cuándo sales
cuándo sales
1. (informal) (used to refer to the departure from an institution; singular) 
En cuanto sepamos cuándo sales del hospital, podemos contratar a una enfermera para que venga a casa.As soon as we know when you're leaving hospital, we can hire a nurse to come to the house.
Si me dices cuándo sales, iré a esperarte a la puerta de la cárcel.If you tell me when you'll be released, I'll be waiting for you by the prison gate.
c. when you'll be discharged (from hospital) 
Todavía no sabes cuándo sales del hospital, ¿verdad? - No, me lo dirá hoy el médico.You still don't know when you'll be discharged from hospital, do you? - No, the doctor will tell me today.
2. (informal) (used to refer to the departure on a trip; singular) 
¿Sabes cuándo sales hacia la cumbre? - Sí, mañana, si se cumplen las previsiones meteorológicas.Do you know when you'll be leaving for the summit? - Yes, tomorrow, if the weather forecast turns out to be correct.
3. (informal) (used to refer to activities outside the house; singular) 
Si estudias 18 horas al día, como él, me pregunto cuándo sales; si es que sales, porque también tendrás que dormir.If you study 18 hours a day, like he does, I wonder when you go out; if at all, because you'll have to sleep as well.
Si eres un ama de casa con cuatro niños, dime tú a mí cuándo sales.If you're a housewife with four children, just tell me when you get a chance to go out.
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