verbo transitivo
1. (probar a hacer; usado frecuentemente con "to") 
a. intentar 
Try to park in that spot.Intenta aparcar en ese hueco.
b. tratar de 
I'll try to talk to her this afternoon.Trataré de hablarle esta tarde.
2. (experimentar) 
a. probar 
I would love to try your famous tomato soup one of these days.Me encantaría probar tu famosa sopa de tomate un día de estos.
3. (jurídico) 
a. juzgar 
He should not be tried for murder.No debería ser juzgado por asesinato.
4. (probar a abrir) 
He tried the door, and found it unlocked.Intentó abrir la puerta y la encontró cerrada con llave.
5. (consultar) 
a. sin traducción directa 
I tried the tourist office, but they couldn't help.Pregunté en la oficina de turismo, pero no pudieron ayudarme.
If I have to try all the shops in this city to find the perfect gift, I will.Si tengo que recorrer todas las tiendas de esta ciudad para encontrar el regalo perfecto, que así sea.
6. (someter a prueba) 
Why don't we try him, and see how he does at the job?¿Por qué no lo ponemos a prueba para ver cómo se le da el trabajo?
verbo intransitivo
7. (hacer un intento) 
Though our goals are hard to achieve, we must never stop trying.Aunque nuestras metas sean difíciles de alcanzar, nunca debemos dejar de esforzarnos.
8. (tentativa) 
After several tries, I gave up.Tras varios intentos, abandoné.
9. (deporte) 
a. el ensayo (M) 
He scored two tries.Marcó dos ensayos.
1. (attempt) 
a. el intento (M) 
to give something a tryintentar algo
to have a try at doing somethingprobar a hacer algo
it's worth a trymerece la pena intentarlo
2. (in rugby) 
a. el ensayo (M) 
verbo transitivo
3. (sample) 
a. probar 
I'll try anything onceestoy dispuesto a probar todo una vez
4. (attempt) 
a. intentar 
5. (coloquial) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to try and do somethingtratar de or intentar hacer algo
have you tried the chemist's?¿has probado en la farmacia?
6. (derecho) 
a. ver 
7. (person) 
a. juzgar 
8. (test; person, patience) 
a. poner a prueba 
verbo intransitivo
9. (en general) 
a. intentarlo 
he didn't really tryno lo intentó de veras
you must try harderdebes esforzarte más
just you try!¡inténtalo y verás!
try [traɪ]
1 (attempt) intento (m); tentativa (f)
after several tries they gave up tras varios intentos or varias tentativas, se dieron por vencidos; it was a good try — better luck next time no lo conseguiste pero no estuvo mal — otra vez será; nice try Dave, but I know you're lying no cuela, Dave, sé que estás mintiendo
"Jane? never heard of her" — "nice try, George, but the two of you were seen talking together" "time off to visit your sick aunt? nice try, but no" nice try, Jimmy, but it won't wash. I saw what happened after three tries he gave up
to give sth a try intentar (hacer) algo
she's out at the moment — give her a try in half an hour en este momento ha salido, pero llámela dentro de media hora
I can't do it now, but I'll give it a try later to [have] a try (at sth)
let me have a try déjame intentarlo
they're going to have another try at the summit when the weather improves van a volver a intentar llegar a la cumbre cuando el tiempo mejore
we decided to have a try ourselves
it's worth a try vale or merece la pena intentarlo
it's certainly worth a try anything was worth a try after so many failed attempts at passing her exams she decided to tape her notes and play them over and over again - well, anything was worth a try
2 (trial)
to give sth a try [+product, food, experience] probar algo
you'll never know what snake is like if you don't give it a try nunca sabrás a qué sabe la serpiente si no la pruebas
I'll send you a free sample so you can give it a try if you had never had this unusual dish and wanted to give it a try, where would you go for it? you will enjoy working with gouache paint, so do give it a try If you don't give it a try then you would never know what it would have been like the idea makes me feel sick, but he says that I should give it a try once and if I don't like it, fine
to give sb a try darle una oportunidad a algn; poner a algn a prueba; we'll give her a try for a week le daremos una semana de prueba
we'll give her a try
these new burgers are worth a try vale or merece la pena probar estas nuevas hamburguesas
it's [worth] a try vale merece la pena probarlo his paté is always [worth] a try
3 (Rugby) ensayo (m)
to score a try marcar un ensayo
verbo transitivo
1 (attempt) intentar
you've only tried three questions solo has intentado hacer tres preguntas; to try to do sth intentar hacer algo; tratar de hacer algo; he was shot while trying to escape lo dispararon mientras intentaba escapar or trataba de escapar
I tried not to think about it intenté no pensar en ello; traté de no pensar en ello
try not to cough procura no toser; procura contener la tos; he was trying his best not to laugh estaba haciendo todo lo posible por no reírse
it's trying to rain tiene ganas como de llover
he died trying to rescue his dog they tried to rebuild their marriage, but it didn't work it's no use trying to persuade him he tried to block her promotion don't try to find me he was trying to understand
2 (try out, sample) probar
have you tried these olives? ¿has probado estas aceitunas?
I'm reasonably adventurous and broad-minded and I'll try anything once try telling yourself that you're a good person I've tried everything from herbal cigarettes to chewing gum he's tried everything but the drawer still won't open he tried a different approach to the problem he straightened up and tried one last shot I've tried everything, from hypnosis to psychotherapy
to try doing sth probar a hacer algo; have you tried soaking the curtains in vinegar? ¿has probado a poner las cortinas en remojo con vinagre?; try turning the key da vuelta a la llave y a ver qué pasa; prueba a or intenta darle la vuelta a la llave; you try bringing up four children on your own! ¡prueba tú a criar cuatro niños solo!
I tried calling him when I got here but he wasn't at home have you tried counting sheep? to try one's [hand] at (doing) sth I'd like to try my hand at (playing) golf I was invited to try my hand at sailing a boat to try sth for [size] I know this isn't the colour you'd like, but try it for size Devlin found two glasses and the whisky and poured. "Try this for size and calm down"
I'll try anything once siempre estoy dispuesto a probarlo todo, al menos una vez
we've tried everything but the car still won't start lo hemos intentado or probado todo, pero el coche todavía no arranca
3 (attempt to work) [+door handle] tirar de; [+telephone number] intentar llamar a
he tried the phone but the line was dead intentó usar el teléfono pero no había línea; he tried the door — to his surprise it opened intentó abrir la puerta — para su sorpresa se abrió
I tried the handle, but it was locked
4 (inquire at)
we tried three hotels but they had no room preguntamos en tres hoteles pero no tenían habitación; have you tried the local music shops? ¿lo has buscado en las tiendas de música del barrio?
I had terrible trouble getting the book - I tried everywhere
5 (put to the test) [+person, strength, patience] poner a prueba
why not try him for the job? ¿por qué no ponerle a prueba en el puesto?; he was tried and found wanting fue sometido a prueba y resultó ser deficiente; it would try the patience of a saint pondría a prueba la paciencia de un santo
to try sb's [patience] you know perfectly well that I'm ill, yet you persist in trying my patience beyond what any human being can endure he displays the kind of optimism that would try the patience of a saint
to try one's luck probar suerte
he arrived in the UK in 1929, to try his luck there
to try sth on sb probar algo con algn
they haven't tried the drug on humans yet todavía no han probado la droga con personas; I tried the idea on a couple of people le comenté la idea a un par de personas
I tried a joke on him The technique has only been tried on a handful of patients I wouldn't try that on me if I were you
they have been sorely tried han sufrido mucho
these things are sent to try us estas cosas nos las manda el Señor para ponernos a prueba
6 (Jur)
to try sb (for sth) procesar or enjuiciar a algn (por algo)
to be tried for murder to [be tried] (for sth) he was tried for murder in 1977
to try a case ver una demanda
why does it take so long to try a case of fraud? the decision will be made when the case is tried in court to be tried by one's [peers]
verbo intransitivo
he didn't even try ni siquiera lo intentó; you're not trying! ¡no estás poniendo todo tu empeño!; try again! ¡vuelve a intentarlo!; try as I might I couldn't persuade her por más que intenté persuadirla no lo conseguí; I couldn't have done that (even) if I'd tried no podría haber hecho eso ni (siquiera) queriendo; you could do it if you tried podrías hacerlo si lo intentaras; (just) you try! ¡hazlo y verás!; ¡atrévete (y verás)!
"you'd better say you're sorry or I'll tell your dad." "Oh yeah? Just you try!" you can do it if you try he couldn't be unpleasant if he tried they tried but failed no matter what happens, keep trying
to try and do sth intentar hacer algo; tratar de hacer algo
I ought to try and get some sleep debería tratar de or intentar dormir un rato
I must try and see him
to try one's (very) besttry one's (very) hardest poner todo su empeño; hacer todo lo posible
I'm sure he'll be trying his hardest at his new club
it is not for lack or want of trying no será porque no se ha intentado
it's not perfect, but it isn't for want of trying
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