1. (típico) 
Lupe is the manager of a very quaint little inn in Bariloche.Lupe es la gerente de un pequeño hotel muy pintoresco en Bariloche.
We visited a quaint village in the south of Italy.Visitamos un pueblo pintoresco en el sur de Italia.
2. (extraño) 
a. curioso 
I enjoy the quaint French custom of greeting one another with kisses. Back home, that never happens.Me gusta esa curiosa costumbre francesa de saludarse con besos. En mi país nunca se hace.
1. (picturesque) 
a. pintoresco(a) 
2. (old-fashioned) 
a. anticuado(a) y singular 
quaint [kweɪnt]
quainter (comparative)quaintest (superlative)
1 (picturesque) [+building, street, village] pintoresco
2 (odd) [+custom, notion] curioso; [+person] peculiar; poco corriente
how quaint! ¡qué curioso!
some of the customs can seem as quaint as the people the quaint customs that govern relations between the banks ...the quaint old notion that crime doesn't pay there's something rather quaint about her judges are seen as quaint, Victorian and out of touch she was a quaint figure in her white cap and her dress of rough brown wool, the generous folds of which couldn't quite disguise the magnificent proportions of her figure
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