1. (grateful) 
I'm thankful for your help.Estoy agradecido por su ayuda.
We are so thankful for your contribution to our organization.Estamos muy agradecidas por su contribución a nuestra fundación.
1. (general) 
a. agradecido(a) 
to be thankful that…dar gracias de que…
thankful [ˈθæŋkfʊl]
to be thankful for sth estar agradecido por algo; I've got so much to be thankful for tengo tantas cosas por las que estar agradecido
He is thankful for the survival of the official archives
let's be thankful that it's over demos gracias que haya terminado
I will always be thankful to you for your support
she was thankful to be alive daba gracias por estar viva
he was thankful to have escaped Ralph walked in the rear, thankful to have escaped responsibility for a time They're thankful to be living in the relative safety of the United States
to be thankful for small mercies dar gracias por que la cosa no sea peor
But we must be thankful for some mercies. If the government had been forced to put up interest rates, recession would have turned into depression Perhaps he should be thankful for small mercies. At least he did not have to play against Connors Be thankful for small mercies, Joanna!
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