1. (nivel de un sonido, instrumento o voz) 
a. el tono (M) 
My guitar teacher showed me how to lower the pitch of a song.Mi maestro de guitarra me enseño a bajar el tono de una canción.
2. (béisbol) 
I feel pain in my arm every time I throw a pitch.Siento dolor en el brazo cada vez que hago un lanzamiento,
3. (discurso comercial) 
His pitch was good, but he didn't convince me to buy his product.Su técnica de ventas era buena, pero no me convenció de que comprara su producto.
The position requires you to be outgoing and able to deliver a strong pitch to customers.El puesto requiere que seas extrovertido y capaz de dar una charla convincente a los clientes.
4. (ángulo de inclinación) 
Measure the roof pitch with a square.Mide la pendiente del techo con una escuadra.
The pitch of the ramp is low.La rampa tiene poco grado de inclinación.
5. (grado) 
The crisis rose to such a pitch that we all feared the worst.La crisis llegó a tal extremo que todos temíamos lo peor.
The movie made us reach a pitch of excitement.La película nos hizo llegar a un punto álgido de emoción.
6. (terreno deportivo) (Reino Unido) 
a. el campo (M) 
The players are on the pitch waiting for the referee.Los jugadores están en el campo esperando al árbitro.
b. la cancha (F) (Latinoamérica) 
Messi was the best player on the pitch today.Messi hoy fue el mejor jugador de la cancha.
7. (tenderete) (Reino Unido) 
a. el puesto (M) 
There is a pitch in the Medieval fair that sells swords.En la feria medieval hay un puesto donde venden espadas.
8. (movimiento de un barco o un avión) 
The ship's pitch varies depending on the wind.El cabeceo del barco varía según el viento.
They used a gyroscope to neutralize the airplane's pitches.Utilizaban un giróscopo para neutralizar las cabezadas del avión.
9. (sustancia) 
a. la brea (F) 
We bought a barrel of pitch and two barrels of tar.Compramos un barril de brea y dos de alquitrán.
10. (golf) 
a. el pitch (M) 
His pitch didn't reach the green.Su pitch no alcanzó el green.
A pitch is a high shot near the green.El golpe de aproximación es un golpe alto cerca del green.
verbo transitivo
11. (echar) 
a. lanzar 
The men pitched their caps up in the air.Los hombres lanzaron sus gorras al aire.
b. arrojar 
I pitched the cushion to her to get her attention.Le arrojé el cojín para atraer su atención.
c. tirar 
He pitched the letter into the fire.Tiró la carta al fuego.
12. (béisbol) 
a. lanzar 
Rob pitched the ball so fast, I couldn't see it.Rob lanzó la pelota tan rápido que no la vi.
13. (colocar) 
a. montar 
Son, help me pitch the tent over here.Hijo, ayúdame a montar la tienda aquí.
b. armar 
We pitched the tent near the lake.Armamos la tienda de campaña cerca del lago.
14. (exponer de forma convincente) 
a. presentar 
The coach pitched the new play to the players.El entrenador presentó la nueva jugada a los jugadores.
b. vender (coloquial) 
She tried to pitch the idea to her boss.Trató de venderle la idea a su jefe.
15. (fijar a un nivel particular) 
a. afinar (en un tono o clave) 
Pitch the bass lower.Afina más grave el bajo.
b. modular (más agudo o más grave) 
Try to pitch your voice higher if you want to be heard over the rest.Modula tu voz más alto si quieres que se te escuche por encima de los demás.
verbo intransitivo
16. (béisbol) 
a. lanzar 
Tim pitched, and I couldn't hit the ball.Tim lanzó y no pude batear la pelota.
17. (venirse abajo) 
a. caerse 
The books on the shelf pitched forward on me.Los libros del estante se me cayeron encima.
18. (bajar) 
a. descender 
Once you get to the top, be careful: the road pitches steeply.Una vez que llegues a la cima, cuidado: la carretera desciende bruscamente.
19. (balancearse) 
a. cabecear 
The boat pitched violently in rough water.El barco cabeceaba violentamente en el mar picado.
1. (for market stall) (Reino Unido) 
a. el puesto (M) 
2. (for sport) () 
a. el campo (M) 
3. (música) 
a. el tono (M) 
4. (fig) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to reach such a pitch that…llegar a tal punto que…
pitch pipediapasón m
5. (talk) 
a. sin traducción directa 
(sales) pitchcharla para vender
6. (slope; of roof, ceiling) 
a. la pendiente (F) 
verbo transitivo
7. (throw) 
a. lanzar 
8. (aim) 
a. sin traducción directa 
our new model is pitched to appeal to executivesnuestro nuevo modelo está diseñado para atraer a ejecutivos
he pitched the talk at the right levelle imprimió a la charla or
9. (set up; tent) 
a. montar 
verbo intransitivo
10. (ship, plane) 
a. cabecear, tambalearse 
pitch [pɪtʃ]
1 especially (Britain) (Ftbl) (Cricket) (Hockey) (area of play) campo (m); cancha (f); (LAm)
on bad pitches we need very good batsmen their conduct, both on and off the pitch, was a credit to the game the school had a swimming-pool, cricket pitches, playing fields they have a garden the size of a football pitch synthetic turf is used on some professional football pitches on the hockey pitch Miss Cadogan was umpiring a game
2 (Baseball) (throw) lanzamiento (m); tiro (m)
the President was supposed to throw the first pitch in game two of the 1990 World Series he stood there, legs bent, waiting for the pitch the pitch was aimed right at his head
3 [of note, voice, instrument] tono (m)
his voice changed pitch she raised her voice to an even higher pitch to adjust the pitch of an instrument her voice dropped to a lower, more confidential pitch at [full] pitch at full volume the voices were screaming at full pitch the radio was tuned full pitch to country western a chain saw working at full pitch ten feet away
4 especially (Britain) [of market trader] puesto (m); [of homeless person] sitio (m)
a pitch and rental of a trestle-table stall will cost 15-20 pounds a day each person's pitch was jealously guarded marks on the concrete stake out territory and ensure a pitch is saved for the night the first time I slept rough I was wary - my pitch was St Martin-In-The-Fields, round the back of the market
5 (height, degree) extremo (m); punto (m)
matters reached such a pitch that ... las cosas llegaron a tal extremo or a tal punto que ...; excitement is at a high pitch la emoción está al rojo vivo
his anger reached such a pitch that ... tension has reached such a pitch that the armed forces may have to intervene I feel very sorry for the competitors who have all worked themselves up to a very high pitch for this first day
6 (sales talk) rollo (informal) (m)
he practised his pitch in a mirror first we invite the customers in and give them the pitch at the end of his pitch, I said, "you've made an impressive case" his pitch was simple: reputation, reputation, reputation President Chamorro's speech was essentially a pitch for more economic aid from the US
she stood up and made her pitch se levantó y soltó su rollo
to [make] one's pitch
he made a pitch for the women's vote procuró hacerse con or acaparar los votos de las mujeres
Prue invited the magazine's editor to lunch and made her pitch to make a pitch [for] sth he made a strong pitch for sanctions to be lifted Mr. Bush used his remarks to make a pitch for further space exploration laws prohibiting the state's accountants from pitching for business it was middle-class votes they were pitching for to make a pitch [for] sb
7 (slope) (gen) grado (m) de inclinación; [of roof] pendiente (f)
air pressure and the nose-down pitch of the aircraft caused all the debris to hurtle forward ideally, the roof should have a pitch of at least 50 degrees it was not a small room but it was rendered poky by the steep pitch of the roof
8 (Náut) cabezada (f)
she clutched the side of her bunk, thinking that with every pitch of the vessel it would surely capsize [variable] pitch propeller a standard, three-blade variable pitch propeller electrically operated variable pitch propellers
verbo transitivo
1 (throw) [+ball] lanzar; [+person] arrojar
he was pitched off his horse salió disparado del caballo
the impact pitched her over the handlebars el impacto la arrojó por encima del manillar
/I was pitched into the water/ and swam ashore she pitched the ball as far as she could the horse pitched him off pitch it over here! he was busy pitching a penny at a crack in the sidewalk Simon pitched the empty bottle into the lake we passed long, hot afternoons pitching a baseball
2 (Mús) [+note] dar; [+instrument] graduar el tono de
she can't pitch a note properly you're pitching it too high for me this song is pitched too low to pitch the voice higher/lower his voice was pitched high/low his cry is pitched at a level that makes it impossible to ignore.. her voice was well pitched and brisk the voice was calm, but pitched slightly higher than Brody remembered your voice should be pitched at a pleasantly low, but clear level dogs respond to whistles pitched at 25,000 Hz
3 (present)
it must be pitched at the right level for the audience el tono ha de ajustarse al público; today he pitched the plan to business leaders hoy presentó el plan ante los dirigentes de negocios
it is pitched in rather high-flown terms whilst this is very important material I think it's probably pitched at rather too high a level for our purposes the government has pitched High Street interest rates at a new level her lectures are pitched directly at the level of the students
to pitch one's aspirations too high picar demasiado or muy alto
you're pitching it a bit high! or strong! ¡estás recargando las tintas!
to pitch sb a [story] he pitched me this hard-luck story Gorbachev wants to pitch his reform plan in person The White House is planning a series of trips for the president to pitch his domestic policies Friday morning he pitched his idea to John
4 (set up) [+tent] armar; montar
we pitched the tent and took our goods out of the car he had pitched his tent in the yard
to pitch camp acampar; montar el campamento
at dusk we pitched camp in the middle of nowhere
verbo intransitivo
1 (fall) [+person] caer; caerse
he pitched head-first over the wall se cayó or cayó de cabeza por el muro; the ball pitched in front of him la pelota cayó delante de él or vino a parar a sus pies; the aircraft pitched into the sea el avión se precipitó en el mar
he pitched into the lake she pitched off her horse
to pitch forward
the passengers pitched forward as the coach stopped los pasajeros salieron despedidos hacia adelante cuando se paró el autocar; he went down on his knees, then pitched forward se cayó or cayó de rodillas y luego de bruces
he caught his foot in a rut and pitched forwards, twisting his ankle he clutched at his throat and pitched forward full length on the floor
2 (Náut) (Aer) cabecear
the ship was pitching and rolling or tossing el barco cabeceaba de un lado para otro
the boat suddenly pitched to starboard
3 (Baseball) lanzar
he used to pitch for the Dodgers
to be in there pitching especially (US) seguir en la brecha (informal); seguir al pie del cañón (informal)
/at the age of seventy-one, she's still in there pitching/, working on two novels and a play after one and a half days of interviews, group discussions and debate, I was still in there pitching
pitch pipe (n) (Mús) diapasón (m)
pitch shot (n) (Golf) pitch (m)
we saw the pitch shot floating high over the bunker in the pitch shot or the full swing, the right thumb just sits on the club
pitch [pɪtʃ]
(tar) brea (f); pez (f)
the timbers of the houses were painted with pitch
it was pitch black outside afuera estaba oscuro como boca de lobo; his face was pitch black with coal dust tenía la cara toda tiznada de polvo de carbón
pitch pine (n) (wood) pino (m) de tea
the boat was built of pitch pine on oak frames I climbed through the branches of a pitch pine
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