1. (stupid) 
a. tonto 
It was foolish of him to quit his job like that.Fue tonto de su parte renunciar a su trabajo de esa manera.
b. insensato 
You took a foolish risk by trying to hike to the top of the mountain without the proper equipment.Tomaste un riesgo insensato al tratar de llegar a la cima de la montaña sin el equipo adecuado.
All the fans said it was a foolish decision to hire Gary to coach the team.Todos los aficionados dijeron que fue una decisión imprudente contratar a Gary para entrenar al equipo.
d. estúpido 
This is your foolish plan. Don't blame me when it fails.Este es tu plan estúpido, no me culpes cuando fracase.
2. (silly) 
a. tonto 
I felt foolish wearing that dress.Me sentí tonta llevando ese vestido.
b. ridículo 
I spent an hour working on my hair, and just as I was leaving the house, my sister said I looked foolish.Pasé una hora peinándome y justo cuando salía de la casa, mi hermana me dijo que estaba ridículo.
1. (stupid) 
a. tonto(a) 
2. (imprudent) 
a. absurdo(a), imprudente 
to do something foolishhacer una tontería
to make somebody look foolishdejar a alguien en ridículo
foolish [ˈfuːlɪʃ]
1 (unwise, foolhardy) [+person] insensato; [+mistake] estúpido; tonto; [+decision] imprudente
he will be remembered as a foolish man se le recordará como un insensato; don't be foolish no seas tonto
don't be foolish - of course you're not going to get food poisoning from it
I was foolish but I won't resign hice una tontería pero no voy a dimitir
It may have been a foolish decision The most foolish and insensitive statement by the Chancellor was his suggestion that "unemployment was a price worth paying' to bring inflation down It would be foolish to miss this opportunity I believe you, but it would be foolish to expect others to take the same attitude
it would be foolish to believe him sería una tontería or una estupidez creerle
Government ministers made a foolish mistake in allowing this It would be foolish to pretend nothing is wrong He knows it would be foolish to rule out change now It is foolish to risk skin cancer
don't do anything foolish no hagas ninguna tontería or insensatez
it was foolish of him to do that fue una tontería por su parte hacer eso
it would be foolish of him to resign sería una tontería que dimitiese
that was foolish of them that was very foolish (of you)
to do something foolish hacer una tontería or insensatez
She'd done something very foolish
what a foolish thing to do! ¡hacer eso fue una tontería!
phoning the police for such a minor problem was a foolish thing to do so they've been copying each other's homework? That was very foolish of them how foolish of me to suspect you
2 (ridiculous, laughable) [+person, question] estúpido; tonto
...a foolish, love-struck teenager Try not to ask foolish questions
to feel foolish sentirse ridículo; sentirse idiota
He felt foolish and changed the subject
to look foolish hacer el ridículo; quedar como un idiota (informal)
The Government is going to look foolish and faces political damage if it does not change its mind
to make sb look foolish dejar a algn en ridículo
I have a plan to make him look foolish
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