1. (precio) 
a. el valor (M) 
The value of the house will only increase due to its location.El valor de la casa no hará más que aumentar debido a su ubicación.
2. (finanzas) 
a. el valor (M) 
Between January and April, the value of the dollar increased by 15% against the value of the euro.Entre enero y abril, el valor del dólar aumentó un 15% frente al valor del euro.
3. (importancia) 
a. el valor (M) 
That necklace has great sentimental value to me because my grandmother gave it to me.Ese collar tiene un gran valor sentimental para mí porque me lo regaló mi abuela.
4. (mérito) 
a. el valor (M) 
Such gestures only have value if they are made out of principle and not out of interest.Gestos así solo tienen valor si se hacen por principios y no por interés.
verbo transitivo
5. (estimar) 
a. valorar 
What do you value most in a friend?¿Qué es lo que más valoras en un amigo?
b. apreciar 
I value the time that we spend together.Aprecio el tiempo que pasamos juntos.
6. (contabilizar) 
a. evaluar 
They will value all antiques at the pawn shop.Evaluarán todas las antigüedades en la casa de empeño.
b. tasar 
Before selling the house, an appraiser valued it.Antes de vender la casa, un tasador la tasó.
c. valuar (Latinoamérica) 
The dealership valued the used car at $5,000.El concesionario valuó el coche usado en $5,000.
sustantivo plural
7. (principios) 
She's a good girl with a strong set of values.Es una buena chica con muy sólidos valores.
1. (worth) 
a. el valor (M) 
to be of valuetener valor
of great/little valuemuy/poco valioso(a)
of no valuesin valor
to be good/poor value (for money)tener buena/mala relación calidad-precio
to set a value on somethingponer precio a algo
to the value of…hasta un valor de…
to make a value judgmenthacer un juicio de valor
2. (principle) 
a. sin traducción directa 
valuesvalores mpl
verbo transitivo
3. (evaluate) 
a. valorar, tasar 
to get something valuedpedir una valoración de algo
4. (appreciate) 
a. apreciar 
value [ˈvæljuː]
1 (monetary) valor (m)
a brooch which is of no value
property/land values valores (m) de propiedad/tierras
Property values are expected to fall We'll see a depression in land values collapsing real-estate values
it's good value sale a cuenta; está bien de precio
Spanish wines are still the best value los vinos españoles todavía son los que más salen a cuenta or los que mejor están de precio
the large packet is the best value the restaurant is extremely good value (for money) to get good value for money you got (really) good value there
to go down or decrease in value bajar de valor; depreciarse
Italy's currency went down in value if your property has fallen in value and is now worth less than the mortgage Coffee has fallen in value by more than 30 % since the start of this month,
to go up or increase in value subir de valor; revalorizarse; a rise/drop in the value of the pound una subida/bajada del valor de la libra
market value valor (m) en el mercado
the company offers good service and value for money la compañía ofrece un buen servicio a buen precio
to [put] a value on sth you can't put set a value on a child's life
it might contain something of value puede que contenga algo de valor
to [set] a value on sth
you can't put or set a value on it no se le puede poner precio
surplus value plusvalía (f)
goods to the value of £100 bienes por valor de 100 libras
order goods to the value of £20 and receive a free gift
2 (merit) valor (m)
everyone realizes the value of sincerity the value of the individual further studies will be needed to see if these therapies have any value the value of this work experience should not be underestimated
literary/artistic/scientific value valor (m) literario/artístico/científico; his visit to the country will have huge symbolic value su visita al país tendrá un gran valor simbólico
a work which has no serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value most alcoholic beverages have very little nutritional value when a meal is not properly balanced some part of its nutritive value is lost buildings considered to be of too much historic and aesthetic value to be allowed to suffer any restoration
to attach a great deal of value to sth conceder gran valor or importancia a algo; valorar mucho algo
to attach no value to sth no dar importancia a algo; no valorar algo
something of value algo valioso or de valor
people have to work at it if they are to succeed in building something of value in their marriage
to be of value (to sb) ser útil or de utilidad (para algn); servir (a algn)
such a centre would be of value to schoolchildren, newcomers and visitors I am assuming some background information might be of value to you once he had ceased to be of value to them in Paris he was treated with great neglect and contempt it is a Chinese herb with antispasmodic properties of value to hay fever and asthma sufferers to be of little/great value to sb the experience has been of great value to her
strategically, the city was of little value to the British desde el punto de vista estratégico, la ciudad era de poca utilidad or tenía poco valor para los británicos
this chapter will be of great value to you
her education has been of no value to her su educación no le ha servido de or para nada
this will be of immense value to astronomers who want to study stars in other galaxies Whilst obviously of great value to dancers, actors and athletes, this exercise programme is also very useful to people with back problems
to put or place or set a high value on sth valorar mucho algo
Ronnie puts a high value on his appearance think about whether setting a high value on slimness is really worth all the misery
sentimental value valor (m) sentimental
if you repeat something too many times it loses its novelty value
3 (moral) values valores (m) (morales)
family values valores (m) de familia
4 (Mat) (Mús) (Gram) valor (m)
what is the value of x when y is 5? ¿qué valor tiene x cuando y es igual a 5?
a value of ten parts per million (ppm) is quoted as being a safe limit for sulphur dioxide pollution
verbo transitivo
1 (estimate worth of) [+property, jewellery, painting] valorar; tasar
to value sth at £200 valorar or tasar algo en 200 libras
the bracelet was valued at £3000 the house was valued at £80,000 it is valued at £8 the lender will send a surveyor to value the property to [have] sth valued
I had to have my jewellery valued for insurance purposes tuve que valorar or tasar mis joyas para poder asegurarlas
he had it valued
2 (appreciate) [+health, life, independence,] valorar; [+sb's work, opinion, friendship] valorar; apreciar
he doesn't value his life if you value your health, you'll eat properly I left my job because my work wasn't valued if we value our children's future, we cannot afford to skimp on their education we value our privacy of course I value your work we value your opinion I'd value your opinion I really value her friendship he is valued highly in the church for his wisdom How would you like to be valued solely for your appearance? Truffles are valued for their unmistakable aroma and flavour
value judgment (n) juicio (m) de valor
There are as many ways of drawing as there are attitudes and therefore you can only make a value judgement about a drawing in relation to the artist's attitude to the subject
value system (n) sistema (m) de valores; escala (f) de valores
central to such a value system must be a belief in a common humanity
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