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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (lanzamiento)
a. el salto
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
Parachute jumps are always spectacular.Los saltos en paracaídas siempre son espectaculares.
b. el brinco
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
Regionalismo que se usa en México
She landed a three-meter jump in gym class.Hizo un brinco de tres metros en la clase de gimnasia.
2. (valla de pista)
a. el obstáculo
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
The horse made it over the jump.El caballo superó el obstáculo.
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
3. (dar un salto)
a. saltar
They jumped from the third floor to escape the fire.Saltaron desde el tercer piso huyendo del fuego.
b. brincar
Anna loves to jump on the trampoline.A Anna le encanta brincar en el trampolín.
4. (pasar por alto una sección)
a. saltarse
You can jump chapter three and begin reading chapter four.Puedes saltarte el capítulo tres y empezar a leer el cuatro.
5. (subir rápidamente)
a. dispararse
Sales jumped on Black Friday.Las ventas se dispararon el Viernes Negro.
6. (darse un susto)
a. sobresaltarse
I jumped when I heard that bloodcurdling scream.Me sobresalté cuando escuché ese grito espeluznante.
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
7. (pasar de un salto)
a. saltar por encima de
They had to jump the stream.Tuvieron que saltar por encima del arroyo.
b. brincar por encima de
He jumped the puddles to keep his feet dry.Brincó por encima de los charcos para que no se le mojaran los pies.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (leap)
a. el salto
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
2. (fig)
go take a jump!¡vete a freír espárragos! ¡andá a freír churros!
3. (fig)
to be one jump aheadir (un paso) por delante
4. (aviación)
jump jetreactor de despegue vertical
5. (automotriz) (Reino Unido)
jump leadspinzas or cables (de arranque) de batería
jump suitmono m
6. (rise)
a. el salto
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
7. (fence on racecourse)
a. el obstáculo
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
8. (hedge, ditch)
a. saltar
9. (word, paragraph, page)
a. saltarse
to jump somebodyasaltar a alguien
to jump bailhuir durante la libertad bajo fianza
to jump the gunhacer una salida en falso
to jump the lightssaltarse un semáforo
the linecolarse
to jump ropesaltar a la cuerda or
to jump shipdesertar, abandonar el barco
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
10. (leap; person, animal)
a. saltar, brincar
to jump to one's feetponerse en pie de un salto
to jump for joysaltar de alegría
to jump on a train/buscoger or tomar un tren/un autobús
to jump into a taximontar en un taxi
to jump from a traintirarse de un tren
to jump (down) from a wall/treedejarse caer desde (lo alto de) un muro/árbol
to jump out of bedtirarse de la cama, levantarse (de la cama) de un salto
to jump to conclusionssacar conclusiones precipitadas
11. (fig)
let's wait and see which way she jumpsesperemos a ver por dónde sale
12. (coloquial)
to jump down somebody's throatponerse hecho(a) una furia con alguien
13. (fig)
to jump out at somebodysaltarle a alguien a la vista
14. (go directly)
to jump from one subject to anothersaltar de un tema a otro
the film then jumps to the presentluego la película da un salto hasta el presente
15. (rise rapidly; unemployment)
a. dispararse, ascender rápidamente
16. (make a sudden movement)
a. dar un salto, saltar
my heart jumpedme dio un vuelco el corazón
we nearly jumped out of our skinsnos dimos un susto de muerte
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jump [dʒʌmp]
1 (Dep) (Parachuting) salto (m); (leap) salto (m); brinco (m)
what a great jump! ¡qué gran salto!
he took the remaining short flights of stairs in one jump each
it was a three metre jump to the other side había que saltar tres metros para pasar al otro lado
it was a jump of 6ft to the ground I knew I wouldn't be able to make the jump the longest jumps by a man and a woman were witnessed in Sestriere, Italy, yesterday
high jump salto (m) de altura
she holds the world high jump record my first jump was an unforgettable experience
long jump salto (m) de longitud
in or at one jump de un salto; de un brinco
2 (start)
she gave an involuntary jump se sobresaltó sin querer; my heart gave a jump me dio un vuelco el corazón
I think we all gave a little jump when the telephone rang
3 (fence, obstacle) obstáculo (m)
a racecourse with 12 jumps the horse refused two jumps
4 (step) salto (m)
perestroika was a big jump forward in the development of socialism
in one jump he went from novice to master de un salto or golpe pasó de novicio a maestro; Taiwan made the jump from poverty to wealth in a single generation Taiwán pasó de golpe or dio el salto de la pobreza a la riqueza en una sola generación
to make that jump into modern civilization, the developing countries must have a higher than average growth rate how King made the jump from being a street hustler to becoming one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in sports
to be one jump ahead (of sb) llevar ventaja or la delantera (a algn)
try to keep one jump ahead of the competition intenta llevarle ventaja or la delantera a la competencia; to keep one jump ahead of the pack mantenerse a la cabeza del pelotón
keeping one jump ahead of the pack is the secret of successful property-buying they were always one jump ahead with latest developments head gardener Robin Allan tries to keep one jump ahead of visitors who are more light-fingered than green-fingered by keeping plants in greenhouses I was reacting, recovering, trying to keep one jump ahead, even half a jump ahead to stay alive
to get a or the jump on sb adelantarse a algn
helicopters helped fire crews get a jump on the blazes the idea is to get the jump on him clearly, if we can get a jump on the weather by a season or two, our lives will be made easier you got a jump on me there - I wasn't quite awake many stores tried to get a jump on the shopping season by holding promotional sales he's afraid another anthropologist might get the jump on him
5 (increase) aumento (m); subida (f)
there has been a jump in prices/unemployment se ha producido un aumento or una subida de precios/del número de parados
the temperature took a jump departure from normal sequence of programmed instructions into a separate program area
verbo intransitivo
1 (leap) (gen) saltar; (from aeroplane) lanzarse; tirarse
how far can you jump? ¿hasta qué distancia puedes saltar?; how high can you jump? ¿hasta qué altura puedes saltar?; did he jump or was he pushed? ¿saltó o lo empujaron?; ¿se tiró o lo empujaron?; ¿se fue o lo echaron?
I jumped the last 6ft down to the deck they made me play soccer kick the ball, jump, get high kicks, all that I'm too old to jump whoever heard of a basketball player who doesn't need to jump? she has jumped from an aeroplane four times (with a parachute) Adam jumped from his seat at the girl's cry
to jump across a stream cruzar un arroyo de un salto; saltar por encima de un arroyo
he jumped back in horror de un salto retrocedió horrorizado
she jumped into the river se tiró al río
to jump into bed meterse en la cama de un salto; there were plenty of men ready to jump into bed with me había muchos hombres dispuestos a acostarse conmigo
to jump for joy saltar de alegría
to jump [off] a wall
to jump off a bus/train bajar de un autobús/tren de un salto
to jump on a bus/train subir a un autobús/tren de un salto
we jumped on the train I jumped off the bus he jumped onto his bicycle
he jumped out of a third floor window saltó or se tiró desde una ventana del tercer piso
to jump out of bed saltar de la cama
to jump [over] sth
he jumped over the fence saltó (por encima de) la valla
he jumped to his feet se puso de pie de un salto
jump to it! ¡venga, muévete!; ¡rápido!; ¡apúrate!; (LAm)
to jump up ponerse de pie de un salto
"I'll do it, Eleanor," he said, jumping up to jump [up] and down
I jumped up and down to keep warm me puse a dar saltos para que no me entrara frío
to jump up and down with excitement/anger everybody jumps up and down about being rid of tyrants I wanted to jump up and down, shout, run they all came into the hall, stamping their boots and jumping up and down to get the snow off I don't think a lot of people will jump up and down and say "thank heavens" I cannot understand why the Home Office jumps up and down and says it's murder he is not someone who jumps up and down. He is a man of quiet determination and firm principles
2 (start) sobresaltarse
he jumped at the sound of her voice se sobresaltó al oír su voz
to make sb jump dar un susto a algn; sobresaltar a algn
you made me jump! ¡qué susto me diste!
the telephone shrilled, making her jump I almost jumped out of my [skin]!
3 (with prep, adv)
to jump at sth no dejar escapar algo
they offered me a really good salary and thought I'd jump at it me ofrecieron un sueldo buenísimo y creyeron que no lo dejaría escapar; he'd jump at the chance to get out of the office si tuviera la oportunidad de irse de la oficina no la dejaría escapar
with your record and background they'd jump at you members of the public would jump at the chance to become part owners of the corporation most employees will jump at the chance to play a bigger role in management sometimes I think I am foolish not to jump at the chance of marrying you Wayne would have jumped at the chance of a return ticket
then the film jumps forward 20 years luego la película da un salto adelante de 20 años
to jump from one subject to another saltar de un tema a otro
to jump [on sb] a lot of people jumped on me about that you know /politicians are quick to jump on the Press/ when they believe they'll get public support The Football Association likes to jump on anyone who dares to criticize match officials There's a reason why the media jump on unfaithful MPs like a ton of bricks to jump [on] sth
he jumps on everything I say le pone faltas a todo lo que digo
to jump [to] conclusions you mustn't jump to conclusions he jumped to the conclusion that ... to jump down sb's throat they'll be the first to jump down my throat if Drago hands over the envelope before I can get to him
4 (increase) [+sales, profits] subir; aumentar; [+shares] subir
sales jumped from 94 million dollars to 101 million dollars the number of crimes jumped by ten per cent last year shares in Eurodisney jumped (by) 17p
verbo transitivo
1 (also jump over) [+ditch, fence] saltar (por encima de); (in draughts, chess) comerse
he jumped the first fence beautifully the horse jumped a clear round I jumped 3 metres in the long jump
2 [+horse] (cause to jump) hacer saltar
he jumped his son up and down on his knee
(enter in competition) presentar; (ride) montar
she's jumping three horses in this competition he is jumping "Fancy Free" in Saturday's race
she jumped her horse over the fence hizo saltar la valla a su caballo
3 (skip) saltarse
the film jumped the first ten years of his life la película se saltó los diez primeros años de su vida; you've jumped a page te has saltado una página
the stylus jumped a groove
to jump the lights (Aut) saltarse el semáforo (en rojo)
the mistakes include following the car in front too closely, dangerous overtaking, racing other drivers and jumping red lights passengers who encourage speeding, jumping lights and fast overtaking he had originally admitted jumping the lights
to jump the queue (Britain) colarse
the prince refused to jump the queue for treatment at the local hospital a council is making a film warning women they will not jump the queue for a home by becoming pregnant
4 (leave, escape)
to jump bail (Jur) fugarse estando bajo fianza
he was held by police in Limerick in July after allegedly jumping bail in Paris and returning to Ireland
to jump the rails [+train] descarrilar; salirse de la vía
several passengers were injured when a train jumped the rails today
to jump ship desertar (de un buque); (leave) marcharse; (join rival organization) irse con la competencia
my salary was lousy so I jumped ship tenía un sueldo mísero así que me marché
I was a stoker in a Norwegian ship. I jumped ship in Perth. They put me in jail for a week
to jump town (US) abandonar la ciudad
5 (anticipate)
to jump the gun precipitarse
you're jumping the gun a bit, aren't you? - there's a long way to go yet before he's released the building societies are jumping the gun and cutting mortgage rates before the Bank of England can trim base rates
6 (board)
to jump a train subirse a un tren sin billete
7 (attack) echarse encima de
one of them jumped him from behind uno de ellos se le echó encima por detrás
two guys jumped me with clubs in the car park make as much noise as you can to cover me coming, and I'll jump him three men jumped him in the bar fight at a sports ground
jump jet (n) avión (m) de despegue vertical
a Marine Corp Harrier Jump Jet was shot down
jump leads (n) (Britain) (Aut) cables (m) de arranque (de batería)
if you've got some jump leads we might be able to start the car
jump rope (n) (US) comba (f); cuerda (f) de saltar
outdoor games, such as jump rope, hopscotch, soccer
jump seat (n) (Aut) (Aer) asiento (m) plegable
she sat opposite me on the jump seat VI + ADV to jump up and down
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