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Escucha la pronunciación
Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (que no es violento)
a. pacífico
A series of peaceful protests took place all over the country.Una serie de protestas pacíficas sucedieron en todo el país.
b. amante de la paz (personas)
Its habitants were peaceful people.Sus habitantes eran gentes amantes de la paz.
2. (plácido)
a. tranquilo
This village is a peaceful place to live.Este pueblo es un lugar tranquilo para vivir.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (calm)
a. tranquilo(a), sosegado(a)
2. (non-violent)
a. pacífico(a)
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peaceful [ˈpiːsfʊl]
1 (non-violent) [+person, tribe, nation] pacífico; [+demonstration, protest] pacífico; no violento
to live in peaceful coexistence (with sb) convivir pacíficamente (con algn); to change society by or through peaceful means cambiar la sociedad por medios pacíficos; to seek a peaceful solution to a conflict buscar una solución pacífica a un conflicto; the peaceful uses of atomic energy los usos de la energía atómica para fines pacíficos
we've managed to live side by side in peaceful co-existence for the past three hundred years peaceful demonstrations in Bonn Japan had to convince the Americans of its peaceful intentions a chance for a peaceful settlement of the war in Bosnia they emphasised that their equipment was for peaceful and not military purposes the farmers staged a noisy but peaceful protest outside the headquarters of the organization despite the violence that preceded the elections, reports say that polling was orderly and peaceful a policy based on avoiding conflict and promoting peaceful change /he was a peaceful man/, not given to sudden outbursts of temper these peaceful tribes were conquered by white men who brought nothing but disease, slavery and death the inhabitants were probably peaceful people, shepherds rather than soldiers warriors who killed or enslaved the peaceful farmers
2 (calm, untroubled) [+place, life] tranquilo
on a peaceful June evening una tranquila tarde de junio; it's very peaceful here este es un lugar muy tranquilo; the streets are peaceful after yesterday's fighting las calles están tranquilas después de las confrontaciones de ayer; they say it's a peaceful way to go dicen que es una forma de morir sin nada de sufrimiento or sin sufrir dolores; she's had a peaceful night ha pasado buena noche
I look forward to a peaceful old age retirement peaceful parks and gardens I didn't want to disturb you - you looked so peaceful he went to live in Ireland in search of a more peaceful life he thought of his own flat and how peaceful it was a peaceful weekend in the country it was going to be a far from peaceful Christmas mornings are usually quiet and peaceful in Hueytown I feel relaxed and peaceful to lead live a peaceful life a deep and peaceful sleep
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