætʃrəl]
1 (occurring naturally) [+environment, substance, disaster, remedy] natural
The city has superb natural defences Teeth are a natural weapon that man has The gigantic natural harbour of Poole is a haven for boats They are destroying the country's forests and natural environment The typhoon is the worst natural disaster in South Korea in several years from many natural disasters Scientists have found synthetic substitutes for natural materials Deep freezing is the simplest natural way of preserving food They opened a shop selling natural foods There is no reason why natural cosmetics should not be as safe as those prepared with synthetic ingredients There are numerous natural remedies which work to heal chilblains Is there a natural remedy for cold sores?
she isn't a natural blonde no es rubia natural; he died of natural causes murió de muerte natural
The post mortem showed that death was due to natural causes
the rest of his natural life el resto de sus días
You're going to be making public apologies for the rest of your natural life He wants to die rather than spend the rest of his natural life in prison
2 (understandable) [+reaction, behaviour, feeling] natural; normal; [+mistake] comprensible; [+explanation] lógico y natural
It was a perfectly natural reaction A period of depression can be a perfectly natural response to certain aspects of life She's upset. It's natural, isn't it? Today's the funeral She has a feeling that she is doing the most natural thing in the world His hostile attitude is quite natural under the circumstances
it's a perfectly natural mistake to make es un error totalmente comprensible; there is a perfectly natural explanation hay una explicación perfectamente lógica y natural; it's only natural es normal or natural
Couples do have rows, it's only natural
it's only natural that she should be upset es normal or natural que esté disgustada
it's only natural to feel worried
3 (inborn) [+ability, talent] innato; [+reaction, fear] instintivo
She has a natural ability to understand the motives of others He had a natural gift for making things work Her playing revealed profound natural talent and a quick imagination
he had a natural flair for business tenía un don innato para los negocios; she is a natural leader/athlete es una líder/atleta innata; natural instinct instinto (m) natural
4 (relaxed, unforced) [+person, manner, charm] natural
Bethan's sister was as friendly and natural as the rest of the family There was something not quite natural about her behaviour Hannah's natural manner reassured her, and she relaxed He walked slowly, in a relaxed, natural manner, from one side of the stage to the other He exudes a natural charm and good humour
I was able to be very natural with him con él pude ser yo mismo
5 (biological) [+father, mother, child] biológico
She claimed the Prince as her natural father She has been reunited with her natural mother
6 (Mús) natural
1 (person)
she's a natural with computers tiene un don innato para los ordenadores
2 (Mús) (note) nota (f) natural; (sign) becuadro (m)
natural childbirth (n) parto (m) natural
More and more women want to have their babies by natural childbirth
natural gas (n) gas (m) natural
New reserves of oil, natural gas or even coal must be found if we are to survive the twenty-first century
natural history (n) historia (f) natural
...the museum of natural history
natural law (n) ley (f) natural
The Nuremberg principles represented a reaffirmation of natural law and ethics
natural number (n) (Mat) número (m) natural
natural philosophy (n) filosofía (f) natural
Physics in the seventeenth century was called natural philosophy ...emeritus professor of natural philosophy at the University of Aberdeen
natural resources (n) recursos (m) naturales
There is a plan to open up the vast region with its wealth of natural resources ...a society that's not going to run out of natural resources
natural science (n) (uncount) ciencias (f) naturales
...axioms in natural science
(count) ciencia (f) de la naturaleza
...a true natural science such as physics
natural selection (n) selección (f) natural
Natural selection ensures only the fittest survive to pass their genes on to the next generation
by natural selection por selección natural
...the theory of evolution by natural selection
natural wastage (n) (Britain) (Ind) bajas voluntarias de los empleados de una empresa, y cuyos puestos quedan sin cubrir
With normal natural wastage the total number of jobs cut this year will exceed 35
the jobs will be lost through natural wastage los puestos irán desapareciendo a medida que se produzcan bajas voluntarias
The company hopes the job cuts will be made through natural wastage
1. (not artificial) 
a. natural 
Todo el mundo piensa que me tiño, pero mi rubio es natural.Everybody thinks that I dye my hair, but I'm a natural blonde.
2. (not processed) 
a. natural 
Solo uso maquillaje hecho a base de ingredientes naturales.I only use cosmetics made from natural ingredients.
b. fresh 
Hice una deliciosa salsa con chiles naturales, pero se me olvidó comprar totopos.I made a delicious salsa with fresh chili peppers, but I forgot to buy the chips.
3. (unchilled) 
Consume esta cerveza al natural para disfrutar sus sabores.Drink this beer at room temperature to enjoy its flavor.
4. (inherent) 
a. natural 
La presidenta de la compañía tiene un talento natural para el liderazgo.The president of the company has a natural talent for leadership.
5. (understandable) 
a. natural 
Siempre miente, es natural que nadie le crea.He's always lying; it's natural that no one believes him.
6. (unforced) 
a. natural 
El amor que comparto con mi marido creció de manera natural.The love I share with my husband grew in a natural way.
7. (native) 
a. no direct translation 
He vivido aquí desde que era un niño, pero, en realidad, soy natural de las Islas Canarias.I've been living here since I was a kid, but I actually come from the Canary Islands.
Mis abuelos son naturales de Italia, pero emigraron a Nueva York en los años 40.My grandparents are natives of Italy, but they emigrated to New York in the 1940s.
8. (music) 
a. natural 
Cuando se sube una nota natural, se convierte en una aguda.When you raise a natural note, it becomes sharp.
masculine noun
9. (character) 
a. nature 
Mamá es de natural tranquilo, excepto cuando entramos a la casa calzados.Mom is calm by nature, except when we enter the house with our shoes on.
10. (art) 
a. life 
La obra del artista está inspirada en lo natural del campo.The artist's work is inspired by life on a farm.
11. (bullfighting) 
a. natural 
El pase fundamental que hace el torero con la muleta es el natural.The fundamental pass that the bullfighter makes with the muleta is the natural.
masculine or feminine noun
12. (local) 
a. native 
Los naturales ayudaron a los peregrinos a sobrevivir y a cultivar.The natives helped the pilgrims to survive and grow their crops.
1. (no artificial) 
a. natural 
2. (flores, fruta, leche) 
a. fresh 
al naturalin the flesh
es más guapa al natural que en la fotografíashe's prettier in real life than in the photograph
ser natural en alguiento be in somebody's nature
3. (lógico, normal) 
a. natural, normal 
es lo más natural del mundoit's the most natural thing in the world, it's perfectly natural
es natural que se enfadeit's natural that he should be angry
4. (nativo) 
a. native 
ser natural deto come from
5. (ilegítimo) 
a. illegitimate 
6. (hábil y no hábil) 
a. no direct translation 
mes/año naturalcalendar month/year
30 días naturales de vacaciones30 working days' holiday
7. (nativo) 
a. native 
8. (talante) 
a. nature, disposition 
1 (no artificial) [+calor] natural; [+luz, frontera] natural; [+seda] pure; [+flor] real
los fenómenos naturales natural phenomena; es rubia natural she's a natural blonde
2 (fresco) fresh
fruta natural fresh fruit
3 (sin aditivos) natural
yogur natural natural yoghurt; con ingredientes naturales with natural ingredients
4 (a temperatura ambiente)
este vino se sirve natural this wine should be served at room temperature
5 (innato) natural
tiene un talento natural para la música she has a natural talent for music; la bondad es natural en él kindness is in his nature; it's in his nature to be kind
6 (normal) natural
es natural que estés cansado it's natural that you should be tired; es lo más natural del mundo it's perfectly natural; it's the most natural thing in the world
7 (no afectado) natural
has salido muy natural en la foto you look very natural in the photo
es muy famosa, pero muy natural en el trato muy natural con todo el mundo
8 (ilegítimo) illegitimate
hijo natural illegitimate child
9 (nativo)
es natural de Córdoba he is a native of Cordoba; ¿de dónde es usted natural? where are you from?; where were you born?
de tamaño natural life-size(d)
11 (Música) natural
un natural de Badajoz a native of Badajoz
1 (carácter) nature
un natural optimista an optimistic nature; es de natural reservado he's reserved by nature
al natural: fruta al natural (sin aditamentos) fruit in its own juice; está muy guapa al natural she is very pretty just as she is (without make-up); se sirve al natural (a temperatura ambiente) it is served at room temperature
3 (Arte)
del natural: pintar del natural to paint from life; clase de dibujo del natural life class
4 (Taur) type of pass
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