1. (anxious) 
I'm worried; my boyfriend hasn't answered any of my calls.Estoy preocupada; mi novio no ha contestado ninguna de mis llamadas.
1. (general) 
a. preocupado(a) 
to be worried (about)estar preocupado(a; por)
worried [ˈwʌrɪd]
1 (anxious) [+person] preocupado; [+look] de preocupación
to be worried estar preocupado; to be worried about sth estar preocupado por algo
I could see he was worried If you're worried, ring the police
if I'm late he gets worried si llego tarde se preocupa
I was getting worried estaba empezando a preocuparme
you had me worried me tenías preocupado
Oh good, you had me worried for a moment
to be worried sick or to death (about sth) estar preocupadísimo or muy preocupado (por algo)
Where on earth have you been? I've been worried sick She's worried sick about losing her job
he was worried that she would report him to the police tenía miedo de que ella lo delatase a la policía
to be worried that ... People are worried that they won't see a return on their investment
2 (bothered)
I'm not worried me da igual (informal); me tiene sin cuidado
Do you want it now or later? - I'm not worried either way
I'm not worried either way me da igual una cosa que otra (informal)
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