Escucha la pronunciación
Escucha la pronunciación
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (mover)
a. quitar
Could you please remove your feet from the table?¿Puedes hacer el favor de quitar los pies de la mesa?
b. llevarse
They should remove their trash from that empty lot.Deberían llevarse la basura de ese solar.
c. retirar
Heat the water to boiling point and remove it from the heat.Hierva el agua al punto de ebullición y retírela del fuego.
2. (hacer desaparecer)
a. eliminar
Together, we shall remove any obstacles in our way.Juntos, eliminaremos los obstáculos que se interpongan en nuestro camino.
b. acabar con
It is difficult to remove prejudice so firmly rooted.Es difícil acabar con prejuicios tan firmemente arraigados.
c. quitar
And now, some tips on how to remove grease stains.Y ahora, algunos consejos sobre cómo quitar las manchas de grasa.
d. disipar (dudas)
Your commitment to the cause has removed any doubts we might still have.Si nos quedaba alguna duda, su entrega a la causa las ha disipado todas.
3. (despojarse)
a. quitarse
He removed his clothes and stepped into the shower.Se quitó la ropa y se metió en la ducha.
b. quitar
He's having his plaster removed today.Hoy le quitan la escayola.
4. (mover de dentro a fuera)
a. sacar
Remove any extra nails before painting.Saca cualquier clavo que haya de más antes de pintar.
b. extraer (medicina)
They removed a bullet lodged near his spine.Le extrajeron una bala que tenía alojada cerca de la columna.
c. extirpar (medicina)
My mother has had a kidney removed.A mi madre le han extirpado un riñón.
5. (borrar)
a. eliminar
Censors removed several scenes from the film.La censura eliminó varias escenas de la película.
b. tachar
Remove this word and it will read much better.Tacha esta palabra y se leerá mucho mejor.
c. suprimir
It's too long. Shall we remove a couple of paragraphs?Es demasiado largo. ¿Suprimimos un par de párrafos?
6. (despedir)
a. destituir
The senior management wanted to remove him from his post.La cúpula directiva quería destituirle de su puesto.
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
7. (mudarse) (Reino Unido)
a. trasladarse
We have recently removed to new offices in London.Recientemente, nos hemos trasladado a unas oficinas nuevas en Londres.
Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
8. (distancia)
Una frase idiomatica cuyo significado no es deducible si se traduce palabra por palabra.
sin traducción directa
The film is at several removes from the original play.La película dista mucho de la obra de teatro original.
This is but one remove from blackmail.Esto está a un paso de ser chantaje.
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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (take away; thing)
a. quitar, retirar
2. (doubt)
a. despejar
3. (control, threat)
a. eliminar
4. (stain)
a. quitar
5. (politician, official)
a. destituir
to remove a child from schoolno llevar más a un niño al colegio
6. (take off; bandage, covering, tire)
a. quitar
b. sacar
Regionalismo que se usa en Latinoamérica: todos los países de Sudamérica, Centroamérica y el Caribe. No incluye España.
to remove one's coatquitarse or
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remove [rɪˈmuːv]
verbo transitivo
1 (take away) [+object] quitar; [+documents, evidence] llevarse
get out of the way
remove the pan from the heat quite la cacerola del fuego; to remove a child from school sacar or quitar a un niño de la escuela; the demonstrators were forcibly removed by police (from building) la policía echó a los manifestantes a la fuerza
he removed his hand from hers thieves had removed the wheels from his car the waiter came in to remove the plates the fence had been removed the air in the factory is filtered to remove impurities documents had been removed but there had been no arrests police were seen removing some evidence from the scene of the crime the police were called to remove the protesters from the building if he removed that suitcase I could get past this effectively removed him from the scene illness removed him from politics
to remove o.s. irse; marcharse; kindly remove yourself at once haga el favor de irse or marcharse inmediatamente
often, the simplest answer is just to remove yourself from the situation
to remove sth/sb to trasladar or llevar algo/a algn a; her body had been removed to the mortuary habían trasladado or llevado su cuerpo al tanatorio
he was removed to the cells he removed himself to another room the trouble makers were removed to the lobby the statues were removed to the Vatican Museum
2 (take off) quitar; [+one's clothing, make-up] quitarse
first remove the lid primero quite la tapa; he removed his jacket se quitó la chaqueta; he removed his hat se quitó el sombrero; se descubrió; she had the tattoo removed from her arm se fue a que le quitaran or se quitó el tatuaje del brazo
Frances removed her jewellery and watch remove the paper wrapping Charlotte removed her gloves /she removed her make-up/ with a pad of cotton wool
3 (take out) [+object] sacar; (Med) [+organ, tumour] extirpar; quitar; [+bullet] extraer; quitar
remove the cake from the oven saque la tarta del horno
halve the peaches and remove the stones the tumour was surgically removed he had a kidney removed several years ago patients who have had a spleen removed she had to have her appendix removed an operation to remove his left lung because of cancer at least three bullets were removed from his wounds surgeons had to remove his damaged eye
4 (delete) [+word, sentence, paragraph] suprimir; quitar; [+name from list] quitar; tachar;from de
she agreed to remove the offending paragraph we agreed to remove that particular clause from the contract the publisher was ordered to remove references to him from the book I decided to remove my name from the list of candidates VAT on these fuels has been removed they may remove the tax on books
5 (get rid of) [+obstacle, threat, waste, problem] eliminar; [+doubt, suspicion] disipar; [+fear] acabar con; [+stain] quitar
an agreement on removing trade barriers un acuerdo sobre la eliminación de las barreras comerciales; products that remove unwanted hair productos que eliminan or quitan el vello superfluo
this removes the last serious obstacle to the signing of the arms treaty their conditions for removing trade restrictions have now been met the threat of that legislation has been removed the agreement will help to remove the uncertainty about the country's future first we have to remove your remaining doubts it removed any doubts I may have had about the correctness of my decision he was anxious to remove the suspicion that Britain's objective was the same as that of France most of her fears had been removed this method completely removes the fear of pregnancy we hope to remove these problems in the near future the reform of NATO strategy went some way to removing this problem surgical removal is an all-too-common means of removing the problem this treatment removes the most stubborn stains try using lemon juice to remove tobacco stains from your fingers
6 (dismiss) [+person] (from post) destituir
they attempted to remove her from the General Council she fought off the attempt to remove her as party general secretary
to remove sb from office destituir a algn de su cargo
the student senate voted to remove Fuller from office his opponents seem intent on removing the president from office
to remove sb from power destituir a algn del poder
the president could only be removed from power once free elections were organised he's becoming too much of a risk to us - he'll have to be removed they just hire killers to remove their enemies
verbo intransitivo
(Britain) (move house) mudarse; trasladarse; cambiarse; (Méx)to a
the company has removed to Leeds in 1928, the year of my birth, we removed to Kent
this is but one remove from disaster esto raya en la catástrofe; esto está a un paso de la catástrofe; this is several removes from our official policy esto dista or se aparta mucho de nuestra política oficial; it's a far remove from ... dista mucho de ...; at a or one remove de lejos; to experience a foreign culture, albeit at a remove vivir una cultura extranjera, aunque sea de lejos
Long, bringing the great outdoors indoors, invites his audience /to commune with Nature, albeit at a remove/ she enjoyed his company and the excitement of feeling herself linked at one remove to London society the government is keeping itself at one remove from administering the aid two steps up from the kitchen area and a few more removes from the Scandinavian aesthetic is the long, low sitting room
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