1. (sustancia de color) 
I want to buy extra paint for touch ups later on.Quiero comprar pintura de más para dar retoques más adelante.
verbo transitivo
2. (cubrir de pintura) 
a. pintar 
We will finish painting the house on Saturday.Acabaremos de pintar la casa el sábado.
3. (bellas artes) 
a. pintar 
I mostly paint portraits, but I do the occasional landscape.Pinto sobre todo retratos, pero de vez en cuando hago paisajes.
4. (describirse como) 
a. pintar 
The village is not as bad as it is painted.El pueblo no es tan malo como lo pintan.
5. (cosmética) 
You should paint your eyes so that they appear larger.Deberías maquillarte los ojos de manera que parezcan más grandes.
b. pintarse 
My daughter paints her nails purple.Mi hija se pinta las uñas de morado.
6. (poner; con "on") 
a. aplicar 
Paint the solution on the nail bed.Aplique la solución sobre el blanco de la uña.
7. (cubrir; con "out") 
The damp patches had been painted out.Habían tapado las manchas de humedad con pintura.
verbo intransitivo
8. (cubrir de pintura) 
a. pintar 
We are renovating the house and have spent the weekend painting.Estamos renovando la casa y nos hemos pasado el fin de semana pintando.
9. (bellas artes) 
a. pintar 
Personally, I prefer to paint in oils.Yo, personalmente, prefiero pintar al óleo.
10. (cubrir; con "over") 
They'll have to paint over the graffiti.Tendrán que tapar el graffiti con pintura.
1. (en general) 
a. la pintura (F) 
wet paintrecién pintado
paint gunpistola f
paint removerdecapante m
verbo transitivo
2. (picture, person, room) 
a. pintar 
3. (coloquial) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to paint one's facepintarse
to paint one's nailspintarse las uñas
4. (fig) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to paint a favorable picture (of)dar una visión favorable (de)
5. (fig) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to paint the town redirse de juerga
verbo intransitivo
6. (en general) 
a. pintar 
paint [peɪnt]
1 (substance) pintura (f)
a 5-litre tin can of paint /the boathouse was full of old tools, /paint cans/ and fishing gear/ some paints can take weeks to dry completely they saw some large letters in white paint the paint round the window frames was peeling we must do something about that peeling paint on the bathroom ceiling
a coat of paint una mano de pintura
the paint was flaking off the walls la pintura de las paredes se estaba descascarillando
I think it's about time the windows had a fresh coat of paint how many coats do you think it'll need?
wet paint (ojo,) recién pintado
she applies her paint to the canvas in thick swathes
2 paints pinturas (f)
she had been given /a set of pastel paints/ for her birthday in the art room, the brushes and paints had been set out palettes, bottles, jars and dozens of tubes of oil paints strewn over the bench water-based artist's paints
a box of paints una caja de pinturas
verbo transitivo
1 (Art) [+picture, subject] pintar; [+slogan, message] escribir con pintura
why do people paint pictures? a picture painted in water colours at the moment she's painting a portrait of Sir Laurence Whistler painted his mother in a rocking chair paint the varnish on and leave it to dry for at least four hours he had painted a rude [message] on the lavatory wall
2 (apply paint to) [+wall, fence etc] pintar
to paint sth blue pintar algo de azul
the fence had been painted with creosote
to paint the town red irse de juerga or parranda (informal)
3 (make up) [+nails, lips] pintarse
/she/ propped the mirror against her handbag and /began to paint her lips/
she painted her fingernails red se pintó las uñas rojas or de rojo
to paint one's face pintarse; maquillarse
4 (portray) describir; pintar
despite Republican efforts to paint Clinton as a tax-and-spend liberal he tried to paint his opponent as a right-wing extremist he painted the situation in very black colours he's not as [black] as he's painted
to paint a grim/gloomy/bleak picture of sth describir algo en términos sombríos/deprimentes/desalentadores; pintar algo muy negro
the report paints a grim picture of life in the shanty towns of Río announcements of profits for the first quarter paint a gloomy picture for the car manufacturer JKL
pro-democracy activists paint quite a different picture of the situation los activistas en pro de la democracia describen la situación en términos muy diferentes; to paint a rosy picture of sth pintar algo de color de rosa; to paint a vivid picture of sth describir algo gráficamente
he went on to paint a rosy picture about how much has already been accomplished her novels paint a vivid picture of life in the East End of London
to paint sth on [+varnish, dye] aplicar algo
paint the solution on with a clean brush aplicar la solución con un pincel limpio
6 (Med)
treatment involves painting the sores with iodine solution el tratamiento requiere aplicar una solución de yodo en las heridas
verbo intransitivo
Hopper painted in a realist style I had come here to paint I couldn't paint if I tried
to paint in oils pintar al óleo
to paint in watercolours pintar con acuarelas
I prefer painting in oils to using other media
paint remover (n) quitapintura (f)
paint roller (n) rodillo (m) (pintor)
paint scraper (n) raspador (m) de paredes
paint spray (n) pistola (f) (rociadora) de pintura
paint stripper (n) (substance) quitapintura (f)
I was so angry that I splashed paint-stripper all over his car strong substances like paints, paint-strippers, bleaches and disinfectants can wreak havoc on your skin
(tool) raspador (m) de paredes
paint thinner (n) disolvente (m)
one of the lorries, carrying industrial resin and paint thinner, burst into flames
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