transitive verb
1. (to refuse) 
a. rechazar 
He rejected the job offer.Él rechazó la oferta de trabajo.
2. (to exclude) 
a. rechazar 
Her classmates reject her because she dresses differently.Sus compañeras de clase la rechazan porque se viste diferente.
3. (medicine) 
a. rechazar 
Let's hope his body doesn't reject the transplanted kidney.Esperemos que su cuerpo no rechace el riñón transplantado.
4. (person) 
He's the class reject.Es el rechazado del salón.
b. el marginado (M)la marginada (F) (socially) 
She felt like a reject at school.Se sentía como una marginada en la escuela.
c. el descarte (M) (in selection process) 
Some of the NBA's rejects end up playing in China.Algunos de los descartes de la NBA acaban jugando en China.
5. (product) 
These are the rejects. We need to get rid of them.Estos son desechos. Necesitamos deshacernos de ellos.
The factory is trying to produce less rejects each year.La fábrica está tratando de sacar menos productos defectuosos cada año.
1. (object) 
a. el artículo con tara or defectuoso (M) 
2. (colloquial) 
a. el inútil mf, inepto(a) (M)la inútil mf, inepto(a) (F) (person) 
transitive verb
3. (general) 
a. rechazar 
to feel rejectedsentirse rechazado(a)
reject [rɪˈdʒekt]
transitive verb
1 (refuse, turn down) [+application] (for job) rechazar; (for asylum, citizenship) denegar; rechazar; [+candidate, offer, manuscript, sb's advances] rechazar; [+bad coin, damaged goods] rechazar; no aceptar; [+plea] ignorar; hacer caso omiso de
the Labour Party rejected offers to discuss the reform of the House of Lords I've lost count of the number of manuscripts I had rejected before my first book was published it was distressing to have one's books rejected by publishers who had hitherto been enthusiastic his pleas for clemency were rejected and he was finally executed yesterday her father rejected all her pleas and refused to allow her to go we'll have to reject these - they've got little cracks in them the phone-box often jammed, or rejected perfectly good coins she sent out dozens of job applications but they were all rejected the court rejected his application for political asylum not all rejected loan applications are evidence of tight credit they rejected my mortgage application the House of Commons rejected a demand by the opposition for an independent inquiry I wanted go to Birmingham University, but they rejected me one of my most able students was rejected by another university You must learn to leave them their dignity, even when you reject their advances after the postman rejected her advances, she bombarded him with obscene phone calls when he tried to reject these sexual advances, she would often respond by threatening him nurses aretaught in their training how to reject sexual advances from patients
2 (dismiss) [+suggestion, possibility, solution] descartar; rechazar; [+motion, plan, proposal] rechazar; [+argument] rechazar; no aceptar; [+accusation] negar
the proposal was rejected by a narrow margin la propuesta fue rechazada por un escaso margen; she rejected accusations that ... negó las acusaciones de que ...
the BBC rejects any suggestion that it is encouraging children to smoke he rejected the possibility that Parliament would reconsider the issue the British government is expected to reject the idea of state subsidy for a new high speed railway conference rejected the motion by a massive majority the amendment was rejected by 207 votes to 143 the Khmer rouge will reject the peace plan Democrats rejected a plan to cut more than a billion dollars from California schools the children of Eastern European immigrants who had rejected their parents' political and religious beliefs atheists totally reject the concept of a God the book firmly rejects the view that pornography exploits women he supports the president's policy and rejects the argument that the Haitian exodus is politically motivated they raised constitutional and procedural concerns but the judge rejected their arguments she rejected accusations that she had attempted to bribe officials the President rejected claims that he had affairs with six women the Israeli government has rejected criticism of its human rights record
3 (disown) [+person] rechazar
his mother had rejected him ever since he was a baby people who have been rejected by their lovers he was afraid she would reject him because he was a foreigner at the court of James I, he wooed and was rejected by a Russian princess most children go through a phase of criticising and rejecting their parents
to feel rejected (emotionally) sentirse rechazado; (socially) sentirse marginado; sentirse rechazado
the unemployed feel rejected and indeed their talents are being wasted after the divorce he felt rejected by his father
4 (Med) [+food, tissue, new organ] [+body] rechazar
he hadn't eaten for so long that his stomach rejected every food he tried to eat it was feared his body was rejecting a kidney he received in a transplant four years ago white blood-cells, the parts of the immune system which recognise and reject foreign tissue
1 (person)
society's rejects los marginados de la sociedad
it makes her feel like a loser, a reject of society
2 (unwanted thing) desecho (m)
she sorted through the photographs, placing the rejects in a separate pile from the rejects of garden centres one man has created a plant sanctuary in an urban wasteland
3 (Comm) (product) artículo (m) defectuoso
(Comm) (Ind) [+goods] defectuoso
they were selling off reject pottery at knockdown prices reject goods are sometimes sold at specially reduced prices
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