hang around
hang around
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to wait) 
a. quedarse 
If we hang around for a while, Dustin will turn up at some point.Si nos quedamos un rato, Dustin aparecerá en algún momento.
b. esperar 
Hurry up! They won't hang around all day for us.¡Apúrate! No nos van a esperar todo el día.
2. (to be idle) 
The super is suspicious of those guys who are always hanging around in front of the building.El portero sospecha de esos tipos que siempre están holgazaneando frente al edificio.
b. merodear 
I don't want to see you hanging around here causing trouble again.No quiero volver a verte merodeando por aquí causando problemas.
3. (to spend time) 
a. andar (with a person) 
Barry's always hanging around with that nice girl who just moved.Barry siempre anda con esa linda chica que se acaba de mudar.
b. juntarse (with a person) 
My friends and I like hanging around at a local restaurant every Tuesday.A mis amigos y a mí nos gusta juntarnos en un restaurante local todos los martes.
c. frecuentar (place) 
The guys who hang around at the bar tip really well.Los muchachos que frecuentan el bar dan buenas propinas.
hang around
1 (spend time)
they always hang around together siempre van or andan juntos; to hang around with sb juntarse or andar con algn
Helen used to hang around with the boys she got angry when I started hanging around with older guys
2 (loiter) holgazanear
they were just hanging around, with nothing to do estaban holgazaneando, sin nada que hacer
3 (wait) quedarse a esperar
I'm not hanging around to find out no voy a quedarme (a esperar) para ver qué pasa; he got sick of hanging around waiting for me se hartó de andar de un lado para otro esperándome
I wouldn't hang about if I were you let's go - can't hang about
to keep sb hanging around hacer esperar a algn; tener a algn esperando
I've got better things to do than be kept hanging around by the likes of him they kept me hanging around for two hours only to tell me I wasn't needed that day
intransitive verb
the usual crowd who hung around the café el grupo de siempre que frecuentaba el café; schoolboys who hang around the streets after school colegiales que rondan por las calles después de clase
those people hanging around the streets at 6 am with nowhere to go he's always hanging around that group of lads I can't stand
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