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Presentyoconjugation ofconseguir.


A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun (e.g. she).
1. (accompanying him or her; personal; third person singular)
a. with him (masculine)
¿Sabes si Pablo llevó a alguien consigo?Do you know if Pablo took anyone with him?
b. with her (feminine)
Marina se llevó a los niños consigo.Marina took the kids with her.
c. with you (impersonal)
La invitación dice que se puede llevar a un acompañante consigo a la cena.The invitation says you can take someone to the dinner with you.
A word or phrase used to refer to the second person formal “usted” by their conjugation or implied context (e.g., usted).
(accompanying you; personal; second person singular)
a. with you
¿No quiere a nadie consigo en la cita, señor Campos?Don't you want anyone with you at the appointment, Mr. Campos?
3. (in his, her, or one's possession; personal; third person singular)
a. on him (masculine)
Rafa nunca lleva dinero consigo. Paga todo con la tarjeta.Rafa never has any money on him. He pays for everything with his card.
b. on her (feminine)
Silvia no tenía identificación consigo y no la dejaron entrar al club.Silvia didn't have any ID on her and she wasn't allowed into the club.
c. on you (impersonal)
Conviene siempre llevar una botella de agua consigo cuando se viaja en el metro.It's always worth having a bottle of water on you when you ride the subway.
A word or phrase used to refer to the second person formal “usted” by their conjugation or implied context (e.g., usted).
(in your possession; personal; second person singular)
a. with you
Siempre tiene que llevar su documento de identificación consigo, señora.You always have to have your ID card with you, ma'am.
b. on you
¿Lleva su carnet de socio consigo, señor?Do you have your membership card on you, sir?
5. (accompanying them; personal; third person plural)
a. with them
Estos cambios traen muchos problemas consigo.These changes bring a lot of problems with them.
6. (in their possession; personal; third person plural)
a. with them
Los alumnos pueden llevar una calculadora consigo.Students are allowed to have a calculator with them.
b. on them
A los alumnos no se les permite tener el celular consigo durante clase.Students aren't allowed to have their cells on them during class.
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A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun (e.g. she).
1. (singular)
a. with him/her
2. (plural)
a. with them
3. (con usted)
a. with you
4. (con uno mismo)
a. with oneself
consigo mismo/mismawith himself/herself
lleva siempre el pasaporte consigoshe always carries her passport on her
hablar consigo mismoto talk to oneself
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1 (con él) with him; (con ella) with her; (con uno mismo) with you; with one; (con usted) with you; (con ellas, ellos) with them
siempre lleva consigo un paraguas he always carries an umbrella with him; siempre hay que llevar un pañuelo consigo you o (formal) one should always carry a handkerchief; ¿tienen su pasaporte consigo? do you have your passports with you?; mis hermanas no llevaban dinero consigo my sisters didn't have any money with o on them
llevar o traer algo consigo
la separación llevó o trajo consigo terribles consecuencias the separation had terrible consequences; el acuerdo llevará o traerá consigo un incremento de las ventas the agreement will result in increased sales
no tenerlas todas consigo
lo preparó todo bien y aun así no las tenía todas consigo he prepared it all well enough but he still wasn't quite sure about it
consigo mismo with himself
estaba contento consigo mismo he was pleased with himself; vive en paz consigo misma she is at peace with herself; hablaba consigo misma she was talking to herself; no puede ser amable quien no está contento consigo mismo you can't be nice to others when you are not happy with yourself; no son sinceros consigo mismos they are not being honest with themselves; son muy exigentes consigo mismos they ask a lot of themselves
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