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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to allow)
a. dejar
Her parents didn't let her go to the party.Sus padres no la dejaron ir a la fiesta.
b. permitir
Would you let me drive your car this weekend?¿Me permites manejar tu carro este fin de semana?
2. (to rent) (United Kingdom)
a. alquilar
He is planning to let his apartment for three months.Está pensando alquilar su apartamento por tres meses.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
3. (tennis)
a. el nulo
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
The first point was a let.El primero punto fue nulo.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (allow)
to let somebody do somethingdejar a alguien hacer algo
to let somebody know somethingdecir algo a alguien
let me seeveamos, a ver
to let something passdejar pasar algo, pasar algo por alto
to let go of something, to let something gosoltar algo
to let oneself gosoltarse el pelo
I'm afraid we'll have to let you gome temo que vamos a tener que prescindir de usted
don't let it get to you or get you downno dejes que eso pueda contigo
can you let me have it back tomorrow?¿me lo puedes devolver mañana?
don't let me see you here again!¡que no te vuelva a ver por aquí!
2. (mathematics)
let AB be equal to CDsea AB igual a CD
3. (with suggestions)
let's go!¡vamos!
let's hurry!¡deprisa!
let's not have an argument about it!¡no nos peleemos por eso!
now, don't let's have any nonsense!¡bueno, y nada de tonterías!
b. mucho menos, menos aún
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let [let]
transitive verb
let (past)
1 (allow to) (gen) dejar; permitir (formal)
to let sb do sth dejar or (formal) permitir que algn haga algo; dejar or (formal) permitir a algn hacer algo; my parents wouldn't let me go out with boys mis padres no dejaban que saliera con chicos; mis padres no me dejaban salir con chicos; let me help you déjeme ayudarle or que le ayude; let me take your coat permítame que tome su abrigo; let me think déjame pensar; a ver que piense; don't let me forget to post the letters recuérdame que eche las cartas al correo; she wanted to help but her mother wouldn't let her quería ayudar, pero su madre no la dejaba; pride wouldn't let him talk about the situation su orgullo no le permitía hablar de la situación
people said that we should just let the animals die you will let me stay here, won't you? goodbye, I hope you'll let me see you again. I love sweets but Mum doesn't let me have them very often Let me go to the party on Saturday. I won't be late let me get you something to drink The Americans won't let her leave the country Let me give you one quick example let me [tell] you what I saw last night Let me say it again. I despised Wade's life don't let me make you late
to let o.s. be persuaded dejarse persuadir
I can't let myself be distracted by those things Don't let yourself be fooled Don't let yourself be intimidated by someone in uniform Just as well that Hannibal's elephants could not map-read, or they would never have let themselves be persuaded to cross the Alps she let the door slam he let Jack lead the way he sat back and let everyone else do the work don't let me put you off Thorne let him talk let him come if he insists Don't let him talk too much don't let it get you down to let sb get away with sth to let o.s. [go] her photo shows what can happen if you let yourself go I thought it was important to keep clean and not let myself go, though it would have been very easy A woman who has let herself go is derided; an overweight man is just accepted as middle-aged Stop worrying about what you're feeling. Let yourself go Come on, Chris. Let yourself go, Baby to let [sb go] What will happen when the police come? Will they let us go or will they want to keep us in the country as material witnesses let me go! "Let me go!" Lauren tore herself free of Reggie's restraining grip to let [go of] sb/sth He let go of her wrists to let sb [have] sth
don't let me catch you cheating again! ¡no quiero volver a pillarte haciendo trampa!; ¡que no vuelva a pillarte haciendo trampa!
you must let me be the judge of that eso tengo que juzgarlo yo
don't let me keep you no quiero entretenerle
now let me see ¿a ver?; déjame que vea
it's hard work, let me tell you es mucho trabajo, te lo aseguro
you won't be getting any more money from me, let me tell you My back's giving me hell, let me tell you!
(in prayers, wishes)
please don't let it rain por favor, que no llueva; don't let him die, she prayed no dejes que se muera, le pidió a Dios
2 (cause to)
when can you let me have it? ¿cuándo me lo puedes dejar?
I'll let you have it back tomorrow te lo devuelvo mañana; he really let her have it about being late le echó una buena bronca por llegar tarde (informal)
she let him have it with both barrels
to let it be known that hacer saber que
Mr Vance has let it be known that he hopes for a peace by the year's end Mr Brooke recently let it be known that he feels the Press Complaints commission is unsatisfactory in its present form
3 (+ prep, adv)
to let sb [into] sth to let sb [into] a building Cantrell had a key and let them into a small bedsitter
they won't let you into the country no te dejarán entrar en el país
he let himself into the flat entró en el piso
he wouldn't let me past no me dejaba pasar
the barrier rose to let the car through la barrera subió para dejar pasar el coche
they wouldn't let us through the gate no nos dejaban pasar en la entrada
to let sb into a secret I'll let you into a secret; we're getting married has she let him into the secret yet I'd rather not let Pam into our little secret; she might talk
4 (forming imperative) (1st person plural)
her then boyfriend (let's call him Dave) ... el entonces novio suyo (llamémosle or vamos a llamarle Dave) ...
let's get out here bajémonos aquí
let's go! ¡vámonos!
let's go for a walk vamos a dar un paseo
let's not or don't let's jump to conclusions no nos precipitemos a sacar conclusiones
let us pray oremos
Let's have a picnic I'm bored. Let's go home Let's watch a video let us be clear about one thing let's be honest about this let's be honest: it's a horrible smell... Let us assume that two golfers, Golfer A and Golfer B, are in contention for a club championship Now, let's see. Where did I leave my bag? It gets even more complicated now, let's see if Philip can work this one out "How long you been living together then?" - "Erm, let me think. It's about four years now "Let's go to the beach!" - "Oh, let's!" Let's not waste any more time on this Let's not talk about that Let's not exaggerate don't let's quarrel
if you weigh, let's say, 175 pounds ... si pesas, digamos, 175 libras ...
let's say I'm very pleased with the results digamos que estoy muy satisfecha con los resultados
let's look at the poem in greater detail Let us look at these views in more detail Let's have a look at what we've got here...
let's see, what was I saying? a ver or déjame ver, ¿qué decía yo?
"shall we eat now?" — "yes, let's" —¿comemos ahora? —sí, venga or —sí, vale
"shall we go home now?" — "yes, let's" —¿nos vamos a casa ahora? —¡sí, vamos! or —¡sí, vámonos!
(forming 3rd-person imperative)
let them wait que esperen; "people may complain" — "let them" —puede que la gente se queje —pues que lo hagan; let people say what they will, we know we are right que la gente diga lo que quiera, nosotros sabemos que tenemos razón
let that be a lesson to you! ¡que eso te sirva de lección!
let there be light hágase la luz
never let it be said that ... que nunca se diga que ...
let them look. I don't care if she insists on going so early, let her take a taxi let her come soon, I prayed But let those who are inclined to condemn me look at their own behaviour before they speak out... let him get his own cup of tea just let her try
5 (Mat)
let X be 6 supongamos que X equivale a 6
6 especially (Britain) (rent out) alquilar; arrendar;to a
The reasons for letting a house, or part of one, are varied She is thinking of letting her house to an American serviceman
to let se alquila
used as conj he was too badly injured even to stand on his feet, let alone walk It had seemed impossible to make any contacts, let alone friendships with local inhabitants I can't even find six spare hours, let alone six weeks or six months let him [alone] [be] If your child is really sick and needs sleep and quiet, let him be
7 (put)
a plaque let into a wall una lápida empotrada en una pared
to let a door/window/etc into a wall
8 (Med) [+blood] sacar
we're converting the barn for holiday lets estamos remodelando el granero para alquilarlo durante las vacaciones
long/short let alquiler (m) a corto/largo plazo
You could rent out your property but, be warned, short lets are forbidden in some areas and short can mean as long as three months I'm looking for a long/short let for my villa a quaint planning requirement that certain dwellings can be used only as holiday lets and certain others only as permanent residences VT + ADV she stopped to let them past VT + ADV a security guard refused to let her party through the crowd parted to let the procession through let me [through] let me through; I'm a doctor the crowd parted to let the procession through
Meaning "allow"
Translate using either dejar, especially in informal contexts, or permitir, especially in more formal contexts. Both verbs can be followed either by an infinitive or by que + subjunctive:
Let me do it Déjame hacerlo, Déjame que lo haga
Let her have a look Deja que ella lo vea, Déjale verlo
We must not let the children see this No debemos permitir que los niños vean esto or permitir a los niños ver esto
ImperativeFirst person plural
Translate let's and let us + verb using either vamos a + infinitive or using the present subjunctive of the main verb. The second construction is used particularly in formal language and when translating let's not:
Let's go for a walk! Vamos a dar un paseo
Let's consider the implications of the Government's decision Consideremos las implicaciones de la decisión del Gobierno
Let's not waste any more time No perdamos ya más tiempo
To translate let's go, use vamos or vámonos on its own without a following infinitive:
Let's go to the theatre ¡Vamos al teatro
When let's is used on its own to reply to a suggestion, translate using vamos or vámonos if the verb in the suggestion was ir. Use vale or venga if not:
"Shall we go?" — "Yes, let's" "¿Nos vamos?" — "¡Sí, vamos!" or "¡Sí, vámonos!"
"Shall we watch the match?" — "Yes, let's" "¿Vemos el partido?" — "Sí, vale" or "Sí, venga"
Third person
When let introduces a command, suggestion or wish in the third person, translate using que + subjunctive:
Let him come up! ¡Que suba
Let there be no misunderstanding about this ¡Que no haya ningún malentendido sobre esto
Let them do as they like ¡Que hagan lo que quieran
Be careful to distinguish between the "permission" sense of let sb do something and the "command" sense:
Please let them stay here (i.e. Please allow them to stay) Déjalos que se queden aquí or Déjalos quedarse aquí, por favor
Let them stay here (i.e. expressing a decision or an order) ¡Que se queden aquí
When que is used in this sense, it never takes an accent.
let [let]
1 (Tennis) dejada (f); let (m)
2 (Jur)
without let or hindrance sin estorbo ni obstáculo
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