ease up

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ease up
1 (take things more easily) tomarse las cosas con más tranquilidad
if you don't ease up, you'll make yourself ill como no te tomes las cosas con más tranquilidad te vas a poner malo
her doctor said she had simply been doing too much and cautioned her to ease up for a time
2 (work less intensively) bajar el ritmo (de trabajo)
we can't afford to ease up yet no podemos relajarnos or bajar el ritmo todavía
we eased up a bit after the third goal Of course we're not going to ease up. Why should we? My single aim is to train as many winners as I can Anyone who thinks they can ease up now we are clear of the trouble zone is going to get one hell of an ear-bashing from me I returned to London, but I did not ease up ease up, Mike, we don't want to antagonize him
3 (relax) relajarse
ease up! I'm not going to eat you! I couldn't ease up, the only time I relaxed was when...
ease up a bit! ¡relájate un poco!
4 (slow down) [+runner] aflojar el paso; aminorar la marcha
he eased up in the final straight but still won by 2 seconds
[+driver, car] reducir or disminuir la velocidad; aminorar la marcha
to ease up on [+restrictions, sanctions] relajar; aflojar
the government is refusing to ease up on sanctions el gobierno se niega a aflojar las sanciones There's no sign of the Duke of Edinburgh easing up on public duties just because Sunday April 21 happens to be his wife's 70th birthday
you'd better ease up on the chocolate más vale que dejes de comer tanto chocolate
you're working too hard - ease up on yourself
ease up on him, he's only a child no seas tan estricto con él, es solo un niño
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