comida favorita
comida favorita
1. (favorite thing to eat) 
a. favorite food (United States) 
Mi comida favorita es la paella, sobre todo la que hace mi madre.My favorite food is paella, especially the one my mother makes.
b. favourite food (United Kingdom) 
¿Cuál es tu comida favorita? - Me encanta todo lo que tiene chocolate.What's your favourite food? - I love everything that has chocolate in it.
2. (favorite meal of the day) 
a. favorite meal (United States) 
Mi comida favorita es la cena, porque se reúne toda la familia.My favorite meal is dinner, because the whole family gets together.
b. favourite meal (United Kingdom) 
Juan dice que se despierta siempre con mucha hambre, y que su comida favorita es el desayuno.Juan says that he's always very hungry when he wakes up, and that his favourite meal is breakfast.
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