1. (pérdida de algo de valor) 
a. la pérdida (F) (tiempo) 
It was a waste of time.Fue una pérdida de tiempo.
b. el derroche (M) (dinero) 
The party for those ingrates was a waste of money.La fiesta para esos ingratos fue un derroche de dinero.
2. (no aprovechado) 
Having to work as a messenger is a waste of my talent.Es un desperdicio de mi talento tener que trabajar como mensajero.
3. (sobras no deseadas) 
The butcher sweeps up more than a kilo of waste per day.La carnicería junta más de un kilo de desperdicios del piso cada día.
Take the kitchen waste out, please.Saca los desechos de la cocina, por favor.
They hired a service to remove the company's toxic waste.Contrataron un servicio para remover los residuos tóxicos de la empresa.
verbo transitivo
4. (despilfarrar algo valioso) 
a. malgastar 
He wasted his money on that car because it's a wreck.Malgastó su dinero en ese carro porque es un cacharro.
b. derrochar 
She wasted her inheritance on designer clothes and expensive dinners.Derrochó su herencia en ropa de diseñador y cenas caras.
You wasted my time by arriving so late.Desperdiciaste mi tiempo al llegar tan tarde.
He wasted all his money on lottery tickets.Despilfarró todo su dinero en boletos de lotería.
5. (no aprovechar una oportunidad) 
The architect wasted space in his design of the bathroom.El arquitecto desaprovechó espacio en su diseño del baño.
6. (coloquial) (matar) 
a. liquidar (coloquial) 
The kingpin wasted his enemies.El capo liquidó a sus enemigos.
b. cargarse (coloquial) 
They wasted the terrorist who opened fire in the airport.Se cargaron al terrorista que abrió fuego en el aeropuerto.
7. (residuo) 
a. sobrante 
The factory produces a ton of waste metal per month.La fábrica produce una tonelada de sobrantes de metal por mes.
b. residuo 
The waste heat from the water heater helps to heat the house.El calor de residuo del calentón de agua ayuda a calentar la casa.
1. (of money, time) 
a. el pérdida f, derroche (M) 
2. (of effort) 
a. el desperdicio (M) 
to go to wastedesperdiciarse
3. (rubbish) 
a. el desechos (M) 
4. (radioactive, toxic) 
a. el residuos (M) 
household wastebasura f
waste binbalde or
waste disposal unittrituradora de basuras
waste pipetubo de desagüe
wasteserial m, desierto m
5. (heat, water) 
a. residual 
6. (fuel) 
a. de desecho 
verbo transitivo
7. (squander; money, energy) 
a. malgastar, derrochar 
8. (time) 
a. perder 
9. (opportunity, food) 
a. desperdiciar 
she wasted no time (in) telling mele faltó tiempo para decírmelo
10. (prov) 
a. sin traducción directa 
waste not, want notno malgastes y nada te faltará
waste [weɪst]
1 (misuse) desperdicio (m); derroche (m)
I hate waste odio el desperdicio or el derroche
He hates waste and is rarely prepared to throw anything away He couldn't bear waste Much as she hates waste, she does not finish her drink what a waste of a brilliant man!
what a waste! ¡qué desperdicio or derroche!; her death is a terrible waste su muerte es una terrible pérdida
there's a lot of waste in this firm
there was no waste on that meat esa carne no tenía desperdicio
dangerous or drunk-driving has resulted in the tragic waste of another human life so many lives lost - what a waste!
an effort to locate and eliminate government waste una campaña para identificar y eliminar las áreas de ineficacia en el gobierno; to go to waste echarse a perder; desperdiciarse; it's a waste of money es dinero perdido; es tirar or derrochar el dinero; it's a waste of time es una pérdida de tiempo; it's a waste of effort es un esfuerzo inútil; that man's a waste of space! ¡ese hombre es un inútil! (informal)
I hate to see all that food go to waste all his hard work will go to waste so much of his enormous effort and talent will go to waste if we are forced to drop one hour of the film
2 (rubbish) basura (f); desperdicios (m); (waste material, substance) desechos (m); residuos (m)
they dumped tons of radioactive waste into the Arctic Ocean companies were found illegally transporting hazardous wastes up to 10 million tonnes of toxic wastes are produced every year in the UK
household waste basura (f) doméstica
paper makes up one third of all household waste tiger worms, which can eat their own weight in 24 hours, are being given away by Sutton Council to cut /the amount of kitchen waste in dustbins/
human waste excrementos (m)
the campsite was littered with empty cans, plastic food wrappings, human waste the process of eliminating body waste
nuclear waste desechos (m) or residuos (m) nucleares
a proposed nuclear waste dump Greenpeace calls this area the worst nuclear waste dump in the world
toxic waste desechos (m) or residuos (m) tóxicos
companies were found illegally transporting hazardous wastes up to 10 million tonnes of toxic wastes are produced every year in the UK
3 (leftover material) material (m) sobrante
keep any waste - it might come in useful at a later date
4 wastes
the barren wastes of the Sahara las áridas y baldías inmensidades del Sáhara
the wastes of the Antarctic lost in the wastes of Siberia
verbo transitivo
1 (use inefficiently, squander) [+water, electricity, gas] derrochar; [+money] malgastar; derrochar; [+time] perder; [+life] echar a perder; [+space, opportunity] desaprovechar; desperdiciar; [+food] desperdiciar; echar a perder; [+talent] desaprovechar
the system wastes a large amount of water we've got very little water left so we must be careful not to waste it people waste a lot of water how electricity could be transmitted without wasting any energy try not to waste electricity; switch off lights if you're not going to be in the room he told us not to waste petrol going to see him people who waste money on/buying status symbols his assertion that people who spend cash on pets are wasting thousands of pounds" which could go to help the homeless and needy we wasted a lot of money on fruitless research she's always wasting money on ornaments people who buy bottled water for better quality are often wasting their money, according to a report I know you're a busy man and I don't want to waste your time
I wasted a whole day on that journey perdí un día entero haciendo ese viaje; don't waste your time trying to persuade her no pierdas el tiempo intentando persuadirla
I don't like wasting my time doing nothing
to waste no time in doing sth no tardar en hacer algo
they wasted no time in evacuating the building you didn't waste much time getting here you're wasting your time talking to him to think that I've wasted years of my life you're just wasting your life! /when I think how I wasted my life/, simply threw it away! large, heavy furniture wastes space the tabloids do not waste much of their space on pure business coverage all that space under the stairs is wasted you waste so much food. I'm always throwing away mouldy vegetables that you haven't eaten you wasted a golden opportunity to get across your ideas they believe we are wasting a historic opportunity to sue for peace don't let's waste an opportunity to see the children we feel that your talents are being wasted in this department
don't waste your efforts on him no derroches tus esfuerzos or energías con él; all my efforts were wasted todos mis esfuerzos fueron inútiles; sarcasm is wasted on him con él el sarcasmo es inútil; caviar is wasted on him no sabe apreciar el caviar; nothing is wasted no se desperdicia nada; no se echa a perder nada
I don't know why I'm wasting my breath!
you're wasting your breath! ¡estás gastando saliva!
2 (weaken) [+muscles] atrofiar
cancer was wasting his body el cáncer lo estaba consumiendo or debilitando
the prolonged period of forced immobility had wasted his muscles
3 (US) (kill) cargarse (informal); liquidar (informal)
just waste him - he's a liability
verbo intransitivo
waste not, want not quien no malgasta no pasa necesidades
1 (for disposal) [+material] de desecho; [+gas, oil] residual
a law banning the dumping of waste oil in landfills the whole idea of sorting waste plastic into different categories the plant reprocesses waste paper into paper pulp the body's waste products all the bits of waste metal were kept and melted down for future use the body's ability to eliminate waste liquids rivers are often contaminated with gallons of saline waste water from mines carbon dioxide, the waste gas, passes from tissues into the blood Gas fires require adequate ventilation, to enhance their burning efficiency and to dilute waste gases
2 (leftover) [+paper, fabric] sobrante; [+heat] residual
a system for recovering waste heat from factory chimneys Both the mill and the recycling plant get their energy from a gas-powered heat-and-power plant which harnesses steam from waste heat to run a turbine waste heat recovery plants
3 (unused) [+ground] baldío; yermo
the plant can be found on banks and hedgerows in waste places throughout Britain
to lay waste [+country, area, town] devastar; asolar
the war has laid waste large regions of the countryside cities laid waste by the decline of traditional industries
to lay waste to sth devastar algo; asolar algo
his troops were laying waste to the countryside 1979, when strikes laid waste to the country mil novecientos setenta y nueve, cuando las huelgas devastaron asolaron el país the first atom bomb in history had laid waste to Hiroshima
waste disposal (n) (industrial) eliminación (f) de los desechos or residuos; [of household waste] eliminación (f) de la basura doméstica; (device)
waste disposal unit See culture box in entry waste.
a safe toxic waste disposal site waste disposal costs soon may go even higher a waste disposal company
waste disposal unit (n) triturador (m) de basura
the sink comes fitted with a waste disposal unit
waste heat (n) calor (m) residual
waste [ground] [land] his body was discovered on waste land next to Birmingham Football Club several boys were playing football on the waste ground beyond the broken fence there was a patch of waste land behind the church yarrow can be found growing wild in fields and on waste ground
waste management (n) tratamiento (m) de desechos; tratamiento (m) de residuos
laws to regulate waste management Dennis Eckert from Ohio has introduced an oil waste management bill
waste material (n) material (m) de desecho
recycling of waste material the potential in harnessing biological and waste material for all forms of energy is extremely large piles of rock or other waste material in a quarry
waste matter (n) (industrial) residuos (m); (from body) excrementos (m)
the elimination of waste matter from the body the injury was severe, rupturing the intestines, allowing waste matter to poison the abdomen micro-organisms gradually break down the waste matter and convert it into the soil-like humus
waste paper (n) papel (m) de desecho
keep your waste paper to be recycled
waste pipe (n) tubería (f) de desagüe
the waste pipe of an enormous factory started vomiting out a dark purplish liquid bathroom tiles intersected by the scars of waste pipes
waste products (n) (industrial) residuos (m); (from body) excrementos (m)
waste water (n) aguas (f) residuales
envirex supplies plants for treating waste water and industrial effluent the emptying valve was open and the waste water was gushing out on to the concrete floor children play in streams of waste water which are filled with deadly mercury the group had invested Pounds 185m in improving waste water treatment and drinking water distribution
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