1. (woman) 
I talked to an old lady at the library.Hablé con una señora mayor en la biblioteca.
b. la dama (F) (formal) 
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our show.Damas y caballeros, bienvenidos a nuestro espectáculo.
2. (refined woman) 
a. la dama (F) 
My grandmother was a real lady.Mi abuela era una auténtica dama.
3. (noblewoman) 
a. la lady (F) 
Lady Ascot will come for tea at five.Lady Ascot vendrá a tomar el té de las cinco.
1. (woman) 
a. la señora (F) 
2. (in literature, of high status) 
a. la dama (F) 
a young ladyuna señorita
an old ladyuna señora mayor
ladies and gentlemen!¡señoras y señores!
he's a ladies' manes un mujeriego
the lady of the housela señora de la casa
the ladies' roomel baño or
lady friendquerida f, amiga f
Our LadyNuestra Señora
3. (title) 
a. no direct translation 
Lady BrowneLady Browne
Lady Luckla diosa Fortuna
4. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
she's acting like Lady Muckse porta como una señoritinga
lady [ˈleɪdɪ]
1 (woman) señora (f); dama (f) (formal)
ladies' clothing ropa (f) de señora; ladies' hairdresser peluqueroapeluquera (m) (f) de señoras;a peluquera ladies first las damas or las señoras primero; ladies and gentlemen! ¡señoras y señores!; ¡damas y caballeros!
there's a lady to see you a lady at the bus stop had lost her purse the lady at the desk The lady at the library said it was a good book shall we join the ladies? your table is ready, ladies a cream-coloured lady's shoe we sell ladies' clothing 25 per cent off ladies' fashion wear
ladies only solo para Señoras
cleaning lady mujer (f) or señora (f) de la limpieza
First Lady Primera Dama (f)
America's First Lady stood on the sweeping staircase of the White House the first lady of song, Ella Fitzgerald goodbye, dear lady
the lady of the house la señora de la casa
leading lady (Teat) primera actriz (f); (Cine) protagonista (f)
I'm not used to being a lady of leisure no estoy acostumbrada a la vida ociosa
he's a ladies' man es un donjuán
Mr Spencer was a great ladies' man. He had quite a reputation as a ladies' man
an old lady una señora mayor
a little old lady una viejecita
she's a very sweet old lady
this is the young lady who served me esta es la señorita or la joven que me sirvió
now listen here, young lady! ¡escúchame, jovencita!
2 (educated woman, noblewoman) dama (f)
I am not a lady, and never will be
she's no lady no es lo que se dice una dama
many of the farmers' wives were trying to be ladies a lady never crosses her legs
she's a real lady es toda una dama
...the Empress and ladies of the Imperial Palace I rode in her carriage like a lady Our governess was told to make sure we knew how to talk like English ladies D H Lawrence's most famous book is about a gamekeeper and a lady [lords] and ladies /The lords and ladies/ are all gathered at the palace
society lady dama (f) de la alta sociedad
...the most talked-about society lady in Japan
3 (in titles)
Lady Jane Grey Lady Jane Grey
I talked to his wife (Lady Clarissa, the daughter of Lord Elasson). ... Sir Iain and Lady Noble
she liked to play Lady Bountiful le gustaba hacerse la rumbosa
I stood there like Lady Bountiful, thinking how nice to see everyone getting free fruit and veg But throughout her days as Lady Bountiful, Mary's high life was based on a lie and paid for from the hospital's charity funds
she thinks she's Lady Muck! ¡se cree toda una duquesa!
who does she think she is? Lady [Muck]? her father gave her a new car for her birthday. She drove around like Lady Muck. We were all jealous of her, but then we realised she was just a spoiled little girl
4 (US) (as form of address) señora (f)
what seems to be the trouble, lady? ¿qué ocurre, señora?
As she left the litter-strewn lot, an angry voice called out to her. "Hey, lady!"
5 (wife) señora (f); esposa (f)
Neither I nor my lady found it offensive the minister and his lady
your good lady su esposa; su señora
my lady wife mi señora esposa
I won't tell /my lady wife/ what you said ... Santiago's good lady wife, Jemima
6 (Rel)
Our Lady Nuestra Señora
the ladies (lavatory) el servicio (de señoras); el baño (de señoras); (LAm)
At Temple station, Charlotte rushed into the Ladies
Ladies Señoras; Damas
ladies' room (n) servicio (m) de señoras; baño (m) de señoras; (LAm)
can you tell me where the ladies' room is?
Lady Chapel (n) (Rel) capilla (f) de la Virgen
Lady Day (n) (Britain) día (m) de la Anunciación 25 de marzo; (25 de marzo)
lady doctor (n) doctora (f); médico (f)
lady friend (n) amiga (f)
lady mayoress (n) alcaldesa (f)
the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress Your Worship, my Lady Mayoress, Companions and Friends
lady's fingers (n) (Bot) (with sing or pl vb) quingombó (m)
lady's maid (n) doncella (f)
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