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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to perpetrate)
a. cometer
He grew up in a rough neighborhood and committed his first crime at the age of seven.Se crió en un barrio peligroso y cometió su primer crimen a los siete años.
b. suicidarse
The hospital offers support for patients who have tried to commit suicide.El hospital ofrece apoyo para los pacientes que han intentado suicidarse.
2. (to entrust)
a. confiar
I committed my love to you and you threw it away when you left me for someone else.Te confié mi amor y lo tiraste cuando me abandonaste por otro.
3. (to put in)
a. internar (to a hospital)
Mary's husband committed her to the hospital due to her Alzheimer's disease.El esposo de Mary la internó en el hospital debido a su alzhéimer.
b. encarcelar (to prison)
The criminal was committed after the evidence was presented.El criminal fue encarcelado después de que se presentó la evidencia.
4. (to bind)
a. comprometer
You agree that this contract commits you to fulfilling its requirements.Estás aceptando que este contrato te compromete a cumplir sus requisitos.
b. comprometerse
I commit myself to upholding the laws of this country.Me comprometo a respetar las leyes de este país.
5. (legal)
a. enjuiciar
There was enough evidence to indicate that Steve may be guilty, so the magistrate committed him to trial.Había suficientes pruebas que indicaban que Steve podía ser culpable, así que el juez lo enjuició.
6. (to devote resources to)
a. asignar
The board committed the funds needed for completion of the road project.La junta asignó los fondos necesarios para llevar a cabo el proyecto vial.
7. (to refer)
a. remitir
The parliament committed the deliberation to a study group.El parlamento remitió el proyecto de ley a un grupo de estudio.
8. (to settle)
a. poner por escrito
The interested parties committed and signed the agreement.Los interesados pusieron por escrito y firmaron el acuerdo.
b. consignar
The voting results have to be committed at the end of the day.Los resultados de la votación se tienen que consignar al final del día.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
9. (to promise)
a. comprometerse
She committed to handing in the final project in two weeks.Se comprometió a entregar el proyecto final en dos semanas.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (error, crime)
a. cometer
to commit suicidesuicidarse
2. (promise)
to commit oneselfcomprometerse
to commit oneself to (doing) somethingcomprometerse a (hacer) algo
3. (entrust)
a. confiar, encomendar
to commit something to writing or paperponer algo por escrito
to commit something to memorymemorizar algo
4. (confine)
to commit somebody to prisonencarcelar a alguien
he was committedfue ingresado en un psiquiátrico
5. (law)
to commit somebody for trialenviar a alguien a un tribunal superior para ser juzgado(a)
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commit [kəˈmɪt]
transitive verb
1 [+crime, sin, error] cometer
to commit suicide suicidarse
2 (consign) [+resources] asignar; destinar; [+troops] enviar; (Parl) [+bill] remitir a una comisión
to commit sb (to mental hospital) internar a algn
to commit sth to sb's charge confiar algo a algn
to commit sth to the flames arrojar algo al fuego
to commit sth to memory aprender algo de memoria
to commit sth to paper poner algo por escrito
to commit sb to prison encarcelar a algn
to commit sb for trial remitir a algn al tribunal
to commit sth to writing poner algo por escrito
3 (pledge) comprometer
accepting this offer does not commit you to anything aceptar esta oferta no le compromete a nada; I am committed to help him me he comprometido a ayudarle; he is committed to change está dedicado a buscar una forma de cambiar; we are deeply committed to this policy creemos firmemente en esta política
to commit o.s. (to) comprometerse (a); I can't commit myself no puedo comprometerme; without committing myself sin compromiso por mi parte
intransitive verb
to commit to sb/sth comprometerse con algn/a algo
The Labour Party can't even bring itself to commit to a minimum wage of £4 per hour It wasn't that he couldn't commit, he just didn't want to commit to you
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