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An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
1. (to be alive)
a. vivir
You have so much to live for.Tienes tanto por qué vivir.
2. (to reside)
a. vivir
I still live at my parents' house.Todavía vivo en casa de mis padres.
3. (to survive)
a. vivir
It was a serious accident, but she will live.Fue un accidente muy grave, pero vivirá.
4. (to conduct oneself)
a. vivir
He lives like nothing bad will ever happen to him.Vive como si nada malo jamás le fuera a pasar.
5. (to support oneself)
a. vivir
I can't live on what they're paying me right now.No puedo vivir con lo que me están pagando ahora.
6. (to enjoy)
a. vivir
You have to learn to live a little. You can't always be worrying.Tienes que aprender a vivir un poco. No siempre puedes estar preocupado.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
7. (to experience in a particular way)
a. vivir
The vacation we took was incredible. It was like living a dream.Las vacaciones que tomamos fueron increíbles. Era como vivir un sueño.
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
8. (alive)
a. vivo
They used nanostructures to extract molecules from live cells.Usaron nanoestructuras para extraer moléculas de células vivas.
9. (radio, television)
a. en vivo
The live recording of this song is the best.La grabación en vivo de esta canción es la mejor.
b. en directo
The reporter will be doing a live broadcast from the scene of the demonstrations.El corresponsal estará realizando un reportaje en directo desde la escena de las manifestaciones.
10. (in person)
a. en vivo
This bar has live music on Thursdays.Este bar tiene música en vivo los jueves.
11. (with an electric current)
a. conectado
Never touch a live socket with wet hands.Nunca toques un enchufe conectado con las manos mojadas.
12. (burning)
a. encendido
In some cultures, people walk over live coals.En algunas culturas, la gente camina sobre brasas encendidas.
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
13. (radio, television)
a. en directo
The president's speech is being broadcast live.El discurso del presidente se presentará en directo.
b. en vivo
Nearly one billion people watched the World Cup final live.Casi mil millones de personas vieron la final de la Copa Mundial en vivo.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (general)
a. vivir
to live a happy/long lifevivir una vida feliz/larga
it makes life worth livinghace que merezca la pena vivir
to live a lievivir en la mentira
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
2. (general)
a. vivir
to live with somebodyvivir con alguien
as long as I livemientras viva
I want to live a littlequiero disfrutar un poco de la vida
he lives by his writingvive de lo que escribe
live and let livevive y deja vivir
you live and learn¡vivir para ver!
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live [lɪv]
intransitive verb
1 (exist) vivir
the times we live in los tiempos en que vivimos; los tiempos que corremos; she has only six months to live solo le quedan seis meses de vida
he hasn't long to live he was still living when his daughter got married while his wife lived he could not have the money he's got a terrible disease and will not live long compared to people living only a few generations ago, we have greater opportunities to have a good time I'd rather die than live without you
to live from day to day vivir de día en día
since Richard died I live from day to day - I can't bear to think about the future I just live from day to day - I never know where my next meal is coming from
to live in fear vivir atemorizado
she lives in fear of her life/that she may be found out vive temiendo por su vida/que la descubran
one in 10 Californians is unemployed and thousands more live in fear of losing their jobs they'd been living in terror since the Iraqis invaded Kuwait Once children could play safely, now parents live in fear
to live for sth
I'm living for the day (when) I retire vivo esperando a que llegue el día en que me jubile; she lived for her work vivía por y para su trabajo; to live for today or the moment vivir al día
I don't care what happens in 10 years' time, I live for today We tended to talk about the next game of golf, living for the moment rather than the future
I've got nothing left to live for no tengo nada por lo que vivir
he just lived for football
to live and let live vivir y dejar vivir
"live and let live" is the best recipe for minimising conflict live and let live, I say - I don't bother them, and they don't bother me
we should eat to live, not live to eat deberíamos comer para vivir, y no vivir para comer
you live and learn nunca te acostarás sin saber una cosa más
2 (survive)
the doctor said she would live el médico dijo que sobreviviría; you'll live! (humorous) ¡de esta no te mueres! (humorous)
her voice will live with me until I die a night that will live in the nation's history he will live in history as an entrepreneur who made co-operation with the Soviet Union possible nothing could live in such a hostile environment some kids couldn't live without a television to live [to] ...
he lived to a ripe old age/to be 103 llegó a viejo/a cumplir 103 años; she'll never live to see it no vivirá para verlo
my father died nigh on ten years ago, but he lived to see his first grandson
3 (conduct o.s.) vivir
to live in luxury to live honestly we lived quite grandly he lived [by] certain ideals
she lives by her own rules vive según sus propias normas
men who lived by the gun hombres cuya ley era la pistola
what are some important rules you live by?
to live modestly/well vivir modestamente/bien
on the whole she had lived modestly, with a notable lack of ostentation a pensioner living modestly in West Yorkshire to live [well] he can barely make ends meet and is angry at people he sees are living well she was used to living well
to live like a king or a lord vivir a cuerpo de rey
holidaymakers will be able to live like a king for Pounds 10 a night when Hampton Court rents out rooms we're living out of a suitcase till the furniture arrives
4 (earn one's living) vivir
to live [by] sth
to live by hunting vivir de la caza
the last indigenous people to live [by] hunting these crimes were committed largely by professional criminals who lived by crime they lived by picking through garbage
5 (reside) vivir
where do you live? ¿dónde vives?; to live in a flat/in London vivir en un piso/en Londres; she lives in Station Road vive en Station Road; this is a nice place to live este es un buen sitio para vivir
this house isn't fit to live in esta casa está en pésimas condiciones
she has lived here for 10 years she always said I ought to live alone I couldn't live in the same house with her
6 (Britain) (go, belong) ir; guardarse
where does the teapot live? ¿dónde va or se guarda la tetera?
7 (enjoy life)
let's live a little! ¡vivamos la vida un poquito! (informal); she really knows how to live sabe disfrutar muy bien de la vida; if you've never been to an opera, you haven't lived si no has ido nunca a la ópera no sabes lo qué es vivir
transitive verb
1 [+life] (gen) vivir; (in particular way) llevar
to live life to the full vivir la vida al máximo
he always lived life to the full - never let a day pass without doing something interesting now there's someone who knows how to live life to the full
to live a happy life llevar una vida feliz; to live a life of luxury/crime llevar una vida de lujos/de delincuencia; to live a life of hardship vivir pasando penurias; how you live your life is your business tu vida es cosa tuya
we can start living a normal life again now peach trees should normally live forty to fifty years to live and breathe sth he has lived and breathed football since he was seven to live a lie she began to keep a large part of her life a secret from him - she started to live a lie he is still "living a lie", denying his Jewish birth
2 (Teat)
enter into the spirit of
to live the part vivir el personaje or el papel
I always thought Neal was living the part - he doesn't seem to be acting at all some people can only survive by continuously adapting. They become many people, but for it to work, they must really live the part, like an actor the sheer thrill of feeling as though you are inside living the part makes up for that," he said. `The special effects were superb. I'd recommend it
live [laɪv]
1 (living) [+animal, person] vivo
experiments on live animals experimentos (m) con animales vivos
baskets of live chickens he sold me a couple of live lobsters
a real live crocodile un cocodrilo de verdad; a real live duke un duque de carne y hueso; 9.1 deaths per thousand live births 9,1 muertes por cada mil bebés nacidos vivos
2 (topical) [+issue] de actualidad; candente
the idea of vouchers for schools has become a live issue again the "German Question", which had been considered during the nineteenth century and became a live issue again during the postwar period
3 (Rad) (TV) [+broadcast, coverage] en vivo; en directo; [+performance, show, recording] en vivo
the bar has live entertainment at weekends el bar tiene espectáculos en vivo los fines de semana
a broadcast of the speech was heard in San Francisco, but it is not known if this was live we will be giving you live coverage of the games throughout the season they're a great live act I prefer listening to live music a CD featuring live recordings from her New York concert Murray was a guest on a live radio show Last night Mr Rushdie appeared on live TV they watch all the live matches the band was forced to cancel a string of live dates the LP features live recordings from the `Great Xpectations' all-day show this is my favourite live album of all time giant TV screens showing live sporting events a restaurant with live entertainers big bidders phone live bids in as the auction progresses
performed before a live audience interpretado delante del público
a live audience will pose the questions Penelope told the producers she did not want a live audience It was one of those effects which can only be judged in the presence of a live audience, and we had to wait until opening night before we found out what a remarkable impression it would make
4 (not blank) [+shell, ammunition] cargado; [+bomb] sin explotar
a live bomb had earlier been defused they trained in the jungle using live ammunition
5 (still burning) [+coal] encendido; prendido; (LAm)
6 (Electricity and Electronics) [+cable, wire, appliance] conectado; con corriente
is this cable live? ¿está conectado or tiene corriente este cable?
he warned others about the live electric cables as they climbed to safety
1 (Rad) (TV) en vivo; en directo
the match is brought to you live from Madrid le ofrecemos el partido en vivo or en directo desde Madrid; here, live from New York, is our reporter Malcolm McDonald aquí tenemos a nuestro corresponsal Malcolm McDonald que nos habla en directo desde Nueva York
to [broadcast] live it was broadcast live in 50 countries
we'll be going live to Montreal later on conectaremos con Montreal en directo más adelante
going live could give the show spontaneity this morning, President Clinton went live on the radio chat show host Michael Aspel is going live next year to [play] live Kat Bjelland has been playing live with her new band
to go live (come into operation) entrar en funcionamiento; the new computer system will go live next week el nuevo ordenador entrará en funcionamiento la semana que viene
some two weeks before the campaign went live management finally decided to let its staff in on the big secret
live bait (n) (Fishing) cebo (m) vivo
fish are attracted to food by sight, and prefer live bait
live coal (n) brasa (f); ascua (f)
when evening came the fire was lit by a live coal from a neighbouring house the proposal was dropped like a live coal mortals cannot bring themselves to walk on live coals
live export (n) [of livestock] exportación (f) en pie
the NSPCC fears there could be a resumption of the live export of British horses and ponies, to be slaughtered for meat
live oak (n) roble (m) de Virginia
live oak is different from regular oak - it's an evergreen beautiful 300 and 400-year-old live oaks
live rail (n) raíl (m) electrizado
he accidentally stepped onto the live rail and was electrocuted commuters risked death as they walked near live rail lines after their rush-hour trains were brought to a halt
live weight (n) [of livestock] peso (m) en pie
the live weight of livestock increased by 63 per cent between 1900 and 1930
live wire (n) (Electricity and Electronics) alambre (m) conectado; alambre (m) con corriente
the plug broke, exposing live wires
torbellino (informal) (m)
he's a real live wire! ¡es un torbellino! (informal); ¡tiene mucha marcha! (informal)
she is a wonderful girl, a real live wire and full of fun
live yoghurt (n) yogur (m) con biocultivos
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