live up to
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
Peter is making every effort to live up to the expectations set by his siblings before him.Peter está haciendo todo lo posible por estar a la altura de las expectativas creadas por sus hermanos mayores.
b. igualar 
My father set an example of integrity to live up to.Mi padre dio un ejemplo de integridad para igualar.
The food was terrible and the restaurant didn't live up to its name.La comida fue malísima, y el restaurante no hizo honor a su nombre.
The lawyer lived up to his principles and never deviated from the law.El abogado vivió de acuerdo con sus principios y jamás se apartó de la ley.
live up to
transitive verb phrase
1. (expectations) 
a. responder a, satisfacer 
to fail to l up to expectationsno responder a las expectativas
he lives up to his principlesvive de acuerdo con sus principios
live up to
intransitive verb
1 (be true to) [+principles] vivir de acuerdo con; [+promises] cumplir
she tried to live up to what she believed was right parties which fail to live up to their election promises his country is determined to live up to that pledge President Bush failed to live up to the `no new taxes' pledge of his 1988 campaign
2 (be equal to) [+reputation, expectations] estar a la altura de
marriage failed to live up to her expectations el matrimonio no estuvo a la altura de or defraudó sus expectativas; his brother's success will give him something to live up to el éxito de su hermano le dará algo que igualar
the holiday didn't live up to expectations sales have not lived up to expectations this year he had to live up to his reputation for extravagance it's tough to live up to the image of the all-American boy she was unable to live up to her mother's ambitions for her
the new president has not lived up to their hopes el nuevo presidente ha defraudado sus esperanzas; the product doesn't live up to its name el producto no hace honor a su nombre
the movie cliffhanger really lives up to its name it calls itself the lightest chocolate mousse in the world and it lives up to its name
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