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Escucha la pronunciación
Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (aprensivo)
a. nervioso
They say that actors always get nervous before coming on stage.Se dice que los actores siempre se ponen nerviosos antes de salir a escena.
You're making me nervous!¡Me estás poniendo nerviosa!
2. (medicina)
a. nervioso
The snake's venom attacks the nervous system of the victim.El veneno de la serpiente ataca el sistema nervioso de la víctima.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (apprehensive)
a. inquieto(a), nervioso(a)
to be nervousser nervioso(a)
he was nervous about (doing) itle ponía nervioso (hacerlo)
nervous breakdowncrisis nerviosa
nervous energynervio m
nervous exhaustionagotamiento nervioso
nervous systemsistema nervioso
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nervous [ˈnɜːvəs]
1 (tense) nervioso
to be/feel nervous estar nervioso; (frightened) tener miedo
We are made to feel nervous in the fast lane of a motorway I was feeling really nervous on my way to see him
I was nervous about the meeting estaba nervioso pensando en la reunión; la reunión me tenía nervioso
I was nervous about speaking in public me asustaba hablar en público
to be of a nervous disposition ser nervioso
The rides are unsuitable for people of a nervous disposition
to get nervous ponerse nervioso
I was beginning to get nervous at the prospect of my driving test try not to get nervous, it will all be over in an hour
to make sb nervous poner nervioso a algn; (frighten) dar miedo a algn
flying makes me nervous
to be nervous of sth/sb tener miedo a algo/algn
He's nervous of thieves in that little shop of his. George was nervous of his temperamental father
he was in a highly nervous state estaba muy nervioso; tenía los nervios a flor de piel
He was in an agitated and highly nervous state
to be a nervous wreck (temporarily) ser un manojo de nervios; (more permanently) estar hecho polvo de los nervios (informal)
his behaviour is turning Fiona into a nervous wreck I waited so long that by the time my turn came I was a nervous wreck.
2 (Med) nervioso
nervous breakdown (n) crisis (f) nerviosa
The strain of the scandal eventually drove Rachel to a nervous breakdown You'll give yourself a nervous breakdown going on working like this.
nervous collapse (n) colapso (m) nervioso
He had been lonely and isolated, on the verge of nervous collapse
nervous exhaustion (n) agotamiento (m) nervioso
But the nervous Nellies and naysayers didn't have much of a chance against bulls like Donald Rowe
nervous system (n) sistema (m) nervioso
Neurologists study the functioning and anatomy of the nervous system
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