1. (sports) 
a. la pelota (F) 
I had to run to catch the ball.Tuve que correr para atrapar la pelota.
b. el balón (M) (soccer) 
He shot the ball at the goalkeeper.Le chutó el balón al portero.
c. la bola (F) 
The way you rack the balls depends on which game of billiards you're playing.La forma en que se colocan las bolas depende del juego de billar que estés jugando.
2. (sport) 
The children went to the park to play ball on the diamond.Los niños fueron al parque a jugar béisbol en el diamante.
3. (unsuccessful pitch) 
a. la bola (F) 
The umpire called ball four, and the batter walked to first.El árbitro declaró la bola cuatro, y el bateador caminó a primera.
4. (military) 
a. la bala (F) 
There are four black balls next to the cannon.Hay cuatro balas negras al lado del cañón.
5. (round mass) 
a. el ovillo (M) (of wool, string) 
The cat was playing with a ball of wool.El gato jugaba con un ovillo de lana.
b. la bola (F) (de nieve, masa) 
The children were having fun making balls out of paper and throwing them around the class.Los niños se estaban divirtiendo haciendo bolas de papel y tirándolas en clase.
6. (anatomy) 
a. la base (F) (of thumb) 
I jabbed a nail through the ball of my thumb when I grabbed that old board.Se me hundió un clavo en la base del pulgar cuando agarré esa vieja tabla.
The balls of my feet were sore after jumping rope for an hour.Los tercios anteriores de los pies me dolían después de saltar a la cuerda por una hora.
I use insoles that cushion the balls of my feet.Uso plantillas que me protegen los pulpejos.
7. (formal dance) 
a. el baile (M) 
The prince invited her to the ball.El príncipe la invitó al baile.
8. (good time) 
a. no direct translation 
The whole family had a ball at the fun park.Toda la familia se divirtió en el parque de diversiones.
We had a ball last weekend with our cousins at the lake.Lo pasamos en grande el fin de semana pasado con nuestros primos en el lago.
transitive verb
9. (vulgar) (to have sex with) (United States) 
a. cogerse a (vulgar) (Latin America) 
A couple summers ago I balled a girl at a beach party - we were both gone on tequila.Hace un par de veranos me cogí a una flaca en una fiesta en la playa: estábamos los dos pasados de tequila.
b. echarse un polvo con (vulgar) 
I wouldn't mind balling his sister!¡No me importaría echarme un polvo con su hermana!
c. follarse a (vulgar) (Spain) 
And that was the first time he ever balled a chick too!¡Y esa fue la primera vez que se folló a una tía!
intransitive verb
10. (colloquial) (to play basketball) (United States) 
I went to ball on my birthday and made a three point shot.Fui a jugar al baloncesto en mi cumpleaños y anoté un tiro de tres puntos.
b. jugar al básquetbol (Latin America) 
I went to ball on the army base with my buddies and felt like I was at an NBA tryout.Fui a jugar al básquetbol en la base del ejército con mis compadres y me sentí como si estuviera en una prueba de la NBA.
plural noun
11. (vulgar) (testicles) 
a. las pelotas (F) (vulgar) 
His brother kicked him in the balls when they were playing.Su hermano le dio una patada en las pelotas cuando estaban jugando.
b. los huevos (M) (vulgar) 
Mind my balls when you shoot!¡No me tires a los huevos!
c. los cojones (M) (vulgar) 
Ouch! That hit my balls!¡Uy! ¡Me dio en los cojones!
12. (vulgar) (courage) 
a. los huevos (M) (vulgar) 
Man, you have balls the size of the Empire State building!¡Vaya! ¡Tienes unos huevos del tamaño del Empire State!
b. los cojones (M) (vulgar) 
There's no denying that you have to have balls to do such a dangerous job.No se puede negar que hay que tener cojones para trabajar en algo tan peligroso.
13. (vulgar) (used to express annoyance or disapproval) 
a. mierda (vulgar) 
Balls! I left my cell phone at the restaurant.¡Mierda! Dejé mi celular en el restaurante.
b. huevadas (vulgar) (South America) 
That's just balls!¡Son solo huevadas!
1. (party) 
a. el baile (M) 
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to have a ballpasárselo en grande
ball dress or gowntraje de fiesta
ball [bɔːl]
1 (Tennis) (Cricket) (Golf) etc pelota (f); (Ftbl) balón (m); (sphere) bola (f)
to play ball (with sb) jugar a la pelota (con algn); cooperar (con algn); to roll (o.s.) up into a ball hacerse un ovillo; the ball is with you or in your court te corresponde a ti dar el siguiente paso; that's the way the ball bounces (US) así es la vida; así son las cosas; the whole ball of wax (US) toda la historia (informal)
Perry wanted it all, the whole ball of wax. He wanted the Society for himself Let's just say that without you and him there's nothing at all. You two are the whole ball of wax. And your uncle sure as hell knows that
to be behind the eight ball (US) estar en apuros
to be on the ball estar al tanto; ser muy despabilado
you have to be on the ball for this para esto hay que estar al tanto
to have a lot on the ball (US) tener mucho talento
to keep one's eye on the ball no perder de vista lo principal
to start/keep the ball rolling poner/mantener la cosa en marcha
to be a ball of fire
he's a real ball of fire es muy dinámico; he's not exactly a ball of fire no es que sea muy dinámico que digamos
to keep several balls in the air hacer varias cosas al mismo tiempo
The detective has to discover the motive, the means and the opportunity and has to keep these three balls in the air ...overworked mothers trying to juggle ten balls in the air
to pick up or take the ball and run with it tomar el testigo e intentarlo
In a couple of months all our efforts will be forgotten unless other people pick up the ball and run with it While the American manufacturers have been slow to react, such is the importance of the Californian market to the Japanese that they have picked up the ball and run with it As an actor you have no choice but to pick up the ball and run with it
2 (Mil) bala (f)
ball and chain grillete (m) con bola; atadura (f)
Some teenagers see virginity as a `ball and chain of innocence" they want to cast off as quickly as possible Our national debt is an economic ball and chain dragging us down, keeping longer term interset rates high He spent a whole lifetime on a god-forsaken dump of a farm out in the desert, afraid to move for fear that someone would discover his hidey-hole. Talk about a ball and chain! Scared to mention it, scared to make a move to sell it... who describe their wife as a ball and chain
3 [of wool] ovillo (m)
4 (Anat) [of foot] pulpejo (m); [of thumb] base (f)
He picked up his gun and rubbed circles with the ball of his thumb across the oiled stock
5 (testicle) cojón (vulgar) (m); huevo (vulgar) (m)
to break or bust sb's balls joder la existencia a algn (vulgar)
6 balls (Britain) (nonsense) pavadas (informal) (f); huevadas (f) (vulgar); (And) (Chile) (courage) cojones (vulgar) (m); pelotas (vulgar) (f)
To work on this show you've got to have balls I never had the balls to do anything like this You learned that the guy who writes the ads for the bank isn't the guy who loans the money. They break your balls Men prefer a little eye-flutterer even if she is breaking their balls behind the scenes
transitive verb
1 (also ball up) [+handkerchief etc] hacer una bola con
He picked up the sheets of paper and balled them tightly in his fist I picked up the balled socks She balled the handkerchief up and threw it at his feet
2 especially (US) (have sex with) echarse un polvo con (vulgar); tirarse (vulgar)
Not only are you balling every woman in Kentucky, but you bring them home with you Were you balling this woman?
intransitive verb
1 (also ball up) [+fist etc] hacerse una bola
His hands balled into fists Brian's face balled up like a fist
2 especially (US) (have sex) echarse un polvo (vulgar); follar (vulgar); (Esp) chingar (vulgar); (Méx)
He boasted that he'd been balling all night and slept through his alarm call There's nothing like balling when you're in outer space
ball and socket joint (n) junta (f) articulada
ball bearing (n) cojinete (m) de bolas; balero (m); (Méx) rulemán (m); (S. Cone)
ball boy (n) (Tennis) recogedor (m) de pelotas
ball control (n) (Ftbl) dominio (m) del balón
The Brazilians are renowned for their ball control
ball game (n) (US) partido (m) de béisbol
this is a different ball game esto es otro cantar (informal); esto es algo muy distinto; it's a whole new ball game las cosas han cambiado totalmente
note See culture box in entry baseball.
ball girl (n) (Tennis) recogedora (f) de pelotas
ball joint (n) junta (f) articulada
ball lightning (n) (Metal) relámpago (m) en bola or en globo
Many UFO sightings are thought to be explained by ball lightning ...strange energy discharges such as halos and ball lightning
ball [bɔːl]
1 (dance) baile (m) de etiqueta
2 (good time)
we had a ball lo pasamos en grande (informal)
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