1. (costo) 
a. la tarifa (F) 
The company reduced the rates for all services to attract more clients.La compañía redujo las tarifas de todos los servicios para atraer a más clientes.
b. el precio (M) 
The rates for gasoline reached an all-time high.Los precios de la gasolina llegaron a un máximo histórico.
2. (medida) 
a. la tasa (F) 
The immigration rate in the United States goes up every year.La tasa de inmigración en los Estados Unidos aumenta cada año.
The candidate promises a fall in the unemployment rate as part of her campaign.La candidata promete una disminución del índice de desempleo como parte de su campaña.
3. (velocidad) 
a. el ritmo (M) 
People were entering and exiting the building at an alarming rate.La gente entraba y salía del edificio a un ritmo alarmante.
verbo transitivo
4. (calificar) 
The movie is rated R due to violence and sexual content.La película está clasificada R por violencia y contenido sexual.
5. (valorar) 
a. evaluar 
It is her job to rate the performance of all of the employees.Es su trabajo evaluar el rendimiento de todos los empleados.
verbo intransitivo
6. (calificarse) 
He rates as one of the best guitarists in the world.Se considera uno de los mejores guitarristas del mundo.
1. (of inflation, crime, divorce, unemployment) 
a. la índice m, tasa (F) 
2. (of interest) 
a. el tipo (M) 
b. la tasa (F) (Latinoamérica) 
3. (finanzas) 
a. sin traducción directa 
rate of returntasa de rentabilidad
4. (speed) 
a. el ritmo (M) 
at this ratea este paso
at any rateen cualquier caso
5. (price, charge) 
a. la tarifa (F) 
(business) ratescontribución f municipal
verbo transitivo
6. (classify) 
a. clasificar 
to rate something/somebody ascatalogar algo/a alguien como
to rate somebody/something highlytener una buena opinión de alguien/algo
I don't really rate their chancesno les doy muchas posibilidades
7. (deserve) 
a. merecer 
to rate a mentionser digno(a) de mención
verbo intransitivo
8. (en general) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to rate asfigurar como
rate [reɪt]
1 (proportion, ratio)
birth rate índice (m) or tasa (f) de natalidad; natalidad (f)
in 1965 the death rate was 20 per cent per 1,000 unemployment figures look set to rise because of the country's high birth rate the East has the country's most serious violent crime rate
death rate índice (m) or tasa (f) de mortalidad; mortalidad (f)
Britain had the highest divorce rate in Europe the overall divorce rate was 20 per cent
the failure/success rate for this exam is high el índice de suspensos/aprobados en este examen es alto
the course failure rate is 10 to 20 per cent the growing suicide rate among teenagers Finland has the highest suicide rate in Europe there is a close link between a rising unemployment rate and a rising suicide rate the government says the unemployment rate fell last month
at a rate of a razón de
it is increasing at a or the rate of 5% a year está aumentando a razón de un 5% al año; at a or the rate of three a minute a razón de tres por minuto
at a rate of five in every 30 new diet books appear at a rate of nearly one a week
2 (speed) (gen) velocidad (f); [of work] ritmo (m)
the population is growing at an alarming rate la población crece a una velocidad alarmante
at a rate of 20 knots the rate of production has doubled the world's tropical forests are disappearing at an even faster rate than experts had thought at his rate of working he'll never finish the rate at which hair grows his heart rate was 30 beats per minute slower it lowers the heart rate and reduces the risk of heart disease
at any rate (at least) al menos; por lo menos; (anyway) en todo caso
he is the least appealing, to me at any rate es el menos atractivo, al menos or por lo menos para mí; I don't know what happened, at any rate she didn't turn up no sé lo que pasó, el caso es que or en todo caso no se presentó
they felt, or at any rate Dan felt, relieved and still frightened she suggests that "sex, or at any rate gender, may account for the difference" I don't know exactly what he did - something in industry, I think; but at any rate he got a knighthood for it I don't think there's been an edition since 1977 - at any rate that's the one I'll be referring to well, at any rate, let me thank you for all you did come early evening - after tea-time, at any rate
rate of climb (Aer) velocidad (f) de subida
it achieved a speed of 260 mph at 15,000 ft and a rate of climb of 2,200 ft/min it went 40 mph faster and it had a slightly better rate of climb rate of [consumption] we are seeking a reduction in the rate of consumption of non-renewable resources statistics on the rate of alcohol consumption
rate of flow [of electricity, water] velocidad (f) de flujo
it depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the pipe, the fluid's viscosity, and the rate of flow at the present rate of flow, the first houses in the village may be threatened within the next two or three days
at a rate of knots [of person, vehicle] a toda pastilla (informal)
she was scribbling away at a great rate they went charging off at a rate of knots at a [steady] rate the boat was still half a mile away, approaching at a steady rate /babies do not grow at a steady rate/ but in stops and starts at [that] rate at that rate the RAF would have been decimated by the end of the year at that rate, she would be almost seven feet tall by then
at this rate a este paso
if things go on at this rate si las cosas siguen marchando a este paso
at this rate we won't be home till midnight at this rate we'll be millionaires by Christmas! we'll never find what we're looking for at this rate
at the rate you're going, you'll be dead before long al paso que vas no vas a durar mucho
3 (price) (for tickets) precio (m); [of hotel, telephone service] tarifa (f)
there is a reduced rate for children under 12 a los niños menores de 12 años se les hace un descuento; hay una tarifa reducida para niños menores de 12 años; calls cost 36p per minute cheap rate el precio de la llamada es de 36 peniques el minuto, dentro de la tarifa barata; they were paid a rate of £5 an hour les pagaban a razón de 5 libras la hora
specially reduced rates for travellers using Gatwick Airport pensioners can travel at a reduced rate with certain concerts we offer special rates for students and the unemployed a solicitor charges an average hourly rate of £90 the [going] rate the rent they pay is less than half the going rate we have had to pay about twice the going rate but it's money well spent I want a professional consultation - I'll pay the going rate
the rate for the job el sueldo que corresponde al trabajo
Our companies must compete at world level if our nation is to prosper.

We must pay the rate for the job Surely it would be better to pay mps the rate for the job, so that they would not have to scratch around for other money in order to keep up a reasonable lifestyle insist on the proper rate for the job and be prepared to take your skills elsewhere if they are not being appreciated at your present place of work when the media has criticised the big pay rises, the answer has always been that these bosses are only getting the rate for the job they should ignore Government exhortations to keep down wage costs in favour of /paying the market rate for the job/

rates of pay sueldos (m)
they were attracted by the better conditions and higher rates of pay they paid their workers lower rates of pay than other employers they agree with decent rates of pay for all workers
4 (Economics) [of stocks] cotización (f)
bank rate tipo (m) de interés bancario
exchange raterate of exchange (tipo (m) de) cambio (m)
four thousand dinars - about four hundred dollars at the official rate of exchange
inflation raterate of inflation tasa (f) de inflación
the country has an inflation rate of only 2.3 per cent attempts to keep down the rate of inflation
interest raterate of interest tipo (m) or tasa (f) de interés
the government insisted that it would not be panicked into /interest rate cuts/ it's a very good rate of interest compared with the other banks the Bank of England's interest rate is being cut by a full percentage point
rate of return tasa (f) de rentabilidad or rendimiento
the bonds pay a variable rate of return those paying the top rate of [tax]
5 rates (Britain) (formerly) (local tax) contribución (f) municipal; impuesto (m) municipal
we pay £900 in rates pagamos 900 libras de contribuciones
soldiers were exempt from paying rates.. the new council tax combines elements of both the community charge and the rates for a while fares in London were subsidised by the rates a penny [on]/[off] the rates
verbo transitivo
1 (rank)
how do you rate her? ¿qué opinas de ella?; how do you rate his performance on a scale of one to ten? ¿cuántos puntos le darías a su actuación en una escala del uno al diez?; she is rated fifth in the world ocupa el quinto lugar en la clasificación mundial
he came here rated 100th on the tennis computer our school was rated below average
to rate sth/sb highly
I rate the book highly tengo muy buena opinión del libro; I rate him highly lo tengo en muy alta estima; the most highly rated player in English football el jugador mejor considerado del fútbol inglés
these paintings are among his most highly rated works she rated the course highly no wonder United rate him so highly the mid-Victorians did not rate democracy very highly television's most highly rated talk show
2 (consider, regard) considerar
I rate him among my friends le considero un amigo; I rate him among my best three pupils lo tengo por uno de mis tres mejores alumnos; most rated it a hit la mayoría de la gente lo consideraba un éxito
of all the men in the survey, they rate themselves the least fun-loving and the most responsible the film was rated excellent by 90 per cent of children rivals rated him a non-starter she rated herself a winner he is generally rated Italy's No. 3 industrialist to rate sth/sb [as] ...
I rate myself as fairly fit considero que estoy bastante en forma
its collection is rated as one of the finest in the world distance education was rated as the least effective teaching method we rate him as one of the best
3 (regard as good)
I don't rate your chances creo que tienes pocas posibilidades; he didn't rate the movie at all no concedió ningún mérito a la película; I don't rate him (as a composer) no le valoro (como compositor)
the clients do not rate the new system it's flattering to know that other clubs have shown interest and seem to rate me I don't rate any of his family
4 (deserve) merecer(se)
I think he rates a pass (mark) creo que (se) merece un aprobado; it didn't rate a mention no lo consideraron digno de mención; in those crowded streets he wouldn't rate a second glance en esas calles llenas de gente pasaría desapercibido
this is so extraordinary, /it rates a medal/ and a phone call from the President the only British player to rate a mention was Bruce Grobbelaar this hotel doesn't rate four stars
5 (Britain) (for local tax) [+property] tasar; valorar;at en
the house is rated at £840 per annum
verbo intransitivo
1 (perform, measure up)
how did he rate? ¿qué tal lo hizo?; ¿qué tal se portó?
he just doesn't rate he rates below former premier Lady Thatcher
to rate as
it must rate as one of the most boring films around debe de estar considerada una de las películas más aburridas del momento
reading books does not rate highly among Britons as a leisure activity it doesn't rate as such a high priority with me
rate rebate (n) (Britain) (formerly) devolución (f) de contribución municipal
you may be entitled to a rate rebate
rate [reɪt]
verbo transitivo
(scold) regañar; reñir
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