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1. (dificultad) 
What's the problem?¿Cuál es el problema?
2. (inconveniente) 
Can you pick up the kids from school today? - ¡No problem!¿Puedes recoger a los niños hoy de la escuela? - ¡No hay problema!
3. (disgusto) 
That child has caused too many problems in class.Ese niño ha causado demasiados problemas en clase.
4. (asunto) 
The unemployment problem in this country needs to be addressed as soon as possible.El problema del desempleo en este país debe abordarse lo antes posible.
5. (objección) 
a. sin traducción directa 
Do you have a problem with that?¿Tienes algo que objetar?
I have no problem with the current management.Yo no tengo nada en contra de la gerencia actual.
6. (dilema) 
a. sin traducción directa 
I'm having problems deciding where to go on vacation.Me cuesta decidir adónde irme de vacaciones.
They're having problems figuring out whether to sell the house or not.No acaban de decidir si vender la casa o no.
7. (matemáticas) 
The most difficult problem on the math test is the last one.El problema más difícil del examen de matemáticas es el último.
8. (que ocasiona problemas) 
He's always been a problem child.Siempre ha sido un niño problemático.
1. (en general) 
a. el problema (M) 
he's a problemes problemático
2. (coloquial) 
a. sin traducción directa 
no problem!¡claro (que sí)!
problem areazona f problemática
problem childniño(a) problemático(a) or difícil
problem pageconsultorio sentimental
problem [ˈprɒbləm]
(gen) also (Mat) problema (m)
what's the problem? ¿cuál es el problema?
apparently Joanna was a problem to them we've got problems with the car the main problem facing the government is unemployment
that's your problem eso es problema tuyo; it's not my problem no es problema mío
I see no problem with that the economic problems of the inner city I think we may have a problem here I don't think that'll be a problem he told Americans that solving the energy problem was very important
loneliness isn't the problem el problema no está en or no es la soledad
the real problem is not so much the threat of an oil spill, but the certainty of pollution with mathematical problems, you can save time by approximating
the problem is that she can't cook el problema es que no sabe cocinar
his problem is that
his problem is that he's never satisfied su problema es que nunca está satisfecho
her problem is that she drinks too much his problem was that he was too conscientious our problem is that the public only hear about our failures
he has a drink problem tiene problemas con la bebida; bebe demasiado
I suspect my grandmother has a drink problem Keith insisted he did not have a drink problem he had a bit of a drink problem when he was living abroad
she has a serious drug problem tiene graves problemas con las drogas
this will not solve America's drug problem esto no solucionará el problema de las drogas en América
I do not have a simple solution to the drug problem
the real problem for the police is the lack of funding el verdadero problema de la policía es la escasez de fondos
that presents a big problem for schools eso supone un gran problema para las escuelas
to have a problem do[ing] sth
he shouldn't have a or any problem finding a job no le será difícil encontrar trabajo
finding a job shouldn't be a problem for him finding responsible tenants can be a problem
phone me if you have any problems llámame si tienes cualquier problema; I had no problem getting a mortgage no tuve problemas para conseguir una hipoteca
I had no problem (in) [getting] the money, it was no problem [to] get the money
he's having problems deciding what subjects to study le está costando decidir qué asignaturas estudiar
to have a problem [with] sth
do you have a problem with that? ¿te molesta?; I have no problem with the ordination of women no tengo nada en contra de la ordenación de las mujeres
students are told that they're working for the CIA and are given an option of saying no if they have a problem with that
health problems problemas (m) de salud
an unbalanced diet can lead to health problems
to have a heart problem tener problemas de corazón
the housing problem el problema de la vivienda
no problem! (of course) ¡claro!; ¡cómo no!
"can you repair it?" "no problem" "perhaps we could do those afterwards, separately?" - "yes, fine, no problem" "I ought to think about going actually, if that's all right with you" - "yeah, no problem"
(it doesn't matter) ¡no importa!; ¡no hay problema!
"I'm sorry it's such short notice" - "no problem" if the property needs a new dishwasher, no problem, just put it on a credit card if they don't want to speak to me, fine - no problem "you're busy, I'll get somebody else" - "no problem - I can come back to this"
the problem of how to fund education el problema de cómo financiar la enseñanza
the problem of unemployment
we've still got the problem of what to give them for lunch aún nos queda por solucionar el problema de qué darles para comer
to have a weight problem tener problemas de peso
Gascoigne looks extremely fit and has no weight problem she has a weight problem heavy drinking can cause a serious weight problem he had been fighting a weight problem for 15 years
the problem with men is that ... lo malo de los hombres es que ...
the problem with men is that even though they say they aren't sexist, in reality, they often are the problem with television is that it gives disproportionate importance to whatever its cameras are aimed at
problem case (n) (Med) (Sociol) caso (m) difícil
I said I only dealt with problem cases and sent her to her GP /on problem cases, they may be in these people's houses two, three, four times a week/ and the clients are helped with a various assortment of problems, whether it be housing or drug problems or whatever
problem child (n) niñoaniña (m) (f) problemáticoaproblemática;a niña a problemática
in some cases a problem child is placed in a special school according to research, mothers who smoke are more likely to end up with problem children he was finally placed in a school for problem children
problem drinker (n)
he's a problem drinker tiene problemas con la bebida
the World Health Organisation has recently adopted the term "problem drinker", as this tends to be more acceptable to a person with the problem than the label "alcoholic", often associated with down-and-outs
problem drinking (n)
his problem drinking is wrecking his marriage sus problemas con la bebida están destrozando su matrimonio
help in dealing with problem drinking and temper control days off work through illness resulting from problem drinking
problem family (n) familia (f) con problemas
the housing estate has a high proportion of young, unemployed and problem families she is afraid to contact the social services in case they are labelled a problem family at that time women police officers were the only form of social support for problem families
problem page (n) consultorio (m) sentimental
the problem page carried a letter from a housewife who wanted to know why her flan pastry kept shrinking I see evidence of this just from reading the problem pages of my daughters' magazines
problem play (n) drama (m) de tesis
Shakespeare makes the affair the centre of his "problem play" Troilus and Cressida
problem solving (n) resolución (f) de problemas
...a team approach to problem solving and decision making They felt new graduates lacked communication and problem-solving skills
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