how nice
1. (used to acknowledge something very pleasant) 
Did you get the chance to see your mother? How nice.¿Tuviste la oportunidad de ver a tu madre? Qué agradable.
2. (used to acknowledge someone very kind) 
She bought you this gift? How nice is she!¿Te compró este regalo? ¡Qué amable es!
3. (extent of something's pleasantness) 
Remember how nice it is to make dinner at home?¿Recuerdas lo agradable que es preparar la cena en casa?
4. (extent of someone's kindness) 
a. lo amable 
Now that Pilar's started a charity, everyone can see how nice she is.Ahora que Pilar fundó una caridad, todo el mundo puede ver lo amable que es.
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