1. (discusión) 
a. la pelea (F) 
My brothers got into a fight over a girl.Mis hermanos se enzarzaron en una pelea por una chica.
b. la riña (F) 
The fight between the kids was over a toy.La riña entre los niños fue por un juguete.
2. (enfrentamiento físico) 
a. la lucha (F) 
The main fight was at the hill.La lucha principal fue en la colina.
The boxers were training for the fight.Los boxeadores se estaban entrenando para el combate.
3. (esfuerzo) 
a. la lucha (F) 
It's a tough fight, but you'll beat cancer.Es una lucha dura pero vencerás el cáncer.
4. (ganas de pelear) 
In spite of the defeat, I was still full of fight.A pesar de la derrota, me quedaba espíritu de lucha.
verbo intransitivo
5. (reñir) 
a. pelear 
My dad fought in the battle that won the war.Mi papá peleó en la batalla que ganó la guerra.
b. luchar 
American soldiers fought in the Second World War.Soldados americanos lucharon en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
c. combatir 
All our troops fought in the war.Todas nuestras tropas combatieron en la guerra.
6. (tener una discusión) 
a. pelearse 
They are always fighting over everything.Siempre se están peleando por todo.
b. discutir 
It's decided, so let's not fight anymore.Está decidido, así que no discutamos más.
verbo transitivo
7. (combatir) 
The knight fought a dragon to save the princess.El caballero luchó contra un dragón para salvar a la princesa.
Our army will fight anything that threatens our freedom.Nuestro ejército combatirá contra todo lo que amenace nuestra libertad.
8. (enfrentar) 
a. oponerse 
It's decided, so don't fight me on this.Está decidido, así que no te me opongas.
1. (physical, verbal) 
a. la pelea (F) 
2. (contest, battle) 
a. la lucha (F) 
3. (boxing match) 
a. el combate (M) 
to start a fight (with somebody)pelearse (con alguien)
to get into a fight (with somebody)pelearse (con alguien)
to give in without a fightceder sin oponer resistencia
to put up a good fightoponer resistencia
4. (spirit) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to show some fightdemostrar espíritu de lucha
there was no fight left in himno le quedaban arrestos
5. (struggle) 
a. la lucha (F) 
the fight against cancerla lucha contra el cáncer
verbo transitivo
6. (person, enemy, rivals) 
a. luchar contra 
7. (disease, poverty, fire) 
a. luchar contra, combatir 
8. (temptation, desire, decision) 
a. luchar contra 
9. (war, battle) 
a. librar 
10. (derecho) 
a. sin traducción directa 
she fought her casedefendió su caso
to fight an electionpresentarse a unas elecciones
11. (fig) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to fight somebody's battles for themdar la cara por alguien
to fight one's way through a crowdabrirse paso entre una multitud
verbo intransitivo
12. (physically) 
a. luchar, pelearse 
13. (verbally) 
a. pelearse, discutir 
to go down fightingluchar hasta el final
to fight fairpelear limpio
to fight shy of somethingevitar algo
14. (struggle) 
a. luchar 
to fight for breathluchar por respirar
fight [faɪt] fought (past)
1 (between individuals) (physical, verbal) pelea (f);over por
he's the sort of man to stand up in a fight
to have a fight with sb pelearse con algn; tener una pelea con algn
he had a fight with the doorman she had a fight with her parents
to look for a fight (physical) buscar pelea; (verbal) querer pelearse
I'm not looking for a fight over this issue no quiero pelearme por este asunto
You do get different gangs hanging about looking for a fight to [pick] a fight (with sb) she used politics as an excuse to pick a fight with him he's picked a fight in the bar of the King David Bush today denied that the US wants to pick a fight with Iraq who would choose to pick a fight with this man? I wasn't trying to pick a fight with you he got into a lot of trouble—cut a lot of school, picked fights with kids, raced cars
(Boxing) combate (m); pelea (f)
it was Bruno's last fight the referee stopped the fight I'm going to watch the fight on TV
2 (Mil) (between armies) lucha (f); contienda (f)
the Soviet Union joined in the fight against Nazi Germany I therefore decided today to lay the fate and future of the German Reich in the hands of our soldiers. May God help us above all in this fight! The Italian troops in Sicily regularly surrendered after only a halfhearted fight the British Empire stood alone against a European continent dominated by Nazi Germany, and no rational, objective observer would have predicted that Britain could ever win such /an unequal fight/ they went to war, expecting a quick fight
3 (struggle, campaign) lucha (f);for por;against contra
the fight for justice/against inflation la lucha por la justicia/contra la inflación; he won't give up without a fight no se rendirá sin luchar antes
if he tries to sack me he'll have a fight on his hands si intenta despedirme le va a costar lo suyo
the fight for the US presidency the fight against drug addiction compensation came after a fight which went to high court they've given up the fight to stop the road development the fight to save forest land we're going to make a fight of it we now have a real fight on our hands a bitter fight over the custody of their child fight the [good] fight!
4 (fighting spirit) ánimo (m) de lucha
there was no fight left in him ya no le quedaba ánimo de lucha; ya no tenía ánimo para luchar; we still had a lot of fight in us todavía nos quedaba mucho ánimo para luchar
their latest defeat seemed to knock all the fight out of them suddenly the fight went out of him she has no fight in her - she gives up at the slightest setback
to show (some) fight mostrarse dispuesto a pelear
Manager Bobby Gould's got to get players with desire who will show plenty of fight, because it's going to be a struggle all season for the Sky Blues Graham would end up telling him to show more fight and character # a bit more bottle He would get Elgin and Gros to Pekin, without a shot fired if he could contrive it, but God help the Manchoos if they showed fight
5 (resistance)
to [give] sb a fight
police believe the victim put up a fight la policía cree que la víctima opuso resistencia
they beat us but we put up a good fight nos vencieron pero nos defendimos bien
the government is going to put up a fight and push ahead with the Bill those who favour abortion are promising to put up a fight
verbo transitivo
1 (Mil) [+enemy] luchar contra; combatir contra; (Boxing) [+opponent] pelear contra; luchar contra
Britain fought Germany in two world wars we need all the troops we have to fight the enemy the Sioux had always fought other tribes I'd like to fight him because he's undefeated
to fight a battle (Mil) librar una batalla; luchar
I've had to fight quite a battle to get as far as this he tenido que luchar mucho para llegar hasta aquí; I don't ask you to fight my battles for me no te pido que libres mis batallas
fighting a battle heavily outnumbered, maintaining large reserves for possible counter-attacks was considered an unjustifiable luxury No commander who has ever fought a battle was completely sure on the eve of that battle how it would turn out at the weekend, police fought a gun battle with an armed gang the two men fought a battle over land and water rights I've pledged to fight the battle against unemployment
to fight a duel batirse en duelo
to fight sb for sth
he fought the council for the right to build on his land se enfrentó al ayuntamiento por el derecho a edificar en sus tierras; I'd like to fight him for the title me gustaría luchar or pelear contra él por el título
Bruno fought Tyson for the title he grabbed the letter from Jacob, who didn't fight him for it to fight a [losing] battle
to fight one's way through a crowd abrirse paso a la fuerza entre una multitud
he fought his way through a blizzard to get help I fought my way into a carriage just before the doors closed
2 (combat) [+fire] combatir; [+poverty, inflation, crime] combatir; luchar contra; [+proposal] oponerse a
I've made up my mind so don't try and fight me on it lo he decidido, así que no intentes oponerte
I had to fight the urge to giggle tuve que esforzarme para no reír; tuve que contener las ganas de reír
she devoted her life to fighting poverty more units are needed to fight forest fires she suddenly started fighting her teachers I've made up my mind so there's no point in you fighting the decision
3 (try to win) [+campaign] tomar parte en; [+election] presentarse a
they are fighting this election on the issue of sovereignty they need to raise 40 million to fight the election campaign
he says he'll fight the case all the way to the Supreme Court dice que si es necesario llevará el caso hasta el Tribunal Supremo
he fought his case in various courts for ten years defendió su causa en varios tribunales durante diez años
we have no option but to fight the case in court the Aga Khan has the money to fight the case the newspaper is fighting a damages action
he's decided to fight the seat for a third time (Pol) ha decidido presentarse por tercera vez como candidato para el escaño
to fight a [case]
verbo intransitivo
1 (do battle) [+troops, countries] luchar; combatir;against contra; [+person, animal] pelear; (Boxing) luchar; pelear
did you fight in the war? ¿luchó usted en la guerra?; ¿tomó usted parte en la guerra?; the boys were fighting in the street los chicos estaban peleándose en la calle
why did so many men have to fight and die? he went to Spain to fight for the anti-Fascists one of the world's most famous boxers will fight in Britain for the first time An Afrikaner whose father fought against the British in the Boer War
they'll fight to the death lucharán a muerte
I fought for my country luché por mi país
the dogs were fighting over a bone los perros estaban peleando por un hueso
2 (quarrel) discutir; pelear(se);with con
will you two please stop fighting! come on, let's not fight
they usually fight about or over who pays the bills suelen discutir or pelear(se) por quién paga las facturas
what are you fighting about? to fight [with] sb when he was a child he used to fight with his younger sister she was always arguing and fighting with him
3 (struggle) luchar;for por;against contra
I've not even begun to fight yet we must fight and fight so our children can live in peace
to fight against disease/crime luchar contra la enfermedad/el crimen
she was fighting against sleep luchaba contra el sueño
I've spent a lifetime fighting against racism and prejudice we've got to fight against the temptation to lump everybody in the same category
to fight for sth/sb luchar por algo/algn
he was fighting for his life estaba luchando por su vida; he was fighting for breath le faltaba la respiración; respiraba con enorme dificultad
our government should fight for an end to food subsidies sometimes you have to fight for your rights and values he had to fight for his place on the board if you want me, you're going to have to fight for me
to go down fighting seguir luchando hasta el fin
he knew he was going to lose the race, but he went down fighting
to fight shy of rehuir; evitar
many feminists still fight shy of fashion most doctors fight shy of recommending sterilization to young couples
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