1. (not guilty) 
a. inocente 
Even though he was found with blood on his hands, he swears he's innocent.Aunque lo hallaron con sangre en las manos, jura ser inocente.
2. (without malice) 
a. inocente 
It was just an innocent remark; there is no need to get upset.Solo fue un comentario inocente; no es para molestarse.
3. (naive) 
a. ingenuo 
It is very innocent of you to think the president is going to fix this problem.Es muy ingenuo pensar que el presidente vaya a arreglar este problema.
b. inocente 
I felt sorry for the innocent child I heard earnestly requesting a real pony.Sentí pena por el niño inocente que oí seriamente solicitar un pony de verdad.
4. (devoid) 
a. no direct translation 
He was stunned by her beautiful face, innocent of makeup.Quedó atontado por su rostro hermoso, libre de maquillaje.
The young child was innocent of guile.El niño joven era ajeno a la astucia.
5. (pure) 
a. inocente 
She says that children and animals are innocent and must be protected.Dice que los niños y los animales son inocentes y deben ser protegidos.
6. (someone pure) 
The activists are demanding the maximum penalty for those who harm innocents.Los activistas están exigiendo la pena máxima para aquellos que hacen daño a los inocentes.
1. (not guilty, naive) 
a. inocente 
innocent [ˈɪnəsnt]
1 (not guilty) inocente
to find sb innocent declarar inocente a algn; to be innocent of a crime ser inocente de un crimen; he was found innocent of murder lo declararon inocente de asesinato
2 (innocuous) [+question, remark] inocente; sin malicia; [+fun] sin malicia; [+mistake] inocente
it was just a bit of innocent fun: they didn't mean any harm it was an innocent mistake; we thought it was ours
3 (naive) inocente; ingenuo
they seemed so young and innocent parecían tan jóvenes e inocentes or ingenuos; she stood facing him with that innocent air she had estaba frente a él, con ese aire inocente que tenía
4 (devoid)
to be innocent of sth: he was innocent of any desire to harm her no tenía ningún deseo de hacerle daño; a face innocent of any trace of make-up una cara sin ningún rastro de maquillaje
a room innocent of all ornament innocent of learning she was dressed in black, innocent of all jewellery
inocente (m)
he's an innocent when it comes to women cuando se trata de mujeres es un inocente or inocentón
she had always regarded Ian as a hopeless innocent where women were concerned he's rather an innnocent when it comes to politics/business of course she knows what she's doing - she's no innocent
I'm not a total innocent no soy tan inocente; the Massacre of the Holy Innocents la masacre de los Santos Inocentes
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